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Cities in Bahia, Brazil
City: # City: #
Alagoinhas3 Itacaré9
Alcobaça2 Itacimirim1
Andarai1 Itajuípe2
Arembepe3 Itapetinga2
Arraial D'ajuda2 Jacobina2
barreiras4 Jaguaquara2
Bom Jesus da Lapa1 Juazeiro2
brumado2 Lauro de Freitas38
Cachoeira1 lençóis8
Caetité1 Madre de Deus1
Cairu-Ilha de Tinharé- Morro de são Paulo1 Maraú4
camaçari6 Mata de são joão (Praia do Forte)1
canavieiras2 Medeiros Neto1
candeias1 Morro De São Paulo6
Cansanção1 Mucuri1
Caraiva1 Palmeiras2
Caravelas2 Paramirim 1
Caturama1 Paulo Afonso3
Conceição do Coité1 Porto Seguro15
Coribe1 Queimadas1
Cruz das Almas1 Ribeira do Pombal2
dias davila1 Salvador742
Eunápolis2 Santa Luz1
Feira de Santana22 Santo Antônio de Jesus2
Guanambi5 Serrinha2
Ibicaraí1 teixeira de freitas7
Ilha de Itaparica3 Trancoso4
Ilhéus23 Vale do Capao/Chapada Diamantina1
Irece3 valença3
Itaberaba3 Vera Cruz3
Itabuna16 Vitoria da Conquista24
Info about Bahia, Brazil
Bahia Travel Guide Login to edit Login to view History Help

If there is something remarkable about people in Bahia is their hospitality. They are always ready to help foreigners, to try anything to estabilish communication whether they can speak a word in another language or not.
Bahia is the place outside Africa with more black people and this is why the culture has much to do with the african food, dance, and way of life. Our cusiness, our dances, our parties is a mix of cultures (mainly from native, portuguese and african peoples. Because of this diversity, who arrives in Bahia feels like being possibly part of it, because it doesnt matter if you are blond, black, white, green, you will find someone who just looks a little of everything and you will think you could also be part of this people.
Bahia is well known by its Carnaval, Beaches, natural sightseeings and cusiness. Salvador was the first capital of Brazil in the early years, when Portugal started the colonization, bringing africans as slaves and living together with the native people.
Coming to Bahia means to have the opportunity to meet the most different people from its south till its north and take part in all this mix of culture and this is also the possibility to go to beaches, mountains, summer style places or winter (not so cold) ones, so go for ecotourism tours, radical sport tourism, gay tourism or whatever related to diversity! i>

If I were you, I´d give myself a chance to try this at least once in life! We´ll be glad to have you around. We beg you, however, to have in mind that we are trying to be better and better day by day, both to receive foreigners and to the citiziens themselves and we need help of everyone who wants to be part to keep it clean, safe, beautiful and naturaly attractive. Do your part! Melhores coisas para ver e fazer
Top Things to See and Do

- Destinos: Baía de Todos os Santos, Caminhos do Oeste, Chapada Diamantina (meu favorito: muitas cachoeiras, grutas...), Costa das Baleias, Costa do Cacau, Costa do Dendê, Costa do Descobrimento, Costa dos Coqueiros, Lagos do São Francisco, Recôncavo, Salvador, Sertão.

Precisa de ajuda? Fale comigo

Se precisar alguma ajuda entre em contacto comigo

Por favor, aqui apenas faça uma lista simples, separada por vírgulas - mais informações no Bahia Guia de Viagem.

- Destinations: All Saints Bay, Western Bahia, Chapada Diamantina (my favourite: a lot of waterfalls, caves, trekking...), Whale Coast, Cocoa Coast, Dendê Coast, Discovery Coast, Coconut Coast, St. Francisco's Lakes, Recôncavo, Salvador, Sertão.

Need any help? Talk to me

If you need any kind of help just ask me

Please just make a simple list separated by commas here - more info in the Bahia Travel Guide.

Regiões/Estados vizinhos:
Neighbor regions/States:

- À Nordeste:
Sergipe - Capital: Aracajú
Alagoas - Capital: Maceió
- Ao Norte:
Pernambuco - Capital: Recife
Piauí - Capital: Teresina
- À Noroeste:
Maranhão - Capital: São Luís
- Ao Oeste
Tocantins - Capital: Palmas
Goiás - Capital: Goiânia
- Ao Sul
Minas Gerais - Capital: Belo Horizonte
Espírito Santo - Capital: Vitória

- To the Northeast:
Sergipe - Capital: Aracajú
Alagoas - Capital: Maceió
- To the North:
Pernambuco - Capital: Recife
Piauí - Capital: Teresina
- To the Northwest:
Maranhão - Capital: São Luís
- To the West
Tocantins - Capital: Palmas
Goiás - Capital: Goiânia
- To the South
Minas Gerais - Capital: Belo Horizonte
Espírito Santo - Capital: Vitória

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Acarajé, Axé, Itapoã, Barra, Ondina, Pelourinho

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