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Cities in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
City: # City: #
Aken (Elbe)3 Landsberg (Saalekreis)2
Allstedt1 Leuna2
Annaburg2 Löbejün1
Arendsee (Altmark)2 Lutherstadt Eisleben4
Aschersleben10 Lutherstadt Wittenberg33
Bad Bibra3 Lützen2
Bad Dürrenberg1 Magdeburg420
Bad Kösen1 Mansfeld1
Bad Schmiedeberg1 Merseburg32
Barby (Elbe)1 Möckern2
Barleben3 Möser2
Beetzendorf5 Nachterstedt2
Bernburg (Saale)23 Naumburg (Saale)16
Biere2 Niedere Börde1
Bitterfeld-Wolfen16 Nienburg (Saale)1
Blankenburg (Harz)3 Oranienbaum2
Burg (bei Magdeburg)6 Oschersleben (Bode)5
Calbe (Saale)2 Osterfeld (bei Naumburg)1
Coswig (Anhalt)3 Osternienburg1
Dessau-Roßlau57 Osterwieck3
Droyßig6 Quedlinburg16
Egeln2 Quenstedt2
Eilsleben3 Querfurt2
Falkenstein/Harz1 Rogätz2
Flechtingen1 Roßla1
Freyburg (Unstrut)1 Salzmünde2
Gardelegen6 Salzwedel23
Genthin3 Sandersdorf2
Gerbstedt2 Sangerhausen6
Gernrode1 Schachdorf Ströbeck2
Goldbeck2 Schafstädt1
Gommern2 Schkopau2
Götschetal2 Schönebeck (Elbe)5
Gröningen2 Schönhausen (Elbe)1
Großkorbetha1 Seehausen (Altmark)3
Güsten2 Staßfurt2
Halberstadt15 Stendal35
Haldensleben9 Sülzetal2
Halle (Saale)765 Tangerhütte1
Harzgerode2 Tangermünde2
Havelberg1 Teutschenthal5
Hecklingen1 Thale6
Helbra4 Wanzleben3
Hettstedt3 Wegeleben1
Ilsenburg (Harz)7 Weißandt-Gölzau1
Irxleben3 Weißenfels10
Jessen (Elster)9 Wernigerode36
Kabelsketal1 Wolmirstedt1
Kemberg3 Zahna3
Klötze1 Zeitz17
Könnern1 Zerbst/Anhalt7
Köthen (Anhalt)22 Zörbig3
Info about Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Sachsen-Anhalt Travel Guide Login to edit Login to view History Help

When mentioning Germany everyone thinks of Bavaria, Berlin or Hamburg, but why not visit Sachsen-Anhalt?! It has a lot to offer. In the south you can go skiing or go on a hike up the famous mountain Brocken. In the north everything is different: plain country with nice forests, heaths and waters. However there is not only nature to explore. The capital Magdeburg and other towns like Halle, Dessau, Wittenberg, Stendal and so on offer a lot for culturally and architecturally interested people. Over 160 friendly people from all regions of Sachsen-Anhalt are waiting for your visit.

Top Things to See and Do
To See:Harz mountains, park Dessau-Wörlitz, heath and forest Colbitz-Letzlinger-Heide, meadows along the river Elbe, Drömling (swamp), the most northern vineyards at Saale-Unstrut; Towns: capital Magdeburg, Halle (many museums, theatres and galleries), Eisleben (hometown of Martin Luther), Wittenberg (where Martin Luther worked and the reformation started), Wernigerode (many old colourful houses), Stendal (famous history and houses of red bricks).
To Do:Whatever you like :-) Every sport from skiing to horse-riding, all kinds of cultural activities (museums, theatres, galleries,…); nightlife in the bigger cities and for relaxation a lot of nature with small villages.

Neighbor regions/States:Brandenburg, Niedersachsen, Sachsen, Thüringen

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Last postings about Sachsen-Anhalt Germany from other users
stefanfrisbee wrote:

nice (& flat...!)countryside along the river "elbe", parks in the town, hundertwasser-house (architecture & cafe), museums, (sub)culture, alternative house project, friends with a little community countryside (

jnoetzel wrote:

Center of Halle, Leipzig, Berlin, Wittenberg

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