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The Hospitality Club is the world's largest hospitality exchange organization. We are thousands of friendly members world wide who offer each other free accommodation when traveling. Membership is free and joining just takes a minute - we would love to have you onboard!

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Regions in Italy
Region/State: # Region/State: #
Abruzzo488 Molise85
Basilicata154 Piemonte2136
Calabria490 Puglia1277
Campania1786 Sardegna971
Emilia-Romagna2548 Sicilia1964
Friuli-Venezia Giulia687 Toscana2464
Lazio3781 Trentino-Alto Adige667
Liguria772 Umbria465
Lombardia4681 Valle d'Aosta55
Marche745 Veneto2200
Info about Italy
Italy Travel Guide
Facts, Attractions, Transport, Food, Money, Visa, Travelogues, Nightlife, Culture, Links ...
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Italy is truly a pearl in the Mediterranean. You cannot go far without seeing another historical or natural treasure. Italy is not only a very rich historic & artistic country, but it is also a very diverse mix of people, cultures, experiences and complexities. Its politics is one of the most complex things in the world.

Italy is also one of the countries with the most people participating with Hospitality Club project, so why not explore it?

Top Things to See and Do
There are 38 Unesco sites in Italy, top of the world together with Spain. You cannot miss the following:
Rome: St. Peter, the Coliseum, the Forum area, the Pantheon, Vatican Museums ...
Florence: Uffizi Museums, Palazzo della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio ...
Venice and its lagoon, San Marco square, Murano island ...
Milan: the Dome, the Scala Theater, the Leonardo's Last Dinner ...
.. and the Miracles Square in Pisa; the towers of San Gimignano; troglodites dwellings in Matera; Vicenzaand the Villas of Veneto; centre of Siena with its famous Game; Naples and its gulf; the centre of Ferrara; Castel del Monte in Puglia; traditional dwellings in Alberobello; Byzanthium style churches in Ravenna; the Royal Palace in Caserta; the Savoia Palaces in Piemonte; Cinque Terre in Liguria; Archeological areas of Pompei and Ercolano; the Amalfi Coast; Archeological area of Agrigento and Piazza Armerina; Late Barocco Sicilian cities of Noto and Avola; centre of Urbino; Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este in Tivoli; Eolie islands; St. Francesco sites in Assisi and surroundings; centre of Verona; Caltagirone and its azulejos; the Orvieto's Dome; Cappella degli Scrovegni in Gonzaga's city of Mantova; the little indipendent Republic of San Marino just to name the most known ones ...
Best beaches in Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia, Campania, and Calabria
Skiing and snowboarding in the Alps and in the Appennines and trekking in almost every mountain place, especially in Belluno that owns the large majority of the Dolomites Range and its best places ( Cortina to name the best known ) but also in the Appennines and in the Barbagia (Sardinia)
Liveliest summer nightlife is in Northern Adriatic (a href="hcworld.php?city=4674">Rimini, Riccione, Milano Marittima, Marina di Ravenna, Jesolo), Versilia (Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Punta Ala), Capri, Sardinia ...
Other interesting things to see and do: foods and wines, natural parks, folk and religious festivals, volcanoes, soccer matches, formula 1 and motorcycles races, fashion, shopping. It's not enough?

Neighboring countries:

Who is coming?Please welcome and invite to your place the following HC members in their travelling adventure


dim1377 want company to visit rome thursday-friday

Hey !
I am a french traveller on my way to Greece (mostly) by foot and I will be in Italy during february. More precisely : in Rome from the 1st to the 4th, then in Firenze until the 7th, Torino until the 9th, near Milano until the 14th and near Venezia until the end of february. I would love to meet natives that can tell me about their country !
Check out my profile :theod
Thank you for your time and have fun !

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* * * Have a look at Bologna and Modena! Contact matteobritt on the italian visitors section!* * *

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Last postings about Italy from other users
paoletta wrote:


marcello wrote:

Sardinia Island is very famosu for the beautiful nature, saside spots, culture, and great Food and wines!!

corrado wrote:

trekking, climbing, sailing, scuba diving

antonello wrote:

Sardiania is a beautiful island where to spend your vacation. The capital , Cagliari , doesn't offer much more then a small city would do but in the rest of the island you can find out beautiful landscapes and amaziong beaches! Great for summer!

klop wrote:

Beautiful sea, tradicions, god food and god wine

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