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There are no Country Volunteers in Israel at the moment.
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Bölgeler: Israel
Bölge/Eyalet: # Bölge/Eyalet: #
30 min to Jerusalem2 negev8
center10 Negev desert5
Center - HaSharon522 North9
Center - Jerusalem646 North - Beit Shean6
Center - Jordan Valley7 North - Emek Izrael31
Center - Modi'in50 North - Galilee265
Center - Ramle Lod20 North - Golan13
Center - Tel Aviv & Gush Dan1377 North - Haifa500
Center - West Bank51 South3
Central16 South - Be'er Sheva & Negev243
Central district1 South - Dead Sea5
gush dan1 South - Eilat36
Hasharon7 South - HaShfela172
hashfela7 South - Judean Desert14
Judean desert - 30 min to Jerusalem4 ZUR HADASSA1
Hakkında bilgi: Israel
Israel Seyahat Rehberi
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Known to most as the holy land, Israel has a lot more to offer.
Israel, perfectly located at the fulcrum of Europe, Asia
and Africa, is a world-class destination for
sophisticated travelers. Israel offers cultural
attractions on a par with Europe, the U.S. and Canada,
luxury hotels, glamorous spas and a hot restaurant
scene - all within an atmosphere that combines the
very ancient with the ultra high-tech, and the exotic
with the contemporary.

The member and volunteer shulov wants to remeind everybody that although he lives in Germany he is still the local volunteer and the geo volunteer of Israel, and would be happy to help you!

Just contact shulov :)

Top Things to See and Do

1. Israel has more museums per capita than any country on
earth Including the legendary Israel Museum in

2. Israel has a network of international-standard spa
resorts in the Galilee, at the Dead Sea and at Eilat.

3. Israel's club scene - particularly in Tel Aviv and
Jerusalem - is part of the Ibiza-Amsterdam-London scene,
drawing DJ's and club fans from North America
and Europe to all-night parties.


Intercity public buses

Israel's Egged Bus Cooperative is the world's second
largest bus company (second only to London Transport),
offering frequent service between every city, town,
village, kibbutz and settlement in Israel. Services are
airconditioned, low-cost and efficient. Tel Aviv's Central
Bus Station is the world's largest. Most bus service halts
at sundown Friday and resumes at sundown Saturday.

City buses

All cities and major towns have extensive bus service.
Most bus service halts at sundown Friday and resumes
at sundown Saturday, but buses operate in Haifa and
in eastern Jerusalem on Friday nights and Saturdays.


Israel's domestic train network links Beersheba, Oron, Tel
Aviv, Netanya, Haifa, Akko and Nahariya. Express
trains connect Tel Aviv and Haifa in less than 60 minutes.
A new high-speed line is under construction between
Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, due to open in 2005.

Driving yourself

All international car rental companies are represented in
Israel, and there are a variety of reliable Israeli
companies too. A passport, major credit card and U.S.
or Canadian driver's license is all you need to
rent a car in Israel. Our highway system is advanced
and up to U.S./European standards. Most signs are in
English in addition to Hebrew. In Israel, we drive on
the right.

Neighboring countries: Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan.

Postal services

You can buy stamps at your hotel, at kiosks and at post
offices. The Post Office will sell calling cards and
will help you with money transfer.


Israel's voltage is 220 volts, like Europe. virtually all hotel rooms have 110/220 electric shaver sockets.
Our electricity outlets usually confirm to European adapters,
but hotels and electrical stores can easily supply
you with the right adapter if necessary.


Israel is well-equipped for catering to travelers with
special needs. Airports, transportation and many
tourist sites are wheelchair friendly and most hotels have
special rooms designed for handicapped travelers.
There is also a whole network in Israel of
agencies from which travelers can rent special



More popular than peanut butter! Healthier than
hamburgers! More fun than tuna fish! Hummus is the fastest
food of the Middle East and one that really
has no American equivalent. Its memory for untold
millions of tourists, pilgrims, travelers and
journalists who have tasted it, sung its praises, then
missed it mightily back home, have lifted hummus
to cult food status all over the world.


Used to be Israel's most popular fast food. It is cheap, eaten in a pita, it is nourishing, it is fried hummus balls inside a pita and topped with salad and thina (sesame sauce)

For 2,000 years, Israel has been famous for spas. The hot
springs at Tiberias formed the basis of Israel's
first spa resort twenty centuries ago, and the curative
waters of the Dead Sea were shipped by camel caravan
across the Sinai Desert to the palace of Cleopatra.
Today, our spas are famed for the curative properties
of the Dead Sea's water and below-sea-level sun rays,
as well as for rest and beauty treatments.

Who is coming? Hey, I'm Steffi. I'm coming to Israel on 19th.febr.-5th.march 2009. I'll stay at a friends place next to Tel-Aviv, but looking for friendly people, who would like to show me around a bit. I'm interested in almost everything, but especially in the countryside, hiking...would be great to meet. Greetings Steffi Hi, My login is Beduinka. I'm Polish, 24 years, student, traveling in Middle East. Right now I'm in TEL AVIV !!!!!!!!!!!! Hello my name is Kseniya (login is ksen). 22/female from New York City. I will be in Israel June-July, would love to meet some interesting people. Please send me a message thank you :) peace and love.

Dear Israeli members of HC, (I'm writing this mail to all HC members in Jerusalem) My name is Milan Balaban, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I have big problem. I should come to Jerusalem in Jule, from 1st to 19th of Jule 2007, on seminar ''Teaching the Shoah and Antisemitism'', in the International School for Holocaust Studies, in Yad Washem. But unfortunelly person who should host me canceled that before few days. I was somehow founded money for seminar and plane ticket, but now I cannot found enough money for Hotel where the rest of attenders of seminars will be (I was just finished my studies, History on University of Banjaluka, and I'm still not working), so I was think to ask you, all 250 of HC members in Jerusalem, can anybody help me? I know that 20 days to host someone is overmuch, but, I was think to ask you, can anybody rent to me some cheap room, or on any other way to help, maybe few days can one person host me, next few days other one? I'm open to every suggestion, I just need place to sleep, and shower. because I must confirm till 15 of April participation in seminar, if anybody can help me, please contact me in next 4-5 days, on my e-mail address is, that's also my msn address my skyp address is milan.balaban and my mobile is 00 387 65 896 509 thank you all in advance Milan Balaban

Want more guests! piglet44 Add your user name here if you would like to receive more visitors - you should get more requests if listed here, even if you live in a small town off the beaten track.

Hospitality Club mailing list
There is a mailing list for members living in Israel (an easy way to cantact everyone for HC meetings and such): Please subscribe only if you live here.

If you have added some info here you can simply remove the instruction text. Thanks for helping to build this great resource!!

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