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L'Hospitality Club è la più grande organizzazione di scambio di ospitalità del mondo. Siamo migliaia di soci in tutto il mondo che ci offriamo vicendevolmente ospitalità gratuita. Diventare soci è gratuito e iscriversi richiede solo pochi minuti - unisciti a noi!

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Regioni in Ireland
Regione/Stato: Numero soci Regione/Stato: Numero soci
County Carlow15 County Longford8
County Cavan12 County Louth38
County Clare42 County Mayo36
County Cork339 County Meath37
County Donegal38 County Monaghan7
County Down13 County Offaly11
County Dublin1469 County Roscommon7
County Galway182 County Sligo27
County Kerry48 County Tipperary37
County Kildare71 County Waterford51
County Kilkenny24 County Westmeath31
County Laois23 County Wexford45
County Leitrim9 County Wicklow71
County Limerick95
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Write an intro paragraph about this country. Why should members come? What can they expect, travel wise and Hospitality Club wise?

Top Things to See and Do
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Perhaps the most interesting, widespread and unique attraction in the whole island of Ireland is its huge megalithic heritage, especially of sculptural dolmens and standing-stones, which you can discover here
A useful site with 360 video views of ireland

Neighboring countries: United Kingdom

WHO is coming? Please welcome and invite to your place the following HC members in their travelling adventure

Traveling down to the Mayo, Dublin, Ireland? We at welcome and invite to all HC members visiting Mayo, Dublin, Ireland, and other European destinations have a look at our web link for all your coach hire and airport transfer needs either in Ireland, Scotland and UK, entire UK, and entire European Destinations. We have both free and inexpensive cheap coach hire packages to meet HC Members needs.

sddwesthi! I am coming to explore Ireland a bit from April 28th through May 3. If you can host me, show me around, go get a drink or just give me some advice and pointers, that would be great! Thanks again

trilobite23 - Hello everybody! Me and my girlfriend are visiting Ireland from 2.August.2007 till 14.August.2007 and we would like to meet somebody and, if its possible, to find some accomodation. Most of the time we would like to be somewhere away from the civilization, on the countryside, nice nature places and so on... If you have some ideas or you have the possibility to accomodate us for a night or two please PM me. Thanks!!!

annek Hey there, I am bringing my boyfriend out of the country for his first time, and would love to meet other HCers in Ireland! We will be there from May 12-29, 2007, minus a couple days in Spain. Let's meet up for a drink!!!

- timouusi I am coming to party on New Year. If you are around Dublin, msg me.

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travel07 I would like to meet other HC members in Dublin and organise some mini-meeting on St.patrick’s Day, 17th March 2010. City centre location will be nice place to meet for a pint after parade. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome!

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fredoofr wrote:

probably PUBS

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