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O Hospitality Club é a maior organização de troca de hospitalidade do mundo. Somos milhares de membros em todo mundo que oferecem entre si acomodações gratuitas quando viajam. A afiliação é grátis e joining leva apenas um minuto - adorariamos tê-lo a bordo!

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Regiões em Argentina
Região/Estado # Região/Estado #
Buenos Aires - Provincia5867 Mendoza797
Catamarca59 Misiones171
Chaco140 Neuquén316
Chubut196 Rio Negro340
Ciudad de Buenos Aires6276 Salta261
Córdoba2225 San Juan166
Corrientes142 San Luis115
Entre Ríos144 Santa Cruz115
Formosa33 Santa Fe1693
Jujuy81 Santiago del Estero72
La Pampa62 Tierra del Fuego105
La Rioja50 Tucumán489
Informação sobre Argentina
Argentina Guia de Viagens
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Hospitality Club Meetings
If you would like to invite other members to an activity or meeting, add the info here. You can use the Travel Guide for more detailed info. Tips of Buenos Aires , Recorridos en Buenos Aires by
There will be a New Year 2007 meeting in Buenos Aires

Write an intro paragraph about this country. Why should members come? What can they expect, travel wise and Hospitality Club wise? --> Argentina is a very cultural, natural and geographically diverse country. Although Buenos Aires is the most important and well known city & province, there are 23 lovely provinces in this country. Most of argentinean people have european origin, mainly spanish and italian. Another important percentage of the population has native roots. Since Argentina is open to neighboring countries, you will find lot of citizen from Bolivia, Perú and Paraguay... particularlly in Buenos Aires. As you might imagine, as part of each culture, food is really diverse in Argentina! When talking about natural and geographical characteristics: WOW! You will find: *mountains all over the west side (Cordillera de los Andes), with arid plain in the North and cold forest in the South. You can meet native people all over this Andes line. Their origin is not the same and it is very interesting to get to know them. Please do not take a picture without asking them. Some native believe that you are taking their spirit by doing that, so please respect it. *meseta patagónica, most of the South of Argentina. You will find a gradient from Andes with some lakes, rivers, forest, to desert and windy plains, to those great South Atlantic cliff beaches. *the middle of the country is a little difficult to describe, there are small mountains, rivers, dry climate. *In the litoral side (NE) you will find very nice wet forest and the Iguazu Waterfalls. Native from this regions have a different origin too, and there is a great influence from Paraguay. You will also find that there are some german colonies here. *Pampa and beaches are extended all other Buenos Aires.

Top Things to See and Do
Please just make a simple list separated by commas here - more info in the Travel Guide.

Neighboring countries:
Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay.

Who is coming?
Hi! We are 3 guys from france and spain. We planned a trip from Colombia to Argentina between October and Decembre 2007...we should be in Argentina at the mid of december... If Someone want to join us, he is welcome!


Hola todos! Estaré viajando de Buenos Aires/Argentina a La Paz/Bolivia en febrero y marzo 2007 siguiendo la ruta 9 por Córdoba, San Miguel de Tucumán, La Quiaca y Potosí, haciendo autostop donde sea posible y tomando el bus donde resulte necesario.
Hi everyone! I will be traveling from Buenos Aires/Argentina to La Paz/Bolivia in february and march 2007 on the route 9, hitchhiking where possible and taking the bus where necessary.


Hola a todos! Estoy planeando un viaje para el mes de mayo a Buenos Aires. he oido muchas cosas positivas de esta ciudad y quiero conocerla un poco ! no tengo aun fechas concretas pero tal vez me podrian dar algunos tips de paginas internet, ... para ir buscando opciones !! tal vez tambien me podria quedar en su casa un par de noches... saludos ole.

lvalentinelli (Italy):
Hi argentinian!! Next november 2007 I will fly 4 weeks to argentina: maybe 2 weeks in Buenos Aires and 2 weeks a trip around...but the plans are made to be changed! :o) I`m looking for friendly persons to meet!! See you, lorenzo

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Bratzo (Buenos Aires):
I'm now free for having people im my apartment...i can offer acomodation all year but january

Thanks for helping to build this great resource!!

Hola, i wanna go to Puerto Madryn but what are the best options to travel?? ThanX

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Last postings about Argentina from other users
barbaroja wrote:

Se puede ir a bailar diferentes tipos de baile, desde el baile nacional a discotecas.

elen wrote:

Se pueden hacer varias actividades, segun lo que prefieras

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