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Regions in Iceland
Region/State: # Region/State: #
East Iceland10 Reykjavik Capital Area277
North-East Iceland32 South Iceland19
North-West Iceland13 West Iceland11
Reykjanes12 Westfjords6
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This is a letter I wrote to a person on here, and it covered so much that I decided to put it in here. Have fun in Iceland, Snaeugla.

June, July and August are the best times for weather in Iceland. It is the Tourist season. In the fall, spring and winter things are cheaper. The duration of your stay depends a lot on what you want to see and do. For just Reykjavík, the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon, which is the basic tour you would need half a week to a week, and if you want to see more of the country I would suggest two weeks at last.

For the basics, if you arrive or depart in the daytime, you can incorporate the Blue lagoon trip into that, because it is on the way to Reykjavík from the airport. Or you can go at any time and then should recon for a half a day at least. It's realy nice though so it's best to have the rest of the day open, just in case. Or do some things before.

There are many company's that offer a trip for the Golden Circle, which includes Thingvellir our most historical location, Geysir, the geyser all the other once are named after, and Gullfoss a magnificant waterfall. The Golden Circle takes a day.

Reykjavík is our capital and I would take about three days to explore that at least. For the main party time, friday and sathurday are the days. In June we have our national holiday on the 17th if you want to include that.

For traveling the rest of the country, I have this to say. There are many interesting places to go to, and the whole circle can be driven in three days if no stops are made. If however you want to enjoy it I'd take a week or two for the country side. If you want to wisit just one of the four quarters though you can do that in two to three days. To travel by car to the other end of Iceland is about eight days in a solid drive. In any case you can recon for one day for the trip to wherever you want to go, and one day back. Iceland is quite expencive to travel in but with the right planing it can be done. You should order a rented car now if you want to use one, or you can take busses or go by air. Air travel, busses and rental cars are all expensive, you will have to check out the best way, taking in what you want to get out of the trip.

Food is expensive in Iceland, but there are low cost stores, and by buying there instead of in the roadside shops can cut the cost of food in half at least.

Some good websites are:
-Reikjavik Tours
-Iceland Travel
-Blue Lagoon
-Blue Lagoon Thermal Spa
So go browse and write me back.

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Neighboring countries:
United Kingdom,

Who is coming?

anjamon : hey i will come july and august this year to iceland. i am looking for hosts everywhere on your ireland! please help me so that i dont have to write everyone:) i am planning to hitch hike around in august, if you want you can help me also there with information. every information about iceland is welcome:) please write me! anja,

borischal : Hello guys, I would like to get a summerjob in Iceland during july and august. Could anybody give me any advice or help how can I get a job? THANKS A LOT for whatever information. please mail me to

edge829 : Hi, I will be in Iceland from 15th to 30th of september. My plan is to stay in Reykjavik for a few days and then I'd love to go trekking somewhere else. So i am looking for places to stay everywhere in Iceland even though I don't know for sure yet, where I will go. If anyone has information about trekking that would be great as well. Please email me if you are ready to host me for some days during that time. I'm looking forward to getting to know nice people from Iceland. Bless =) Heike


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Last postings about Iceland from other users
sheepkeeper wrote:

Myvatn, Godafoss

dassi wrote:

I can get you 10 % discount here and here One interesting thing to do is to go horse riding on the fantastic Icelandic horse, here is one good horse rental and I can get you 10% discount This is a great jeep safari company where I can get you 15 % discount I am able to get you 15 % discount on tours with this company I will put some more links in later The golden circle as we call it is a nice one to do. You will see a nice national park, waterfall Take a look at those links.

fluga wrote:

Drink, party, enjoy the quiet nature

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