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Hospitality Club - Svetingumo Klubas - yra didžiausia pasaulyje apsikeitimo svetingumu organizacija. Mes - tūkstančiai draugiškų narių iš viso pasaulio, siūlantys nemokamą nakvynę vieni kitiems kelioniū metu. Narystė yra nemokama, o prisijungimui tereikia minutės - džiaugsimės, jei ir jūs tapsite nariu!

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Welcome to Alexandria,one of the most wonderful city in t...
Tapti Vietiniu Savanoriu Egypt?

Regionai Egypt
Regionas/Valstija: Nr. Regionas/Valstija: Nr.
Ad Daqahliyah49 As Suways2
Al Bahr al Ahmar55 Ash Sharqiyah47
Al Buhayrah11 Aswan17
Al Fayyum9 Asyut14
Al Gharbiyah34 Bani Suwayf4
Al Iskandariyah240 Bur Sa'id20
Al Isma'iliyah20 Dimyat7
Al Jizah217 Janub Sina'27
Al Minufiyah25 Kafr ash Shaykh6
Al Minya7 Matruh7
Al Qahirah1097 Qina11
Al Qalyubiyah16 Shamal Sina'5
Al Uqsur30 Suhaj7
Al Wadi al Jadid3
Informacija apie Egypt
Egypt Kelionių Gidas
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Top Things to See and Do
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Neighboring countries: Palestine, Israel, Libya, Sudan

Orlando2x : I like to meet people all around the world, I was working before as exchange officer for Egypt so i was responsible to organize a full program for the foreigner students (accommodation, transportation, trips, social programs, parties, training) that why I had a good experience and connections here in Egypt and outside it., Also I was the founder and chairperson of many international conferences and seminars .I enjoyed this kind of activities so much. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help

Who is coming?
juliand1 Hi, I'll be in Cairo 24th to 26th September and then I'll make my way to Luxor/Aswan, returning by the Friday after, 1-3 October. I'll have the weekend in Cairo before flyng back to London on Monday the 4th.
I love photograpy, people and culture. I studied anthropology and speak Italian, French and a even some Spanish/Portuguese. Art, history and antiquities are other interests of mine.
I'd love to meet up with anyone who shares these interests or is Egyptian (or has lived there for a while) and can giveme an insight into the life of the city and country.
Ciao, Julian

deepak1283 Hi All, This is Deepak (24 yrs) from India, and I shall be CAIRO and making a back-packing travel across places such as ASWAN, ABU-SIMBEL, SHARM, LUXOR and HURGHUDA for 12 days from 20th Dec,2006 till 2nd Jan 2007.
I am working as a Software proffesional, trekking, travelling and photography are my passions, along with the zest to learn about different cultures.
I'd love to meet up with anyone who shares these interests or is Egyptian (or has lived there for a while) and can giveme an insight into the life of the city and country.
Further if they could help me with my itenary or provide accomodation in between I would be really grateful
Please do visit my profile and let me know. Expecting the generous people of Egypt to help me out. :) Thanks in Advance

Want more guests! becool2020
becool2020 Just drop me a msg, now I have free time so I will help u for sure.

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white desert camping

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