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Regions in Ecuador
Region/State: # Region/State: #
Azuay99 Imbabura39
Bolívar4 Loja49
Cañar3 Los Ríos5
Carchi2 Manabí51
Chimborazo45 Morona-Santiago3
Cotopaxi7 Napo8
El Oro17 Orellana4
Esmeraldas11 Pastaza3
Galápagos13 Pichincha820
Guayas344 Tungurahua38
Info about Ecuador
Ecuador Travel Guide
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Ecuador is one the planet’s top 17 most biologically diverse nations in the WORLD. The nation’s drastic geographic and climatic variations have led to evolution of thousands of species of flora and fauna. Despite its tiny size, Ecuador is home to rain forests, jungles, mountains, islands, deserts, valleys, and snowcapped peaks. One of its main attractions is the Galapagos Archipelago and its marine reserve, which contain endemic species unique to the area. Ecuador boasts approximately 1,640 species of birds.

Ecuador is a multiethnic and multicultural nation. It has a population of more than 12.6 million. Of these, five and a half million live in the highlands. Six and a half million of Ecuador’s inhabitants live on the Pacific coast. The Amazon region is home to more than six hundred thousand inhabitants and nearly seventeen thousand live in the Galapagos Islands. More than 14 indigenous groups live on the Ecuadorian mainland, maintaining their own traditions and ways of life.


Top Things to See and Do
Don't forget to visit this places:

You can also visit the northern part of the country, the province of Carchi, with the only paramos in the world with frailejones and if you go further you will find the lost paradaise of chical, a beutiful place with nature and rivers unknowk to the civilization.
  • Cuenca ciudad situada en la sierra al sur del Ecuador declarada hace poco patrimonio cultural de la humanidad.

    Some pictures can be found here or you can check the geographic ubication of this places on this Ecuador Picture MAP

    Neighboring countries: Colombia, Peru

    Who is coming?

    Margit and Franz: Hi!
    Our son Simon was from summer 2005 to summer 2006 as exchange student in Ecuador. Because he enjoyed this year so much he will travel there again from tomorrow until September. From august 13th to september 8th we (my husband Franz and I, Margit) will join him in order to see Ecuador. During our 4 week long stay we will travel to Quito, Mitad del Mundo, Mindo, Riobamba, Baños, Macas, Cuenca, Guayaquil, Isla de la Plata and other places. Inspite of only sightseeing we would like to meet or visit other hospitality members. Please send us a message, we look forward to hear from you.
    Margit and Franz


    nuestro hijo, Simón estuvo en Ecuador de 2005 a 2006 como estudiante de intercambio cultural. Como disfrutaba mucho de este año va a viajar en Ecuador de nuevo desde mañana hasta Septiembre. Desde el 13 de agosto hasta el 8 de septiembre tambien vamos nosotros (mi esposo Franz y yo, Margit) nos vamos a reunir allá para que conozcamos a Ecuador. Vamos a visitar Quito, Mitad del Mundo, Mindo, Riobamba, Baños, Macas, Cuenca, Guayaquil, Isla de la Plata y otros lugares, pero para conocer el país tambien queremos conocer a gente que vive en Ecuador. Nos gustaría mucho conocer otros miembros de Hospitality Club. Esperamos que nos escriban,
    Margit y Franz

    Hi! We are 3 guys from france and spain. We planned a trip from Colombia to Argentina between October and Decembre 2007...we should be in Equador at the mid of october... If Someone want to join us, he is welcome!

    meyerchristoph (20) llego a Paracas-Perú el miércoles 8 de marzo y se esta quedando con paracasdesertfox, hasta el domingo 13 aproximadamente, el esta viajando solo, luego piensa ir a Lima, Huaraz, Trujillo, Cajamarca, Chiclayo y Mancóra. Para después pasar a Ecuador Machala, para pasar unos días en Jambeli, luego Guayaquil, Cuenca, Riobamba, Ambato, Quito, Otavalo y Tulcán. Después pasar a Colombia a Pasto, Popayán, Cali, Bogota, Medellín y Cartagena de Indias. El luego quiere pasar a PANAMA pero necesita mayor ayuda para conseguir una ruta segura. Les pido ayudar a meyerchristoph si es posible escribiéndole directamente a su correo Saludos desde Paracas,-Perú paracasdesertfox
    Rebecca y Andres van a visitar Ecuador desde 10 abril por algunas semanas. Queremos visitar lugares donde podemos caminar y disfrutar de la naturaleza. Pero tambien la ciudad de Quito, por supuesto. Si tienen consejos, por favor enviannos!!

    Javi My name is Javi my user is amircael, hey i need some kind of little vacations, in a zoom weekend i wanna go to South of Ecuador(Vilcabamba), i live in Quito, let know if u want be my pal of trip, goot time 4 share, send a mail or call me 096290292.

    pablotanira: Hola! soy argentino y voy a estar viajando con autostop (e imaginación) desde Bs As a Ecuador a fines de Mayo 2007, cualquier colaboración (consejos, alojamiento, lo que sea!) o compañeros/as de viaje serán bienvenidos!!

    My name is Javi, hey i need some kind of little vacations, in a zoom weekend i wanna go to South of Ecuador(Vilcabamba), i live in Quito, let know if u want be my pal of trip, send a mail or call me 096290292.

    Want more guests! daniargentina - you should get more requests if listed here, even if you live in a small town off the beaten track.

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  • Last postings about Ecuador from other users
    alexandra wrote:

    Enjoy different sceneries in short distances, rain forest with exotic animals, claudy forest plenty of birds and more, hight mountains, active volcains, indian markets, archeological constructions, old country, warm seawater, different races of people and cultures in a sole little country. Enjoy galapagoes islands where species changes for adaptation. Learn good spanish with no accent. Please visit

    acostam wrote:

    You will enjoy of one of the most beatiful cities in the world. Churchs, an people are interesting.

    gabrielino wrote:

    Beaches, Ecological reservations, Archeological Museums, nice people and a lot of dance

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