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De Hospitality Club is 's werelds grootste organisatie voor uitwisseling van gastvrijheid. We zijn wereldwijd met duizenden vriendelijke leden die elkaar gratis onderdak bieden wanneer ze reizen. Lidmaatschap is volledig gratis en registreren duurt slechts een minuutje - we willen je heel graag aan boord!

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There are no Country Volunteers in Canada at the moment.
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Provincies in Canada
Streek/provincie: # Streek/provincie: #
Alberta - Greater Calgary Area/Rockies Foothills Area/Southern Alberta727 Ontario - SouthWestern Ontario Peninsula893
Alberta - Greater Edmonton Area/Central Alberta/Northern Alberta646 Prince Edward Island58
British Columbia - British Columbia Rockies/Thompson-Okanagan404 Québec - Baie James/Nunavik14
British Columbia - Cariboo Chilcotin Coast/Northern British Columbia104 Québec - Bas-St-Laurent/Gaspésie/Îles-de-la-Madeleine147
British Columbia - Greater Metropolitan Vancouver/Coast Area1747 Québec - Cantons-de-l'Est322
British Columbia - Vancouver Island/Gulf Island669 Québec - Chaudière-Appalaches192
Manitoba327 Québec - Lanaudières/Laurentides340
New Brunswick173 Québec - Mauricie/Centre-du-Québec254
Newfoundland56 Québec - Montérégie560
Northwest Territories20 Québec - Montréal/Laval2919
Nova Scotia301 Québec - Outaouais/Abitibi-Témiscamingue280
Nunavut8 Québec - Québec Capitale742
Ontario - Central Ontario-Georgian Triangle172 Québec - Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean/Côte Nord120
Ontario - Greater Toronto Area2463 Saskatchewan271
Ontario - Northern Ontario185 Yukon50
Ontario - Ottawa Capital/Eastern Ontario784
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Canada Reisgids
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Canada is the second biggest country in the world. It stretches across six time zones and takes about one week non-stop to drive from one end to the other. Much of this huge territory is sparsely populated, as most Canadians live in cities within 200 kilometres of its southern border with the United States.

Although we share some similarities with our neighbours in the United States, Canadians generally have different and sometimes opposing views about nationhood and society, leaning towards a more liberal and social philosophy. A federal parliamentary system helps us keep a good balance between pluralism and collectivity. We often argue and debate among ourselves but usually end up agreeing on principle. One can say that Canada was born out of diplomacy and compromise as opposed to revolution and force.

Canada is a multicultural country, with two official languages (English and French) and over 100 ethnic/linguistic groups accounting for 40% of the population. It still welcomes more than a quarter of a million immigrants each year, providing a relatively safe and healthy society built on basic universal human rights, values and ideals as a basis for a new life. It is hard to define what a "Canadian" is because, in many ways, Canada tries to be a model of what it thinks the world should be.

The major metropolitan areas where most Canadians live are interesting modern multicultural cities, well connected across long distances with good roads and state-of-the-art communications. Canada is one of the most wired (and increasingly wireless) nations on earth. You'll find free internet access in practically every public library, and wireless internet connections are common in airports, coffeeshops and some public spaces.

If you get off the beaten track, Mother Nature's diversity reigns supreme outside the big cities and small towns: The rain forests of the West coast; the desert interior of BC; the glacier-capped Rockies; the impossible vastness of the Prairies with its big blue skies; the rugged forests of the Canadian Shield speckled with lakes; the enormous Great Lakes emptying down the historic St-Lawrence Valley; the gentle hills and secluded coves of the Atlantic coast; and if you are lucky enough to get there, the strange majesty of the Arctic.

The Hospitality Club network is very active and growing in Canada, and it now has the most members per capita in all of the Americas. There are also lots of campgrounds in the rural areas and cheap hostels in the cities. Free-camping in the wild on "Crown Land" is legal, although a permit is technically required for foreigners (about $12/year)

Canadian winters can be bitterly cold except on the West Coast. In the summer it can be extremely hot and humid, particularly in southern Ontario and Québec.

Top Things to See and Do
Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Inside Passage to Alaska, Coast Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise, Badlands, endless wheatfields, Yukon-Whitehorse dogsledding, visiting the Alberta Tar Sands, Calgary's Olympic Park, and Edmonton the getway to the north.
Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, Québec's old walled city, Sault Ste. Marie, the Great Lakes, The Canadian Shield, Gaspésie, Charlevoix, Mont-Tremblant.
Halifax, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton. You truly have not experienced Canada until you make it to our eastern most city, St. John's, Newfoundland. The Newfoundland culture is a rare mutuation of Irish and Celtic influences. Newfoundland is one of Canada's best kept secrets.

Inter-Urban Transportation - Greyhound Canada
We don’t have a good rail system, so we use the buses. Greyhound Canada has a Discovery Pass – similar to an Inter-Rail, but for buses. You can also travel to the USA and Mexico using the pass.

Neighbouring countries:
and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (France)

Who is coming?
Please welcome and invite to your place the following HC members in their...
Canadian Adventure Tour 2006:


Want more guests!: (indicate your will to receive more visitors)

- nikki (Gatineau-Hull)
- maplefanta (Quebec city)

Hospitality Club Meetings:
Write down any Meeting/Gathering plan here

We have meetings in Quebec city every month! See you!
More info: contact volsque, jeromito

Action Plan:(for the website)
Canada Need
active member with complete profile to Volunteer as Region or City Volunteer with the task to welcome new members in your area (by email and eventually meeting), ideally to create a stronger network in local community (knowing members, trust comments...);
All members : Can also take part in filling the travel guide for their own area; Don't forget to try to promote the site in remote area of the country: Countryside, Maritimes and NewFoundLand are on target for more representations!! Don't forget to use other features of the website: FORUM

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worldcitizen wrote:

It's totally up to you. There are several art galleries, parks and old buildings in the nearby. Besides, the night is looooong (and safe!) in Berlin.

paracas wrote:

bars, night clubs, restaurants, sport events, museums, etc.,

rakesh wrote:

close to great lakes

maida wrote:

The Laurentians and Eastern Townships, Downtown, Old Montreal, West Island, restaurants, bars and clubs, etc.

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