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I love travelling,hitchhiking, the mountains...WELCOME !!!
yerel gönüllü olmak için tıklayın: Bulgaria?

Bölgeler: Bulgaria
Bölge/Eyalet: # Bölge/Eyalet: #
Blagoevgrad56 Razgrad14
Bourgas98 Russe77
Dobrich26 Shumen15
Gabrovo38 Silistra8
Haskovo36 Sliven15
Jambol27 Smolyan16
Kardzhali12 Sofia1351
Kyustendil14 Stara Zagora78
Lovech15 Targovishte12
Montana6 Varna235
Pazardzhik28 Veliko Tarnovo75
Pernik19 Vidin13
Pleven42 Vratsa14
Hakkında bilgi: Bulgaria
Bulgaria Seyahat Rehberi
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Situated in Southeastern Europe, occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula.
The country’s total territory is 111,000 sq. km. It has a 378 km borderline with the Black Sea to the east. Bulgaria also neighbors Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro to the west, Romania to the north and Greece and Turkey to the south.

Bulgaria possesses a varied relief, in the altitude range from 0 to 2,925 m.
Its territory includes part of the lower Danube Plain, The Balkan Range – part of the Alpine-and-Himalayan chain, part of the Thracian lowland and to the south – the mountain structures of the Macedonian-Thracian massif.
The predominant climate in Bulgaria is moderate and transitional continental with plenty of sunlight days per year. There are four seasons, with warm summer and snowy winter. The average yearly temperature is 10.5 °C.


The Bulgarian mountains which occupy half of the country’s territory, are easily accessible, and are a prime destination for both winter and summer tourist activities, including skiing, hiking, fishing, canoeing.
The major mountain ranges are Rila, Pirin, Rhodope and Stara Planina.
Mussala peak in the Rila mountain range is the highest point on the Balkan peninsula.

Black sea

Much of the Black sea coast is covered by long beaches with fine white sand. The sea itself is non-tidal, less salty and warmer than the Mediterranean.
The tourism sector has flourished in recent years and holds a firm lead in the Bulgarian economy.There are many places differentiated as a young people vacation sites. These are villages at the Black see coast with great cultural history and beautiful nature - Nessebar, Sozopol, Lozenetz, Sunny Beach and many more.

Varied Landscape

The country offers a mixture of quiet rural scenery and villages that have preserved their unique spirit of old times, and modern cities pulsating with the rhythm of growing business activity and ever changing fashions. Regardless of your mood and interests, you will always find something intriguing and fascinating in this small piece of land.

Hot Mineral Spas

Bulgaria is famous for its natural hot mineral water springs – 1600 of them altogether.
They present excellent opportunities for health tourism. It is the great thing in the winter when you swim or just relax in one of the hot water springs, surrounded by snow and heavy snowed huge pinetrees, watching the beauty around and drinking your favorite drink! In the meentime you are in a astonishing village with old houses. There are many places like this, ask me I have been to many of them.

Ancient history

The country is very rich in ancient monuments and artifacts from different epochs in its 1300 year old history and beyond. Thracians, Romans, Slavs, Greeks and Turks have left their mark and heritage to be appreciated by locals and tourists alike.
The country has 9 UNESCO World Culture Heritage sites. Numerous monasteries, churches and mosques, some having hundreds of years of history, present a compelling attraction to every tourist. Thrace was spread on to Bulgaria's territory in the Ancient times. It was homeland of the famous Hommer, heroes and kings. You can see the oldest gold in THE WORLD (according to the international hystory professionals) placed in the Archeological museum in Varna. There are also many pre-hystorical tombs and temples some of them older than the Egyptian and Mayan cultures.


Bulgaria’s political system is a parliamentary republic.
After the fall of communism in 1989 the country has started on the road to democratic reforms and has achieved significant progress in recent years. It has a sustained GDP growth of 4.8%, a stable political system and highly trained workforce.
As of March 2004 the country is member of NATO and is invited to join the European Union in 2007.

Bulgaria voted No. 4 tourist destination worldwide by The Washington Post

Neighboring countries: Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia

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Last postings about Bulgaria from other users
svetla wrote:

Varna is a big tourist centre on the Black Sea coastand there aremany interesting places.

aluvium wrote:

A lot. Just ask me.

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