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yerel gönüllü olmak için tıklayın: Serbia?

Bölgeler: Serbia
Bölge/Eyalet: # Bölge/Eyalet: #
Belgrade2847 Vojvodina1462
Central Serbia1317
Hakkında bilgi: Serbia
Serbia Seyahat Rehberi
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Serbia is the country of Southeastern Europe. Serbia has two geographic regions: north part is plain, while central and southern parts are mountainous. The majority people living in Serbia are: Serbs, Montenegrins, Hungarians, Albanians, Bosniaks, etc... Vojvodina, as Serbia's province is multinational, multicultural region. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade and this city is at the confluence of rivers Sava and the Danube.

Neighbouring countries: Hungary (EU), Romania, Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro

To enter Serbia, you must have a valid passport and some nationals may need a visa. The list of countries whose citizens must have (or not) visas for Serbia, can be found on the site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The citizens of almost all european countries don't need visa (EU countries, Switzerland, etc...). You can enter Serbia via Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" airport, by ships going by Danube, and, of course, by car, bus or train. E70 and E75 highways and european corridor 10 pass through Serbia. Famous "Orient Express" used to pass through Serbia and had a stop in Belgrade.

Serbia is famous for its hospitable people and beautiful nature which features Đerdap gorge, Kopaonik ski centre, Palić lake, and many more jewels. You are invited to come to famous Guča festival and even more famous Exit festival.

This is simply a text-presentation of Serbia. If you're visiting our country, be welcome and have a nice journey...

Looking forward to meet you! :)

Who is coming?

Hey !
I am a french traveller on my way to Greece (mostly) by foot and I will pass trought Serbia from mid March till mid April (approximately). I would love to meet natives that can tell me about their country !
Check out my profile :theod
Thank you for your time and have fun !

- Hi, me and my partner, we are coming to Serbia and Montenegro in July 2009 to enjoy the sea, the mountains, the towns - and your company hopefully :-) - We travel by car, spend 2-3 weeks in total; and would be happy with any kind of contact: show around, have a chat, a dinner, a hiking together, or enjoy 1-2 days accomodation by you.
Help! Do you know webpages for learning Serbian? Basic words, expressions! (can also be a full-scale language guide, too)

Hi we are coming to Serbia ON 13.07.2014 to Belgrade with my friends and we would be happy with contact you to have a chat a dinner and show around. to contact me

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Last postings about Serbia from other users
sandyby wrote:

Museums, Bohemian Quarter, Fortress, Theater, Galleries, Lake, River- two in fact....

millana wrote:


filippopovic wrote:

Night life, main regional cultural events, historic sites, carneval of ships...

maje wrote:

-EXIT festival in july (Petrovaradin Fortress) 07-10.07. :))) have to be here!! -my dogs. ;) -monasteries -rivers & mountains .........

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