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Back home in Hawaii after traveling for a while. =)
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Regions in United States of America
Region/State: # Region/State: #
Alabama381 Montana263
Alaska320 Nebraska209
Arizona1351 Nevada452
Arkansas291 New Hampshire252
California10577 New Jersey1311
Colorado1566 New Mexico406
Connecticut603 New York5160
Delaware110 North Carolina1398
District of Columbia545 North Dakota83
Florida3884 Ohio1353
Georgia1308 Oklahoma367
Hawaii473 Oregon1695
Idaho266 Pennsylvania1904
Illinois2159 Rhode Island201
Indiana682 South Carolina469
Iowa382 South Dakota93
Kansas394 Tennessee684
Kentucky418 Texas3383
Louisiana461 Utah541
Maine348 Vermont273
Maryland1038 Virgin Islands21
Massachusetts1867 Virginia1383
Michigan1279 Washington2565
Minnesota1147 West Virginia124
Mississippi171 Wisconsin912
Missouri786 Wyoming70
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Loved, hated - the States are many things to many. As in Europe, each state is unique and has a very diverse culture.(some even their own language)From Sea to Shining Sea

Most important to remember when visiting the U.S., there are 50 states, (52 based on voting) and each state is a unique and diverse entity with a multitude of things to do and see. One can embark on a continuous Journey of discovery. From the rainforests of Washington to the deserts of Utah, to the urban centers of the east coast to surfing in Florida to WHATEVER ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF! The U.S. is so incredibly rich with things to do and see that, unfortunately, many Americans never leave their own state; while over twenty-five percent travel abroad each year.

There are more commercial airline flights in a single day in America than China has in an entire year.

Top Things to See and Do
The Little Apple in Manhattan Kansas!
Also of interest are: San Francisco/California, New York, Chicago, Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Disney Land/World, Las Vegas, the Rocky Mountains, big cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, San Antonio, and small rural regions or cities as well.

The best of the USA according to HAWAIIINSOMNIAC: I have lived in Washington, Texas, California, Illinois, Hawaii, Missouri. If you have a short time in the US, you really have to focus on what you would like to do. There are countless things to do. If you like the beach, California, Florida, and Hawaii are great choices. If you enjoy city life, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and the 3 biggest cities in the US. If you like scenery, there are tons of national parks you can visit (I like Alaska in the summer).

Neighboring countries:
The USA shares borders with two countries:
- Canada
- Mexico
An irony is how America's own isolation cannot be explained through analysis, geography or other means. America is an immigrant country with over 20% of the population being immigrant or first generation. No country in the world can show even half this number. The USA is great in many ways, fully owing to people coming from other countries and choosing to live here. Cultural centers alive with energy and activity can be found in every state and every major city, from China town in San Fransisco or Seattle to little Italy in Boston, or the Mexican influences of cities like San Antonio or Santa Fe. Americans can be very helpful and friendly and welcoming, every individual American is different. (300+ million Americans)

Who is coming?
Just add your user name and basic info (date and places you will visit) about your trip here, maybe other members will invite you or meet up with you on the road.

- Julie coming to the US for a month and a half, starting December 9th in NY, then california, nevada, arizona, utah, colorado, wyoming and montana. love to travel and talk to people from everywhere about everything
Want more guests? Add your user name here if you would like to receive more visitors.

- Rose from Salem, Oregon (the state capital) would love to host you!
- Sean from Long Island, New York (half way between the city and the hamptons, woodsy suburbia) would love to host you!
- Chadfbrown Going to the Grand Canyon? California? Stop on by TUCSON, ARIZONA and I would love to host you!
- John Welcomes you to the Real Washington! Come visit before I fly my schoolbus to the moon!
- Beakdan Would love more guests off of the beaten path in Knoxville, TN.

Hospitality Club Meetings

Wax down that surfboard Surfin USA Spring 2007 Camp in Santa Cruz California Please post in the forum and register for the Fly2Point Group. Contact UAflyer

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Last postings about United States of America from other users
masondemicco wrote:

Five Colleges, local parks, cultural sites.

drucker wrote:

Chicago Skyline, Cubs game, miles of awesome beaches, concerts, theater, lincon park zoo, architectual boat tour, etc.

richard wrote:

Too many to mention, but: Lakefront, museums, theater, architecture, etc.

paul wrote:

Museums, Parks, Galleries, Cafes...

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