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Hospitality Club - Svetingumo Klubas - yra didžiausia pasaulyje apsikeitimo svetingumu organizacija. Mes - tūkstančiai draugiškų narių iš viso pasaulio, siūlantys nemokamą nakvynę vieni kitiems kelioniū metu. Narystė yra nemokama, o prisijungimui tereikia minutės - džiaugsimės, jei ir jūs tapsite nariu!

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Regionai Ukraine
Regionas/Valstija: Nr. Regionas/Valstija: Nr.
Autonomous Republic of Crimea615 Lviv oblast952
Cherkasy oblast159 Mykolayiv oblast223
Chernihiv oblast171 Odesa oblast716
Chernivtsi oblast104 Poltava oblast221
Dnipropetrovsk oblast827 Rivne oblast157
Donetsk oblast646 Sevastopol107
Ivano-Frankivsk oblast198 Sumy oblast163
Kharkiv oblast1134 Ternopil oblast156
Kherson oblast135 Vinnytsia oblast179
Khmelnitskyi oblast169 Volyn oblast108
Kirovohrad oblast93 Zakarpattia oblast163
Kyiv4165 Zaporizhia oblast412
Kyiv oblast520 Zhytomyr oblast144
Luhansk oblast237
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Ukraine Kelionių Gidas
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Ukraine is situated in the south-eastern part of Central Europe and has its own territory, government, national emblem, flag and anthem. It borders on Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland. Ukraine is one of the world's main centers of sugar production. It produces sugar both for her own needs and for export. The country is rich in natural resources, such as iron ore, coal, color metal, oil, gas, mineral salts, clay and potential water power. It has developed a varied industry, concentrated mostly in and around big cities, such as Kiev, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Dnyeprodzerzhinsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv, Nickolayev and other. It produces planes and ships, lorries and buses, motorcars and locomotives, computer and electronic equipment, precision instruments and agricultural machines, TV and radioset, chemicals and textiles and various consumer goods. Odessa, Sevastopol, Nikolayev, Kherson and Kerch are main ukrainian ports.

If you are from the post USSR republic, EU, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, Andorra, Vatican, Iceland & some others countries - now you dont need visa (up to 90 days)! YOU ARE WELCOME!

Top Things to See and Do: - Kyev - historical and cultural capital of Ukraine; - Lviv - beautiful old city with many attractions and monuments; - Odessa - Southern capital of Ukraine, situated on the coast of The Black See, well known for a distinctive southern temperament of its inhabitants;
Please just make a simple list separated by commas here - more info in the Travel Guide.

Neighboring countries:
Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland on land and Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey on sea.

Who is coming? Just add your user name and basic info (date and places you will visit) about your trip here, maybe other members will invite you or meet up with you on the road. Use your profile to tell more about your plans.

benwahler (Germany, 28y) Together with a friend we are invited to a wedding in Yalta, Crimea on September 8th. We will be in Kiev for a day before that and will then travel the Crimea, Kiev and maybe more - we would be happy to meet you as this will make our trip so much more special. Just contact me via my profile. metox (United Kingdom) I want to volunteer on a archeologic excavation. Does anybody have helpful information? Where exactly is the Obia excavation (Odessa region) and how to go there? usernamedorotawanda (poland) i am coming to Ukraine with myboyfrind in the beginning of July for 2 weeks.( 1-15.07) i would like to travel via Lviv to Kiev,and then south-east until Crimea, where i think to spend 5-6 days, moving around and visiting all intereting places. If there's somebody who feels like hosting us - mostly for just one night - contact me on my profile or mail ( thanx :)

TIMOUUSI (Finland) I am coiming to Odessa,Ukraine on JULY 18th and will stay in South Ukraine until AUGUST. If you want to help me out, pls contact me. I need accommondation in Odessa and Yalta (Crimea).Info in my profile.
Metox (United Kingdom) Iwant to volunteer on an archeologic excavation. Does anybody have helpful information? Who knows where to find the Olbia excavation (Odessa region)?

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