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Régions en Uganda
Région/Etat: Région/Etat:
Baganda61 non1
bufumbira2 none2
Central170 North20
Central Buganda2 Tooro3
Eastern54 uganda16
Ediofe3 Wakiso2
Jinja1 West Nile7
kampala174 Western44
Informations sur Uganda
Uganda Guide du Voyage
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Uganda fondly known as the Pearl of Africa, is a great destination for all sorts of travellors especially hardcore travelers, that can experience slowly improving public services, five-star hospitality, good roads, good food etc... Uganda is one of the poor nations in Africa, but has a seemingly democratic government. President Museveni took over power from cruel dictator Milton Obote after a guerilla war. The country was by that time totally damaged by Obote and the notorious dictator Idi Amin, who created enormous state-debts. Unemployement was at an all time high although it still prevails todate. President Museveni is a pragmatic (but, like Bush, Reborn Christian) politician, who created a system in which the traditional tribes did not have a saying. There are people frrom all tribes and religions in the Ugandan Government. This is a small part of all the good he has done for Uganda (the country's AIDS numbers have declined dramatically under his watch. Go check out this friendly land, that shows you the real Africa of the Great lakes.

Top Things to See and Do
The source of the river Nile, the last Gorillas on the planet in the south-west of the country, UWEC, Ugandas wildlife centre and much more! - more info in the Travel Guide.

Neighboring countries: Congo, DR, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania

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Last postings about Uganda from other users
magezij wrote:

visit our children projects. game parks, game rides,water falls,fishing,

samuelwatts wrote:

Sippi Falls, Mt Elgon Park, Caves, Rock paintings, hospitable communities, Work with FDNC in Uganda.

chacho wrote:

Source of river nile,Mountain Gorillas,the equator,etc

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