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Hospitality Club найбільша у світі спільнота обміну гостинністю. Ми - це тисячи дружніх членів по всьому світу, хто пропонує один одному безноштовний нічліг під час подорожі. Членство вільне, вступ займає хвилину - приєднуйтесь!

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Hello! Welcome in the little city of Namur! No so big but...
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Області у Belgium
Область/Штат: Область/Штат:
Antwerpen1427 Luxembourg180
Brabant Wallon459 Namur375
Bruxelles/Brussel3501 Oost-Vlaanderen1635
Hainaut558 Vlaams-Brabant920
Liège946 West-Vlaanderen813
Інформація про Belgium
Belgium Путівник
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Belgium has much to offer on such a small scale. Whether you are interested in food (beers, chocolates), architecture, traditions, famous monuments, music, comics (Smurfs, Tintin, Lucky Luke and many others are Belgian !) and long walk in nature or near the sea. We have something different to offer for every type of traveller.

Top Things to See and Do
-Brussels (Capital of Europe)
-Antwerp (home to Rubens)
-North Sea Coast (Sand Dunes)
-Ardennes (great walking area and hills)
-Mons & Namur (beautiful monuments),
-Liège (party town and architecture)
-Bruges (the Venice of the North)
-Ieper and the Flanders Fields War Memorials
-Gent & Leuven (medieval towns with big student concentration).

Neighboring countries:
Netherlands (Holland)
England (over the Channel/La Manche)

Who is coming?
Please welcome and invite to your place the following HC members in their travelling adventure

metahanindita Hi.. i'll be on my holiday in Brussels on Sept 28th.. It would be very nice if theres anyone that would like to show me around for one day;) -Maplefanta in the country: Mid-February 2007! Again!!

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Hi, I (vetschnistrannik) live in Antwerp, outside the city center, and would love to help some Belgium-travellers out during the summertime.

Hi! I live in Liege and have a great big house with lots of space for hosting. See my profile: guillaumetennis and see you soon!...

Hello! I live in Lede, a small town about 25km from both Brussels and Ghent. I can host from 1 to 18 September and show you around. For more information, check xtof.

Hello! I live in Dendermonde. It is a small town in the middle of Brussels - Ghent - Antwerp trinangle. Unfortunately, I can not offer accomodation, but I would be glad to shouw you my town. The walk troug the town will take less than a hour of your time (or a bit more, if you would like to visit museum), but you will see many old monuments, including two from UNESCO World Hertiage list (belfry and béguinage). kneiphof.

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Last postings about Belgium from other users
oliviersophie wrote:

Belgian chocolate tasting, Typical pubs (beers tasting), Brussels visits, Art Nouveau style architecture, Comic strip museum (Tintin, Smurfs and many others are belgian), ...

djsirmatthew wrote:

A lot of historical buildings, the largest bar-counter in Europe, nice clubs, nice atmosphere because of student-life

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