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Hospitality Club on maailman suurin vieraanvaraisuuden vaihto organisaatio. Me koostumme tuhansista ystävällisistä jäsenistä ympäri maailmaa, jotka tarjoavat toisilleen ilmaista majoitusta matkustaessa. Jäsenyys on ilmaista ja liittyminen vie vain minuutin - otamme sinut mielellämme mukaan!

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Welcome to Switzerland & Enjoy! I'll try to share my sw...
I'm Marco 33 years old italian who actually live in Zür...
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Alueet, Switzerland
Alue/Osavaltio: # Alue/Osavaltio: #
Aargau603 Nidwalden32
Appenzell Ausserrhoden57 Obwalden38
Appenzell Innerrhoden8 Schaffhausen73
Basel-Landschaft296 Schwyz73
Basel-Stadt662 Solothurn251
Bern1681 St Gallen461
Fribourg327 Thurgau274
Genève837 Ticino190
Glarus22 Uri19
Graubünden158 Valais222
Jura56 Vaud1026
Luzern494 Zug115
Neuchâtel193 Zürich2604
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Switzerland Matkaopas
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Switzerland is a small country in the middle of Europe. The Alps cross Switzerland from West to East, separating the northern plateau region (swissgerman speaking) and the western french speaking part from the southern italian side. In the south-east, you might hear some Romansch (the 4th official language) spoken in a couple of valleys. There are a lot of lakes and rivers and stunning mountain sceneries. Many small old preserved cities. It has about 7 million inhabitants. They can appear a bit cold at first, but very friendly indeed and they'll usually try to help you! (an old tradition used to be that every inhabited chalet would show the swiss flag, also meaning that hospitality would be offered to any "lost" traveller). Almost everybody speaks German or French and English. It's a rich country, so it's quite expensive to travel around!

General interesting ressources can be find at (independant website) and (supported by Confederation)

Top Things to See and Do
winter sports (ski, snowboard and so on), (mountain-)hiking (moutains cover the two thirds of the country, you should at least try to sneak around one of the famous peaks... every region has one of them), water sports (27 "big" natural lakes, some high up in the mountains), festivals (each city has its openair and music week, etc.), shopping (!), rule the wolrd (or at least you could get a try at UN, WTO or the WEF in Davos).

Neighboring countries:

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Always trying to get to know knew people: playschool

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Regular meetings are now organised in Zürich (see mila77) and very frequent ones in Bern.

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Last postings about Switzerland from other users
maryse wrote:

Musée International del'Horlogerie - Moulins souterrains

marion wrote:

Old Town of Basel, interesting art museums, Goetheanum in Dornach

shalvaraz wrote:

Engelberg is a skiresort in central Switzerland where I am working for the winter season.

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