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Регионы в Russian Federation
Регион/Штат: # Регион/Штат: #
Altaisky krai - Алтайский край344 Pskovskaya oblast - Псковская область122
Amurskaya oblast - Амурская область82 Respublika Adygeya - Республика Адыгея28
Arkhangelskaya oblast - Архангельская область367 Respublika Altai - Республика Алтай27
Astrakhanskaya oblast - Астраханская область97 Respublika Bashkortostan - Республика Башкортостан871
Belgorodskaya oblast - Белгородская область276 Respublika Buryatia - Республика Бурятия211
Bryanskaya oblast - Брянская область184 Respublika Chuvashia - Чувашская Республика217
Chechenskaya respublika - Нохчийн Республика15 Respublika Dagestan - Республика Дагестан74
Chelyabinskaya oblast - Челябинская область747 Respublika Ingushetia - Республика Ингушетия12
Chukotsky Avtonomny Okrug - Чукотский Автономный Округ13 Respublika Kalmykia - Республика Калмыкия38
Evreiskaya Avtonomnya Oblast - Еврейская автономная область9 Respublika Karelia - Республика Карелия396
Irkutskaya oblast - Иркутская область527 Respublika Khakassia - Республика Хакассия64
Ivanovskaya oblast - Ивановская область147 Respublika Komi - Республика Коми156
Kabardino-Balkarskaya respublika - Кабардино-Балкарская Республика 34 Respublika Mari El - Республика Марий Эл190
Kaliningradskaya oblast - Калининградская область506 Respublika Mordovia - Республика Мордовия53
Kaluzhskaya oblast - Калужская область190 Respublika Sakha-Yakutia - Республика Саха-Якутия139
Kamchatskij kraj - Камчатский край107 Respublika Severnaya Osetia-Alania - Республика Северная Осетия-Алания48
Karachaevo-Cherkesskaya respublika - Карачаево-Черкесская республика14 Respublika Tatarstan - Республика Татарстан859
Kemerovskaya oblast - Кемеровская область351 Respublika Tuva - Республика Тыва24
Khabarovskij kraj - Хабаровский край367 Rostovskaya oblast - Ростовская область789
Khanty-Mansiisky Avtonomnyi Okrug - Ханты-Мансийский автономный округ152 Ryazanskaya oblast - Рязанская область161
Kirovskaya oblast - Кировская область262 Sakhalinskaya oblast - Сахалинская область102
Kostromskaya oblast - Костромская область107 Samarskaya oblast - Самарская область796
Krasnodarskij kraj - Краснодарский край969 Sankt-Peterburg - Санкт-Петербург8436
Krasnoyarskij kraj - Красноярский край738 Saratovskaya oblast - Саратовская область390
Kurganskaya oblast - Курганская область75 Smolenskaya oblast - Смоленская область119
Kurskaya oblast - Курская область138 Stavropolskij kraj - Ставропольский край35
Leningradskaya oblast - Ленинградская область959 Stavropolskij kraj - Ставропольский край 245
Lipetskaya oblast - Липецкая область154 Sverdlovskaya oblast - Свердловская область1362
Magadanskaya oblast - Магаданская область37 Tambovskaya oblast - Тамбовская область69
Moskovskaya oblast - Московская область2797 Tomskaya oblast - Томская область494
Moskva - Москва10473 Tulskaya oblast - Тульская область200
Murmanskaya oblast - Мурманская область353 Tverskaya oblast - Тверская область209
Nenetsky Autonomny Okrug - Ненецкий автономный округ 7 Tyumenskaya oblast - Тюменская область393
Nizhegorodskaya oblast - Нижегородская область880 Udmurtskaya respublika - Удмуртская Республика432
Novgorodskaya oblast - Новгородская область186 Ulyanovskaya oblast - Ульяновская область166
Novosibirskaya oblast - Новосибирская область1008 Vladimirskaya oblast - Владимирская область237
Omskaya oblast - Омская область411 Volgogradskaya oblast - Волгоградская область461
Orenburgskaya oblast - Оренбургская область181 Vologodskaya oblast - Вологодская область317
Orlovskaya oblast - Орловская область83 Voronezhskaya oblast - Воронежская область508
Penzenskaya oblast - Пензенская область151 Yamalo-Nenetsky Avtonomny Okrug - Ямало-Ненецкий Автономный Округ59
Permskij kraj - Пермский край735 Yaroslavskaya oblast - Ярославская область347
Primorskij kraj - Приморский край586 Zabaykalsky krai - Забайкальский край71
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Russia is a very diverse and interesting country. The cities are vibrating with fresh and contagious energy, the nature is very impressive, the people are very strange and funny and interesting. There are fewer visitors than in other countries so the people are friendly, but routine things like changing money and buying a train ticket can be more difficult and time consuming. (English is not as widely spoken as in other countries)
See this website for main things you should know before coming:

Top Things to See and Do
Moscow Red Square - the legendary place, Baikal Lake - a great place for camping and enjoying the nature (get a tick injection first), Kamchatka - the volcano land, Golden Ring - several provincial towns, quiet and nice, St. Petersburg - the "Europe" Russia always wanted to be and haven't quite managed... Northern Caucasus - the mountains are of breathtaking beauty, and it's by far not as dangerous as the media make it out to be!
Altai Mountaines is fantastic place with the beautiful wild nature.svetlanansk
It's quite an adventure to cross Russia by TRAIN, it is really huge and really the landscapes are great. I took Moscow-Blagoveschensk train (6 days, 6 time zones, about 7000 kilometers) It's cheap and joyful. Fellow travelers of different backgrounds, always ready to speak on any subject to while away the time. ardelak

- try to practice some basic Russian before you arrive
Zdrast-vuy-teh - Hello!, privet - hi!, pozhal-(u)-sta - Please (edited by svetlanansk), Kagda - When ?, Gd-e-ye - Where ?
- When you buy a train ticket have to tell the seller what train you want. Now many stations have an info computer so you can check the train number and departure time. (otherwise you have to first go to the information window) I found it best to give the seller my old ticket so that they could copy my name written in Russian etc
- Do try to visit a village it's quite different from the cities.
- many of us still need an invitation letter (from the internet like etc) to get a visa, you still need to register the visa within 3 days at a hotel.. you are supposed to reregister if you stay in a place more than 3 days tho' so keep your train tickets (although they never asked me when I left)
- visas are the exact dates you put on the application, max 30 days and NOT extendabl. So you might want to pay more and get a business visa as it's more flexible and lasts upto 6 months .stewgreen
When going by train, it's good to know: you get hot water for free, so if you take some tea and instant soup with you, you can save the money of bying it there. If you have the possibility, take some light clothing with you. Since you're probably going to spend at least one night on the train, it's much more comfortable!
And, if possible, try to get a train ticket for the lower bed/board - there you have a lot more space for your bag and sitting than on the upper beds. julotschka

Neighboring countries: Norway, Finland,Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, (a good way to get to China is from Blagoveschensk, Amur region - ardelak), North Korea

Who is coming? immada My mate and me are planning to travel russia in summer. The plan is to start in St. Petersburg and travel east as far as posssible. (long way). Any kind of information, recomendation or any help is very very welcome...

Want more guests! Add your user name here if you would like to receive more visitors - you should get more requests if listed here, even if you live in a small town off the beaten track.
- waytorussia

Welcome to the Far East of Russia! I live in Amur region, Blagoveschensk, just on the border with China. - ardelak
Welcome in Siberia, in Krasnoyarsk! Always glad to meet new people! :)
Willkommen in Sibirien, in Krasnojarsk! Freue mich immer neue Leute kennenzulernen! :) Besonders Deutschen! ;) den11krs

Important! International telephone codes for Moscow and other russian towns, starting from zero (0) will change thier first digit to four (4) on December the 1st, 2005. For instance, code for moscow (095) will change to (495). Remember!


There are two codes in Moscow since 2007! 499 and 495!!! Be attentive!

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Grab your balalaika, turn off the samovar, meet up me at Palace Square and drink vodka. Na zdorovie! :-)

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