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Області у Portugal
Область/Штат: Область/Штат:
Açores70 Leiria192
Aveiro214 Lisboa1977
Beja26 Madeira84
Braga249 Portalegre15
Bragança23 Porto834
Castelo Branco35 Santarém85
Coimbra297 Setúbal275
Évora45 Viana do Castelo54
Faro286 Vila Real34
Guarda23 Viseu48
Інформація про Portugal
Portugal Путівник
Facts, Attractions, Transport, Food, Money, Visa, Travelogues, Nightlife, Culture, Links ...
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Portugal is a country of contrasts. You have big cities, a wonderful country side, a peacefull sea side, beautiful rivers, great mountains, a hand full of history, culture and Gastronomy! Which one fits you best? Nice wheather, smilling people, what are you waiting for?
Top Things to See and Do

Aveiro, Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Guimarães, Coimbra, the Country side in the north, the valey of douro where the oporto wine is made, the green land of minho and the lagoon in Aveiro

Neighboring countries: Spain

Active Local Volunteers? mdsmendes is responsible for the Geographic Adjustments and Address Updates. In case of doubt contact him.

Who is coming?

"dasis", Faro, Porto and Lisbon, 19-26 of January 2010

"posseidon80", Brazilian web developer is visiting Portugal (Porto, Lisboa, Faro and many cities around), also Galicia in Spain and I pretend to spend the carnival in Cadiz, then some weeks in Marocco. I hope to meet someone friendly to spend the time with. Portuguese speaker as mother-tongue, also English and Spanish.

"charlenecr9245", friendly couple from Costa Rica, arriving in Lisboa on May 19, 2009. We love to meet new friends and learn about the foods and wines of Portugal. Between us we speak English, Spanish and Italian. We will have 12 days in Portugal.....please tell us how to sopend this time!!

"romalan", Russian musician is coming for a week since 3rd till 11 of Sept. Still unaware of the dwelling place, so if you can help me with this - please! I've been studying Portuguese and we can talk. I'm not very meticulous at living conditions and the certain venue in Portugal. Escreva-me, por favor, se voce pode hospedar me ou contar dos lugares pra ver! Isso e minha primeira vez nesse bem-vindo pais entao estou muito festivo e cheio de esperancas. Ate logo em Setembro!

"csendes", a pair of Polish students is coming to Portugal in August. Queremos visitar varios lugares em Port e ser autosuficientes: se vcs podem nos ajudar em encontrar um lugar onde se pode trabalhar por 2-3 semanas, um emprego simples para as ferias (no campo p.ex.), escrevem-nos por favor :)

"topolino" coming for a while this summer with the intention to learn some portugues and maybe give a hand somewhere. voluntary work, farm or any project where i could help in exchange a meal perhaps. let me know. anywhere in portugal, staying from june to july. thank you

"plavariba79", Croatian first time visiting Portugal. YEEEAH,,,,14.-16.7 and 29.7.-1.8. Lisbon, in between those days- Sintra,Fatima, Cascais, Porto Covo, Zambuseira, Porto, Lagos, Sagres, Guimaraes, Braga, Serra do Geres.Prazer em conhece-lo!;0) Just add your user name and basic info (date and places you will visit) about your trip here, maybe other members will invite you or meet up with you on the road. Use your profile to tell more about your plans.

Want more guests? Add your user name here if you would like to receive more visitors - you should get more requests if listed here, even if you live in a small town off the beaten track.

Hospitality Club Meetings If you would like to invite other members to an activity or meeting, add the info here. You can use the Travel Guide for more detailed info.

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Last postings about Portugal from other users
ana wrote:

nature, walking, birdwatching, beach

rita wrote:

University and people

joseprudencio wrote:

Lisbon. The sea. Sintra. Cascais. Obidos. Peniche. Cabo da Roca. Guincho Beach.

psaltao wrote:

Lisboa , Sintra , Cascais , beachs around Lisboa and so on

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