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L'Hospitality Club è la più grande organizzazione di scambio di ospitalità del mondo. Siamo migliaia di soci in tutto il mondo che ci offriamo vicendevolmente ospitalità gratuita. Diventare soci è gratuito e iscriversi richiede solo pochi minuti - unisciti a noi!

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I moved to Eindhoven. so still getting know about the nic...
I'm originally from Finland but I enjoy my life now most...
Hi people! hello from Enschede, Netherlands. I always lik...
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Regioni in Netherlands
Regione/Stato: Numero soci Regione/Stato: Numero soci
Drenthe104 Noord-Brabant967
Flevoland115 Noord-Holland2460
Fryslân274 Overijssel420
Gelderland1104 Utrecht1161
Groningen617 Zeeland119
Limburg590 Zuid-Holland2059
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Netherlands Guida turistica
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The Netherlands, country of a liberal drug policy, porn, croquettes and legal abortions. Country of traffic jams, consensus, speed skating, long bicycle paths and audacious art. Does this represent an accurate portrayal of the country? Decide for yourself: Profile of Holland. The Netherlands used to be a union of seven tiny countries, one of them was Holland. Nowadays the five Caribbean islands of The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba are still part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Almost everyone can speak at least a little English. This makes travelling easier! With half of the country lying below or at sea level, the battle against the North Sea has been the main issue in the history. Don't forget that the Netherlands is more than only Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht! For some off the beaten track tips check out these sites: or
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Mailinglist Amsterdam
Hello Amsterdamer Hospitality Members (and all close by :)),
through the lack of accommodation is Hospitality Exchange in Amsterdam quite normal, but I’m happy to see that also the Club is more and more growing and spreading around in Amsterdam and many people are happy to take "strangers".. It would be nice to get even more HC/CS/GF life into Amsterdam, to build up a little network and to pass on requests from people which get to many request to people that don’t get any (at the moment many people become far to many requests and some never get any messages..), welcome new members, organize meetings and so on.. fast and easy through a mailing list like in many other big cities where this system works perfectly.. just join.

Top Things to See and Do
Except the touristic things like coffeeshops and the redlight district, visit one of the old towns like Delft, Dordrecht, Gouda, Leiden, or Maastricht.
Also think about villages like Valkenburg (in the South) or Zaanse Schans (North of Amsterdam). For nature-lovers the national park Hoge Veluwe (forests) or the Wadden Sea region (little islands) are worth visiting. In the more rural parts and the dunes, cycling is very nice! The Netherlands really is the perfect country for long bike rides.
If you like adventure, you definitely should go "Wadlopen". At low tide the Wadden Sea falls dry and you can walk to several Wadden islands.
Check the Hospitality Club Netherlands Travel Guide for more details about these activities.
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Neighboring countries:
* To the south: Belgium
* To the east: Germany
* To the west: England (by ferry from Hoek van Holland, Rotterdam or IJmuiden).

Who is coming?
Please welcome and invite to your place the following HC members in their travelling adventure

Zverka dec.31 - jan.8
Hello everyone. I'm staying in The Netherlands for a week and will live in Zeewolde RCN, but still I'll be happy to meet locals and visit any bemani community there. c ya! -

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davidbijl (Nijmegen)

Hospitality Club Meetings
Little meetings are organized more often. Check out the events listed on Y! group HC_NL.

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Last postings about Netherlands from other users
tjerk wrote:

Studenttown with all it's merrits, a couple of nice museums and the area around Nijmegen is great for biking or roller blading.

marian wrote:

Woods, river Maas, local villages, visit to Maastricht.

global wrote:

Posbank forest

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