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Hospitality Club jest największą światową organizacją wymiany. Tworzy ją tysiące przyjaznych uczestników na całym świecie, którzy oferują sobie nawzajem darmowe zakwaterowanie podczas gdy podróżują. Członkowstwo jest darmowe i dołączenie zajmuje tylko chwilę - chcielibyśmy abyś i ty był wśród nas!

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Regiony w Morocco
Region/ Stan: # Region/ Stan: #
Agadir522 Meknes259
Al Hoceima13 Nador16
Azilal14 Ouarzazate518
Beni Mellal59 Oujda45
Casablanca732 Rabat-Salé566
Chefchaouen20 Rabat/Salé77
El Jadida91 Safi100
El Kelaa des Sraghna13 Settat15
Er Rachidia121 Sidi Kacem7
Essaouira94 Tan-Tan11
Fes725 Tanger261
Guelmim58 Taounate3
Kenitra76 Taroudant74
Khemisset14 Tata4
Khénifra30 Taza18
Khouribga21 Tetouan61
Laayoune34 Tiznit28
Larache17 Zagora91
Informacja na temat Morocco
Morocco Przewodnik Podróży
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Introduction of Morocco: The diversity of Morocco’s geography, geology, climate, and culture makes it one of the most popular and most feasible filming destinations. The variety of spectacular landscapes, the array of stunning lights, and the of multiplicity of architectural wealth make Morocco an extremely appealing scenery for film productions. Any location in the world can be accurately replicated in Morocco. Animated cities, rustic villages, kasbahs, far-reaching panoramic landscapes, dazzling seascapes, extended mountain ranges, impressive deserts, fabulous sand dunes, palm groves, green oasis, gorges, waterfalls… Morocco has it all! Getaway to the kingdom of Morocco, a beautiful, peaceful land graced with Berber, arabesque palaces “Morocco is like a tree nourished by roots Deep the soil of Africa, wich breathes Through foliage rustling to the winds of Europe...” As Western Europe’s closest African and Arab neighbour, Morocco enjoys regular and very convenient air links across the World. It can also boast a rapidly expanding Modern telecommunications network,International standard hotels and the Kind of infrastructure that makes Morocco One of the most developed and stable Countries in Africa. At the same time, Morocco is a country Surrounded by history and steeped in Traditional culture that has lost none Of its authenticity despite close links with The west. Blessed with some of the most Stunning landscapes of any country in the World, Morocco has justly become a firm Favourite amongst film makers, photographers, Travel planners and most important conferences organizers..... Morocco is a land of mystery, a place where the sun is warm and the people are enigmatic. To many it is a far away place where the cry of worship is heard at the rising and setting of the sun and the gentle winds blow sand and water about in a peaceful manner. The strong culture is a lure to many the beautifully carved wooden furniture, the unusually barred doors and the colorful markets have a timeless appeal. However how do you go about seeing the sights? How do you find your way, decide where to go and what to do? This is where tourism agencies come in. The mystical lure of cities such as Fez, Marrakesh and Essaouria can easily be experienced for yourself as you tour the country. The famous Casablanca, and the well known city of Tangier are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. All it takes is a simple phone call or perhaps a few clicks of the mouse and you will soon find yourself trying to decide what to pack for this most unique of destinations. What sort of activities can you expect to enjoy in Morocco? You can take a camel ride across the desert plains, bargain until you have gone blue in the face at local crafters markets or even go surfing off Nature reserves, beautiful gardens, sparkling rivers and ancient buildings are just a few more. This is a place where the past becomes the present and history feels alive. See snake tamers ply their trade or watch youthful acrobats dance at festivals. Experience wedding ceremonies with all their traditional splendor in the rural mountainous regions. Ride in 4x4 car over the demanding dessert or enjoy and traditional meal in the comfort of a top quality local restaurant. These are but a few of the things you can enjoy while on tour. It is obvious that you will find no shortage of things to do here. Why not get hold of a travel agent today and get them to tailor make a tour to suit your wants. The variety of experiences open to visitors is extensive, found everywhere from the medinas of historic cities, to the mysterious Sahara, to the fabulous beaches and little-traveled forests and mountains. Visitors can choose to rough it on the back of a camel in the desert, to trek across spectacular mountains, or to luxuriate in the manicured gardens and spas of exceptional hotels . Morocco has a rich culture and civilization. Each region possesses its own specificities, contributing, thus, to the making of national culture and to the civilization legacy. Morocco has set among its top priorities to protect all forms of its legacy and preserve its historical monuments. Moroccans are friendly, polite, competitive and intensely curious about the outside world. Islam is a thriving faith but Morocco's version is also extremely moderate, open minded and tolerant. You can go a long way into the heart of their culture just by feeling independent enough to accept their hospitality which pours forth from rich and poor alike whether in the city or the countryside. Such gestures of friendship are what transforms a good holiday into a great experience, for then you are no longer just visiting but really living. Morocco is an exciting country. We have no need to make idle promises and exaggerations. It is all there for you to experience, but we will help you create an itinerary that involves as little inconvenience as possible and steer you away from the places that may be of little or no interest to you.

Who is coming?
clem81I will be in Morocco alone between 25 May - 3 June 2011. Casa - Marrakech - dessert/camel/berber tent - Fes.

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Last postings about Morocco from other users
casaoui2000 wrote:

In Casablanca, there are many things one can do and see: to visit the Hassan II Great Mosque, discover the old Medina, to enjoy the Cosmopolitan life of Casablanca, visit the traditional markets, discover the traditions of the people, etc...

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