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Hospitality Club jest największą światową organizacją wymiany. Tworzy ją tysiące przyjaznych uczestników na całym świecie, którzy oferują sobie nawzajem darmowe zakwaterowanie podczas gdy podróżują. Członkowstwo jest darmowe i dołączenie zajmuje tylko chwilę - chcielibyśmy abyś i ty był wśród nas!

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Zostań Lokalnym Wolontariuszem dla Moldova?

Regiony w Moldova
Region/ Stan: # Region/ Stan: #
a. Găgăuzia8 municip. Chişinău339
a. Transnistria85 Ocniţa1
Anenii Noi3 Orhei8
Cahul4 Rezina1
Causeni3 Riscani1
Chisinau131 Sîngerei1
Donduşeni2 Soldăneşti1
Dubăsari5 Straseni5
Făleşti1 Taraclia1
Hînceşti6 Ungheni2
Ialoveni3 Молдова2
Leova2 Приднестровье34
municip. Bălţi 24
Informacja na temat Moldova
Moldova Przewodnik Podróży
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Moldova is a very rural country, with the metropole Chisinau bumping in its heart. The people are very hospitable, though you should not trust blindly, as everywhere. The countryside is just amazing, and a good wine can be found quite everywhere. Moldova is THE country for you, if you like Romania, Ukraine, and Russia

Top Things to See and Do
Stefan cel Mare Bld. and Monument, Arc de Triomphe (Chisinau), landscape, for example the Stinci, a beautiful canyon between the village Trinca and an illegal minery - which shows the problem of this country. By the way, if you come, you are among the sights!!! - more info in the Travel Guide.

Neighboring countries: Ukraine ,Romania

Who is coming?
MACCAMLC Hej, Im an Aussie in Denmark, who will be in Moldova for the 2nd time from tomorrow (4 Oct 2006) to 11 Oct 2006. Looking forward to the wine festival this weekend, but if anyone wants to get in contact for a chat, drink, etc. that would be great :)
hey, it's october 3 right now (3.10.06), pa.>
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Bus explodes in separatist Moldova region, 8 dead

06 Jul 2006 09:23:02 GMT

Background Dnestr-Moldova dispute More CHISINAU, July 6 (Reuters) - A minibus exploded in Moldova's separatist Dnestr region on Thursday, killing eight people on board, and officials said they could not rule out the possibility the blast was caused by a bomb.

Dnestr's hardline Slav leaders declared independence in 1990 in Soviet times to preclude what they saw as attempts by Moldova's ethnic Romanian majority to join Romania to the south.

The separatists fought a brief war with Moldova in 1992 after the collapse of Soviet rule. Russian troops separated the sides and all attempts to mediate since have failed.

Olvia news agency, the official source of news in the region enjoying no international recognition, said the mini-bus blew up at about 7 a.m. at an intersection in the main town of Tiraspol.

"Eight people were killed. Others are injured. The reasons for the explosion are being investigated," the agency reported.

Olvia quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the blast occurred while the minibus, a common form of urban transport in ex-Soviet states, stood next to a trolleybus at a traffic light. Dnestr's deputy interior ministry, Oleg Belyakov, told the agency identification of the dead was proving difficult as body parts had been scattered over a wide area.

"About 10 people inside the trolleybus were injured," he was quoted as saying. "This could have been caused by an explosive device carried inside the taxi. It could have been set off by accident or deliberately."

The separatist rebellion remains one of several "frozen conflicts" in the former Soviet Union. Moldova's leaders say the continued presence of Russian troops in the region is hindering attempts at a settlement.

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Last postings about Moldova from other users
jokatta wrote:

Parks, lakes, cafes, museums, whatever! Walking, talking, smiling, laughing! And much more! :D

martie111 wrote:

Saharna monastery, waterfalls, Dniestr river, Transdniestr region very close

mora wrote:

the place where i enjoy spending time is Passepartout, but there are also other places like Black Elephant (well now it's closed and unfortunately there is no other like this one) or Yellow Submarine.

gheorghe wrote:

you can see the smallest capital city in the eastern europe, a jewish cemetery, statue of Stefan cel Mare, also you may have live in the most democratic countries, comparative to former soviet republic. You have the chance to see something what will perish in few years under the supremacy of EUropean values, facing the flatting standards of can discover some other things... use your imagination....

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