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?Regions in Mexico
Región/Provincia: # Región/Provincia: #
Aguascalientes133 Morelos282
Baja California Norte438 Nayarit65
Baja California Sur95 Nuevo León793
Campeche50 Oaxaca199
Chiapas298 Puebla619
Chihuahua226 Querétaro399
Coahuila190 Quintana Roo430
Colima112 San Luis Potosí207
Distrito Federal3396 Sinaloa168
Durango85 Sonora263
Estado de México1019 Tabasco127
Guanajuato458 Tamaulipas146
Guerrero92 Tlaxcala57
Hidalgo153 Veracruz621
Jalisco1237 Yucatán227
Michoacán327 Zacatecas71
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Mexico was the site of major Amerinidian Civilizations before going under the Spanish rule for three centuries, and achieving independency in the beginnings of the 19th century. The Nation had gone through war untill the 1910 Mexican Revoulution led to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) regime, since 1922. In 1994 the country went through its worst economical disaster and has been recovering ever since; but real wages are low, with major segments of the population in underemployment. Amerinidian population is the most impoverished in the southern states. In July 2000, a new party (PAN) in government was elected, with Vicente Fox as president. ***************************************************** MEXICO/ TRAVEL INFO /updated info...TIPS.WARNINGS ******************************************************

How to use HC in Mexico

- make sure you write something about yourself in your message to prospective hosts
- contact in advance your host / guest, and respect their desitions of hosting, remember all is confidence and respect
- offer to go for a drink, so people can decide to meet you first before hosting you
- write comments after you stay with or meet someone
- choose people after common interests, languages, travel plans or travel experience (use the search function to find them)

Hospitality Club Meetings


106.5 million people (2005), maybe 120 million (2010) grouped roughly among Mestizo(60%), Amerindian(30%) and white(10%). Spanish is the official language, although Mayan and Nahuatl are broad, regional indigenous languages. Migration goes up to the Northern States. Around 25 millions citizens live in Mexico city.


Bordering the USA, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, the country covers an area of 1.97 million (km sqrt) that end next to Guatemala and Belize, going to the Pacific Ocean, with an all over Coastal Line of almost 10 thousands kms that runs from jungles (South) to desert(North). Mexico is in the very middle America, or Mesoamerica...

Mexico, -in Nahuatl means "Place situated at the Moon's Navel"- it's a very diverse and rich country in natural resources (the third country in the world for its biodiversity) and has a lot of opposing landscapes: desertic villages, time warped Spanish colonial towns, blue beaches with white sand, green hills, gray industrialized cities, white snow-capped volcanos, and astonishing Pyramids. Besides all these, Mexico has a great number of colored festivities, a great diversity of indigenous languages, people talented for arts and handcrafts but its main value is the warmth and hospitality of its people.

Top Things to See and Do

Mexico City: third largest metropolis in the world, big art escene, colonial places, shopping malls, museums,concerts, Aztec ruins, bars,clubs,parks, zoo, Teotihuacan, antrophology museum
Acapulco: beaches, night life and the famous Quebrada divers.
Guadalajara Tequila factories, trains and museums, Mariachi music plazas, Shopping centers, gardens, museums, cuisine.
Oaxaca: Colonial architecture, local handicrafts, ancient ruins, and a famous cuisine.
Cancun: Caribbean wonderful beaches, busy nightlife, huge resorts, Coral reefs and Mayan ruins.
Puerto Vallarta palm covered mountains, beach sports, huge resorts, dolphins
Puebla: beautiful churches, Ceramic Handcrafts, Spicy Cuisine.
Queretaro: The Sierra Gorda for people into hiking, climbing, or camping.
Baja California: Vizcaino Whale national park, desertic sunsets, touristic sports, markets.
Chihuahua: Copper Canyon (4 times larger than USA's Grand Canyon)
Patzcuaro: Day of the Death celebration on Nov 2th, Purepecha culture, lake canoes, colonial mansions.
San Cristóbal de las Casas: lively bars, Tzotzil textiles, Zapatista revolutionaries, Mayan Medicine, horse riding, lovely mountain landscape.
Real de Catorce: silver mining ghost town, movie locations, peyote Huichol celebrations.
Santa Rosalia: Industrial Archaeology, French culture, baguettes.

Inter-Urban Transportation

Ticket Bus
In Mexico there is an extensive line of buses (No trains!).
Please note, however,that is a USD $3 fee for buying on-line, you can buy most of it on the go. Buy in advance your tickets , specially if there si high seasson.

Neighboring countries:

To the north United States of America. To the south Guatemala and Belize. To the east, the island of Cuba.

Who is coming?

Want more guests!

Hey, come to Monterrey, on the northeast part of this beautiful country. There's a spare room at my place, so guest are always welcomed. Feel free to come, anytime! HC username: El pacolin

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puebla is a colonial city, centrum is a fantastic place to be,, walk around is safe, is a touristic city, really quiet,, and close to it plenty of cities and towns that are of tradition turistic places such as veracruz, tlaxcala and oaxaca.

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