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Hospitality Club - Svetingumo Klubas - yra didžiausia pasaulyje apsikeitimo svetingumu organizacija. Mes - tūkstančiai draugiškų narių iš viso pasaulio, siūlantys nemokamą nakvynę vieni kitiems kelioniū metu. Narystė yra nemokama, o prisijungimui tereikia minutės - džiaugsimės, jei ir jūs tapsite nariu!

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If you are in the Balkans, do not avoid Macedonia. In add...
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Regionai Macedonia
Regionas/Valstija: Nr. Regionas/Valstija: Nr.
Istočen (Eastern)63 Pološki (Polog)58
Jugoistočen (Southeastern)45 Severoistočen (Northeastern)44
Jugozapaden (Southwestern)58 Skopski (Skopje)707
Pelagoniski (Pelagonia)89 Vardarski (Vardar)39
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Macedonia Kelionių Gidas
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Macedonia... the name it self has a huge historical background. Many stories and legends have been made here during the past centuries. As an independent republic, it has a relatively short history and many disputed issues by its neighbors. As a young country with great cultural and religious differences among its population, Macedonia was and still is placed on a hot rocky road having to walk barefoot. Despite all those problems, Macedonia and the Macedonians are firmly set to become a role for multicultural society and an example for an existing versatility of life. Here you will find warm-hearted people with splendid hospitality offering you all that they have to make you feel as comfortable as you can. It is a place worth visiting, so please don't hesitate to come.

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Well, if something has to be the first, it would definitely be Lake Ohrid and the city of Ohrid (a UNESCO cultural heritage), on its shores. Located in the southwestern part of the country the lake along with the city is a real Pearl of the Balkans. It is a place of a great cultural significance for all Slavic people since the root of the Slavic alphabet was created there. A place of culture, religion and architecture that will simply take your breath away with it's beauty and its simplicity.

Macedonia is full of monasteries, so make sure you don't miss to visit some. The monastery of "St. Jovan Bigorski" is considered to be one of the most beautiful ones. It is located in the western part of the country, halfway from Skopje (the Capital) to Ohrid.

Another great place to visit is certainly the ancient city of Stobi that dates from the Roman time. It is located in the Central part of the country near the highway from Skopje to Athens.

Heraklea, the capital of the Linkestisa was built in ancient times, and is two kilometres from today's Bitola. It was an important military and strategic centre, located on the well known route of the Via Ignatia. It is thought that Heraklea was founded by Philip II.

Prilep is known as "the city under Marko's Towers" because of its proximity to the Towers of the legendary hero King Marko.

Macedonia treasures many other great beauties in its lakes, mountains, architecture and above all, in its people. And it is willing and proud to share them with you.

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gordan wrote:

Old fortress, archeological museum, ancient city, ancient aquaduct...

matrix wrote:

Macedonia is full with historikal monuments, is center of Slavik culture, center of Balkan, ancient perl of Europe, Ohrid lake is one of the oldest lakes in the world, Skopje is ciry if parties

zoki wrote:

anchi wrote:

Cultural historical monuments from Roma Imperia and Turkish Otoman Imperi, beautiful natural things,mountains,likes (Ohrid,Dojran)

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