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Hospitality Club - Svetingumo Klubas - yra didžiausia pasaulyje apsikeitimo svetingumu organizacija. Mes - tūkstančiai draugiškų narių iš viso pasaulio, siūlantys nemokamą nakvynę vieni kitiems kelioniū metu. Narystė yra nemokama, o prisijungimui tereikia minutės - džiaugsimės, jei ir jūs tapsite nariu!

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I live in the heart of Vilnius old town, most things you\...
guys, i dont get msgs from hc redirected to my email box....
Uuuh! You are more than welcome in Kaunas! :)
I can be lively, I can be shy, but for sure always friend...
Tapti Vietiniu Savanoriu Lithuania?

Regionai Lithuania
Regionas/Valstija: Nr. Regionas/Valstija: Nr.
Alytus202 Siauliai486
Kaunas2311 Taurage79
Klaipeda854 Telsiai168
Marijampole109 Utena191
Panevezys359 Vilnius7010
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Lithuania Kelionių Gidas
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Lithuania is a small but very beautiful country situated by the Baltic see. The capital of Lithuania is a cosy city called Vilnius, with a lot of cosy cafés, old and magical old town and much more.

Top Things to See and Do
Please just make a simple list separated by commas here - more info in the Travel Guide.

Neighboring countries: Latvia, Belarus, Poland, Russia (Kaliningrad region)

Who is coming?
Hello I am thundercat (HC nickname) or Hector or flaco -skinny- (that's my real life nickname) a guy from Mexico interested in bodysurfing, beach volleyball, throwing parties, and fighting with police when drunk (no just kidding) any way it would be cool to hear from some dudes and girls to party, have dinner or just a cup of coffe around and if you are a beach beast well much better
Greetings! I am larigot or Franklin, and I am a classical musician and teacher from the USA. I will make my first visit to Lithuania in July, 2006, and will visit Vilnius & Kaunas. I would appreciate hosts and guides, and I must avoid pets, due to allergies. If there is a pipe organ available, I would present a benefit concert for the church, as I did in Romania last year.

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VISIEMS-visiems Svetingumo Klubo nariams! Yra sukurta e-konferencija HC nariams Lietuvoje, kur galima rasti informacij? apie ateinan?ius HC susitikimus Lietuvoje, "pasidalinti" sve?iu iš kokios nors egzotiškos šalies, ir t.t. Prisijunk ?ia arba tiesiog išsi?sk tuš?i? laišk? ? !
Attention for the Lithuanian members of the Hospitality Club! A mailing list has been created for all the HC members in Lithuania, find it here to subscribe to this list (which you can also do by sending a blank message to ).

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Last postings about Lithuania from other users
indre wrote:

old-town Vilnius, the Center of Europe Park, etc.

newsistema wrote:

Âåñåëî è êóëüòóðíî ïðîâåñòè ñâîáîäíîå âðåìÿ

marylja wrote:

u can find everything from a touching baroque style oldtown that most lithuanians are very proud about and visitors fall in love with. but u can also find some dodgy living neighborhoods that have a soviet smell :) Close to oldtown there is a neighborhood called Uzupis where you can feel the freedom of arts and artists and where you can have the best views over all Vilnius!! The nature of Lithuania is very beautiful at summertime and is really winterry at winter:)

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