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L'Hospitality Club è la più grande organizzazione di scambio di ospitalità del mondo. Siamo migliaia di soci in tutto il mondo che ci offriamo vicendevolmente ospitalità gratuita. Diventare soci è gratuito e iscriversi richiede solo pochi minuti - unisciti a noi!

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Regioni in Kazakhstan
Regione/Stato: Numero soci Regione/Stato: Numero soci
Akmola province48 Kostanay Province28
Aktobe province29 Kyzylorda province9
Almaty city393 Mangistau14
Almaty Province19 North Kazakhstan province13
Astana city107 Pavlodar province50
Atyrau province26 South Kazakhstan province45
East Kazakhstan province47 West Kazakhstan province29
Karaganda province98 Zhambyl province21
Informazioni su Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Guida turistica
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Kazahkhstan is a vast country with many different types of landscape, several dozens of ethnic groups with their own languages and cultures, lot nice scenery. It is easy to get around because everybody understands and speaks russian. The ancient capital Almaty (Alma Ata in soviet time) and the new capital Astana are big cities with more western country-alike comfort, nightlife and hotels. The country is not very populated - about 10 million inhabitants in a country that spans about 3000 km in width and 1000 km in length. The countryside is very thin populated, lot of villages are now deserted caused by the exodus of half a million inhabitants to Germany. Some people on the countryside are still living as nomads or live in very small settlements, they are very friendly. It is an honour for a typical Kasakh to invite a guest for one night, but it is also expected to leave the next day. Kazakhstan has also some places NOT to visit because the Russian Soviet gouverment did test nukes in the deserted regions of eastern Kazakhstan - this is important for trekking and biking on the countryside because the country might be contaminated. There is a train track from Moscow heading for the eastern border to China. This gives the posibility to reach Kasakhstan by train - other options are flights to Astana or Almaty. There are some bus connections from Almaty to China (Urumxi) and Mongolia (Bayan Ölgii via Zagaanuur) Travellers from most countries need a Visa, but the application procedure is not very complicated. In 2005 Kazakhstan and Russia broke a visa agreement so a separate visa is needed.

Top Things to See and Do
hiking, rafting, mountaneering, mountainclimbing, fishing, hunting

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