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Regiony w Armenia
Region/ Stan: # Region/ Stan: #
Aragatsotn5 Lorri19
Ararat5 Shirak22
Armavir5 Syunik'4
Geghark'unik'4 Tavush2
Kotayk'8 Yerevan436
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Why should members come?

Armenia is one of the oldest countries of the world. This is the land of churches and Christianity. Armenia officially became the first Christian country in 301 A.D. Modern Armenian alphabet was created in 405 A.D.
From environmental point of view Armenia is a very unique place. This land is famous not only for it's culture and history but also this is one of the most environmentally diverse hotspots. In Armenia you can find 349 species of birds, 84 mammals, 7 amphibians, 43 reptiles, and 28 fish species. Armenia has 8 out of the world's 10 climactic and geographic zones, where 2/3rds of Europe’s bird species migrate and 30% of its flora species inhabit.

Armenia is not a big country, but in spite of that there are lots of really interesting places to visit and each of them has a rich history and is full of legends. If you enjoy picturesque views as well as historical monuments, I'm sure you'll fall in love with this country.

Khor Virap - the deep pit, where Gregory the Illuminator spent about 12 years because of trying to preach Christianity in pagan Armenia. Now there is a monastery on that place and you can even go down into the pit.
Garni - ancient temple, built in I century A.D. Garni is the only pagan hellenistic temple that is preserved in the current territory of Armenia.
Geghard - monastery complex with a healing spring inside. One of the churches is made of one soild piece of rock!!! and the whole monastrey complex is surrounded by mountains - very impressive.
Echmiadzin - the residence of Catholicos. It's the "religious capital" of the country. Has 4 main churches, including the Cathedral. Is really worth visiting. The main Cathedral was built in 301 A.D. on the foundations of a pagan temple.
Sevan - a large lake with cold and fresh water, situated high in the mountains, The churches on the peninsual were built in 10th century.
Loriberd - the ruins of a medieval fortress, situated near a breathtaking canyon with many waterfalls.

What else?

Monasteries and churches - Tatev, Sanahin, Haghpat, Odzun, Haghartzin, Noravank.
And many many more... Erevan with it's numerous fountains, beautiful squares and exciting night life.
Taste typical food, armenain cognac and sweets, go bird watching, feel the local lifestyle and hospitality!!

Neighboring countries: Please add links to those countries here.

North: Republic of Georgia
South: Iran
West: Turkey
East: Artsakh, Azerbaijan

Who is coming?
thoomyorke, for a volunteer mission, march to june'06. i think i'll be able to host some people, and i'm ready to travel around the country :)
eugenenovikov, for a mountain-biking trip in July-August 2004, for two weeks.

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ruben wrote:

Traveling, different cultures and languages learning, swimming, always keeping good mood and making each day especial

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