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Bergen is the most beautiful city in Norway. Expect a compact little town with mountains, wooden houses, cosy lanes and quite often it rains..

The tourist information is in a big red brick building just opposite the Fish Market. You also find a friendly information spot at the Bergen Bus Station (the same building complex as the Bergen Shopping Centre, and adjacent to the Public Library and Bergen Train Station

Top Things to See and Do
Bergen is an World Heritage city and was founded around 1000AD, lies by the ocean and has loads of old and quaint wooden houses and is surrounded by 7 mountains. You should definitely check out the cosy tiny lanes with the wooden housing.
This is a cosy little town. Many of us living in Bergen like to hike the city mountains. The easiest accessible is Ulriken mountain (the highest, close to 700 meters above sea level), Rundemannen and Blåmannen mountains from the Fløien mountain plateau 320 meters above sea level. To this plateau there is a funicular in the city centre called Fløibanen.
Do descend from this plateau/mountains on the foot path, a really splendid view..The road called Fjellveien is a really romantic and scenic presentation of Bergen city walking westwards towards Sandviken. Ulriken is also accessible from a cable car track a short bus ride with route 2 towards Birkelundstoppen or the Tourist Tour bus.

Please also try the Løvstakken mountain or the Stoltzekleiven mountain staircase-climb in Sandviken. Also, in summertime - take a swim at Helleneset north of city centre or at Nordnes public sea bath.
In the wintertime it is very popular to take the train or a coach towards Voss to do skisports.

Nearby cities/suburbs: Bergen is the hub of transport in Western Norway. Fast moving passenger boats take you to the fjord towns in Sognefjord region (Fjord1 company), Hardangerfjord (Tide company) and Haugesund and Stavanger cities (Tide Sjø - Flaggruten service)

Several bus routes in northern, eastern and southern directions takes you to the pretty cities of Ålesund (north), Trondheim (north), Haugesund (south), Stavanger (south) and Odda (east), Odda could be a stop on your way to Oslo. Eastbound, use the regional buscompany called Tide and for longer and other hauls book at NOR-WAY coach service.

From Bergen there is a train service to Oslo (this train ride was awarded the most beautiful in the world), and the airport serves all of Norway and some Northern European cities, Aberdeen, Copenhagen, Berlin, London and Newcastle.

Cultural scene and nice bars
The cultural scenery in Bergen is mainly driven by students and the public cultural institutions. There is quite a few nice bars and pubs close to University campus (which is in the city centre, the height called Nygårdshøyden and the Nygårdsgaten street). I want to claim that Garage rock bar, Hulen (the oldest rock club in Northern Europe - in a cave..), Legal and Kvarteret student cultural centre - is the most notable Bergen pubs. Try also Madam Felle jazz/blues pub at the SAS Radisson hotel Bryggen and Sjøboden folk pub at Bryggen/The Wharf.

Other nice pubs: Biskopen (student pub), Dyvekes Wine Bar in an alley close to McDonalds Bryggen, Altona Wine Bar in Strandgaten, Vamoose Bar in Håkonsgaten, Fotballpuben, Aspendos close to the Bergen cinema, Landmark Art Cafe/Bar at the small lake, Finnegans Irish pub just by the DNS theatre, Naboen Bar (in the basement of the restaurant), Logen bar, Cafe Opera (posh but cosy, and great club nights), Cafe Jonsvoll (posh and minimalistic) and Henriks Bar. All the last six are close to the DNS theatre building.

Insiders tips to city and culture
Bryggen is the Bergen pride of building heritage, together with the Fantoft Stave Church in the southern Bergen. Bryggen/The Wharf is a collection of wooden buildings and an adjoining nice historical museum that pictures the proud merchant times in Medieval and Old Bergen - in these years Bergen was a member of the Hanseatic league of merchant cities around the North Sea and Baltic Sea. These buildings and the preservation of those are awarded a place on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Please go in between the longstreched building complexes and visit the pub Sjøboden or the Bryggen Gallery to get a glimpse of the special interiors and construction details. The Bryggen Museum often exhibit nice artworks besides the important historical exhibit. The Hanseatic Museum shows the way-of-life in medieval Bergen. The Bergen Natural History Museum and the Cultural History Museum is located at university campus, and offer free admittance to students.

The public art museums are located neatly on a line besides the little lake in central Bergen. Other nice galleries you can find in the western part of Strandgaten street, at interior parts at Nordnes (Hordaland Kunstnersenter at Klosteret, Nordnes). The art museums boasts a collection of Norwegian masterpainter Edvard Munch and several other interesting artists. The 3 buildings have different focus. The Stenersen Collection have temporary exhibits and a minor show of the permanent collection. The Rasmus Meyer Collections have many old paintings and Lysverker Building is the largest exhibit, a wide array of art here. The museum of decorative arts and furniture have really nice Chinese Culture and Items department, a must-see.The restaurant called Zupperia is also very nice.

The theatre scene is either at the DNS public theatre, the cabaret/comedy venues in central Bergen or the Bergen International Theatre, BIT Teatergarasjen (at southern Nordnes, Nøstet).

At the DNS they show a play by famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, every semester. Also there is some shows in the black-box venue at the eminent USF Verftet culture house at Nordnes. At USF Verftet there is also a cinemateque, a nice cafe, two concert venues and a gallery together with many artists studios.

Shopping and pedestrianized areas In Bergen touristic shopping is restricted to Bryggen area, Fish market and to some extent at the central square called Torgalmenningen. In Nygårdsgaten street close to University campus, Strandgaten street, Marken street, Øvregaten street and the shopping arcades Galleriet, Bergen Storsenter(bus station) and Xhibition centre - they all offer shopping possibilities.

Parks and swimming In Bergen there are some sweet parks a little walk outside the city core. Try out the park called Fredriksberg at Nordnes peninsula. Close by, at Verftet (just by the USF Verftet cultural centre) you can jump in the sea. Continue westwards towards the sea and then come to Nordnes Park, just behind the Aquarium facilities. Also, a 5 minute walk past the oldest building in Bergen, the Church of Mary, you find the Sverresborg fortress. It nests on a height above Bergenhus fortress and Skuteviken area. This park offers fantastic views. At the Bergen Museum, reachable with bus towards Åsane, Sandviken and the NHH Business school - you have old and quaint wooden houses, ducks and a small park. For bathing, 3 principal points is here mentioned. First, the splendid Helleneset - take the buses 20, 21, 22 or 24 just outside Tourist Information downtown, ask the busdriver to take you to Helleneset. This is also a climb spot. Second, the Nordnes Sea Bath is just by the Nordnes Park, on the southern side. The Elsesro/Sandviken Sea Bath is just by the Bergen Museum.

Recommended cafes There is plenty of nice cafes in Bergen, you just have to know where to find them. Some allround favourites is Vaagen Fetevare in King Oscar street, quite close to Bryggen and McDonalds, the two Godt Brød joint bakery and cafe shops. These are situated at Korskirkealmenning square and Vestre Torggate street, just up from Torgalmenning big square. Close to Korskirkealmenning you also find Macumba Bar and cafe. In Marken street you find the Cafe Aura and the previously mentioned Legal is also a cafe.
Please also try out Cafe Chaos or På Høyden ecological restaurant at University campus street Fosswinckels gate.

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Want more guests! Add your user name here if you would like to receive more visitors - you should get more requests if listed here. If you miss some information, please try sending a message to us living here in Bergen. Thanks for helping to build this great resource!!

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