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Aktiivisia jäseniä, Pondok Gede, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Last postings about Pondok Gede Jakarta Indonesia from other users
irasomnia wrote:

"Taman MIni INdonesia Indah" it's miniatur of traditional house from allprovences in indonesia. "Monument of Lubang Buaya" also so many exciting place you never know before around jakarta

dindapaundra wrote:

There's Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, basically like a miniature of Indonesia. If you wanted to know more about Indonesia but have no time to travel around Indonesia, this is the place to visit.

myrafiori wrote:

The National Monument, President Palace, Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, Old City, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Istiqlal Mosque, Kathedral Church, lots of Museum, and lots of shopping center

bagush wrote:

museums, zoo, botanical garden and city of jakarta

koesgood wrote:

Since I live in nearby area of Jakarta (20 KM) you can run out from the bussy of metropolitan city and you check: Variety local food Local social life and their village Local fruit and tree Hang out in the local cafe (warkop) or inernational cafe such as hard rock, starbucks. Hunting cheap electronic/computer item or good stuff from many trade center or mall. Museums Zoo and many more around Jakarta

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