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Info about Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
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Quito's undisputed treasure, its astonishing Historic Center sits high up in the Andes where the rolling mists enhance the mystical of an archaic age that prevails in this old center. To walk in this patrimony of humanity is to step into a bygone era, the ambience of the past unbroken, the tremendous energy of the present abundant in the plazas and streets, bustling with life. Undiminished by the passage of time and the ferocious forces of nature, Quito's historic centre is the best preserved, least altered in all of Latin America, conserving the milieu of Colonial times with all its richness and diversity.

This glorious historic centre is a maze of narrow streets lined with exquisite monasteries, churches and antiquated houses, all examples of the most beautiful colonial architecture on the continent. Its famous wealth of religious paintings and sculpture abundantly decorate many of the temples and museums, pure examples of the Quito School of Art, a fusion of cultures and styles. This unique, unequalled inimitable historic centre undoubtedly deserves the cultural patrimony of Humanity, awarded to Quito by UNESCO in 1978.

Source & More Information in Quito´s Official Site: Click Here

Top Things to See and Do

Quito has an strategic ubication, near from Quito (1 or 2 hours) you could find a lot of beautiful places:

  • Quito ( Historic Center, Guayasamin Museum, Guapulo, Mitad del Mundo, Nigth life, Museums, ..... )

  • Nearby cities/suburbs:

  • Mindo ( 1 hour from Quito, Tropical Rain Forest )
  • Puerto Quito ( 2 hours from Quito, Tropical Forest )
  • Otavalo and Saquisili ( 1 hour, Indian Marquets)
  • Baños (2.5 hours, beatiful waterfalls, rafting, horse riding, canonying)
  • Cotopaxi National Park (1.5 hours, Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the WORLD, awsome )
  • Papallacta (1hour, Termal waters)

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    Last postings about Quito Pichincha Ecuador from other users
    alexandra wrote:

    Enjoy different sceneries in short distances, rain forest with exotic animals, claudy forest plenty of birds and more, hight mountains, active volcains, indian markets, archeological constructions, old country, warm seawater, different races of people and cultures in a sole little country. Enjoy galapagoes islands where species changes for adaptation. Learn good spanish with no accent. Please visit

    acostam wrote:

    You will enjoy of one of the most beatiful cities in the world. Churchs, an people are interesting.

    jpmf wrote:

    Mountains, beaches, jungle, indian markets, old colonial cities, volcanoes, wild rivers, history,art, etc.

    veronicaeguiguren wrote:

    Old town is full of museums, and churchs with colonial art. We have to big parks, The Calama Street is the place for going out to dance or to drink something, and to learn spanish you could be in a big family like mine.

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