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Welcome to Leipzig, the City of peace, music and sport. ...
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Leipzig is a city of about 500 000 inhabitants with a beautiful historical city centre. It is surrounded by a ring of streets which follow the old city wall. It was granted civic and market privileges in about 1165 and trade fair privileges in 1497. Qne of the oldest universities in Germany, it was founded in 1409 and is still attended by students from all over the world.

Things to See and to Do
There are many famous churches in Leipzig. Two examples: The Nikolaikirche (St. Nicholas), consecrated in 1165, is famous for the „Peace Prayers“ which have taken place every Monday since 1982. They were a sign of hope for all the people in the GDR and led to the peaceful revolution in 1989.
The Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church) is famous for the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. He was its best known choirmaster and worked there from 1723 until his death in 1750, during which time he was responsible for the music in the main city churches. You can listen to the famous boy choir Thomanerchor, founded in 1212, every friday, saturday and sunday free of charge. A climb up either church tower is rewarded with a view over Leipzig.

Leipzig has many attractions including the „Leipzig Book Fair“ every March and the „Bach Festival“ every May. In the summertime there is a lot of street music and many pleasant places to relax.

The Völkerschlachtdenkmal (The Monument of Battle of the Nations) commemorating Napoleon‘s defeat in 1813 is worth visiting, along with Leipzigs museums and theatres, the opera house, the Gewandhaus concerthalls, the zoo and the oldest botanical garden in Europe.
-If you want to meet open-minded people in town or speak in different languages, come to the Sprachenabend (Soirée Polyglotte, languages night), every Tuesday from 20-24h at the VILLA, Lessingstr. 7. It's free! -- Tim

- the Völkerschlachtdenkmal (the Monument of the Battle of Nations) is, as mentioned above, really worth visiting. With a height of 91 metres and a weight of about 300000 tons it is pretty massive and you have a great view once you have battled the 500 stairs on the way up! The Völkerschlachtdenkmal is located in south-eastern Leipzig in a borough called Stötteritz. Nearest tram stop: Völkerschlachtdenkmal, served by tram 15 and 2.
- Right next to the Völkerschlachtdenkmal you find the Südfriedhof, a beautiful, old cemetry that is just ideal for a long and relaxing walk.
- Along with the world's largest zoo facility for anthropoids, called Pongoland, the Leipzig Zoo has a bear gorge, a lion savannah (Makasi Simba), a Tiger's taiga, a large aquarium and countless other astouning thigs to see. All animal enclosures are designed to resemble the animals' natural habitats. Leipzig Zoo was founded in 1878 and is one of the most important Zoos in Europe. It is only a few minutes away from the city centre (address: Pfaffendorfer Straße 29) and easily accessed by public transport. click here to visit the Leipzig Zoo online
- Canoeing, Boat trips along the Rivers Elster, Pleiße and the Karl-Heine-Canal.
During the warmer months there is a good opportunity to visit the mainly western quarters like Plagwitz, Lindenau and Schleußig and the nice forest and meadow landscapes in the south of the city.
Fares are not that expansive as 12€ for a three-man-boat per hour or maybe cheaper. There are at least two rent-a-boat shops.
One is Bootsverleih Herold at Antonienstr. 2 in Schleußig.
Another is DHfK Leipzig e.V. at Klingerweg 2, also in Schleußig, but even nearer to the city centre.
Though there are some more, you can easily get on a trip seeing that beautiful land- and cityscapes out of the "Duck's perspective".
Also a good recommendation for chillin' around at hot, steamy days is visiting one of the nearby artificial lakes as the Cospudener See, though it is very overcrowded by fashioned people you can still find a lot of more quiet places, too.
With the end of the open-casted coal mines around Leipzig there is now the biggest terraforming project in Europe going on. Soon you will be abled to paddle from these lake-landscape to the Elbe-River, passing the Weisse Elster and the Saale.
So, what you can do now is learning windsurfing, swimming and relaxing there. Leipzigs Sprachenabend, Tangofabrik, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Moritzbastei, Conne Island

Shopping in Leipzig
check out the shops on Hainstraße ans the nearby streets. big department stores in the city center include: Galeria Kaufhof, Karstadt (and Karstadt Sport).
For shopping some more fancy stuff it is also recommended to visit the Südvorstadt, where you can find plenty of Record-Stores, some 2nd-Hand Stores and a lot of smaller shops which are nice to visit. This quarter is also a must-go-out at night or in the evening hours because it's the part of the city where most students live (or maybe want to live) and so you can find a lot of pubs and clubs. Südvorstadt is mostly along the Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse (Karli) which goes maybe 2km along until it ends up in Connewitz.

Getting there and around
Leipzig has a good traffic network (for information on trams and buses visit: LVB). It's easy to get from one place to another with public transport: if you, for example, arrived at Leipzig-Halle airport by plane you can use a convenient shuttle service to arrive in the centre of Leipzig in a pretty short time. Leipzig is also a really bike-friendly city.

Nearby cities/suburbs:
Markkleeberg, beautiful town between two lakes, connects gapless to the southern suburbs of Leipzig, features two Tram lines and ideal for relaxing from Leipzig... If you ever needed this.(Cospudener See, Markkleeberger See)
Schkeuditz, in the Northwest of Leipzig, this is where the Airport is, also good railway connections to Leipzig.
Taucha, situated in the northeast of Leipzig, also good and fast railway-connections to Lepizig.
Markranstädt, in the western Part, near Leipzig-Grünau.

Who is coming? Just add your user name and basic info (date and places you will visit) about your trip here, maybe other members will invite you or meet up with you on the road. Use your profile to tell more about your plans.

Want more guests! bordonia

Food and Drinks and Local Specialties:
Leo´s Brasserie in the city center is a wonderful restaurant to try various German dishes such as "Schnitzel" but also traditional ones from the Leipzig area like "Würzfleisch" and is very popular by young adults so be prepared for a lively atmosphere!
Spizz also located in the center but in the famous "Barfußgässchen" a tiny little street where lots of restaurants are located and there will always be people! So if you like it busy and love to watch people passing by you can have a drink there or also enjoy the club at night
San Remo Best ice cream ever! I would highly recommend this place because you can enjoy wonderful sundaes and they have such an enrmous variety that I havn´t been able to try all of them yet! Also nice is the pizza there they have extra large ones, very enjoyable.
Burgermeister This is a very special place, especially if you go there in the evenings, the later the better, they are open all night long. They sell mainly burgers and fries but with nice flavours and also vegetarian ones. There you will meet the young people of Leipzig that want to have a snack during the night before or after a party. They almost don`t have any seats there but like the other people it is nice to sit down right on the pavement and enjoy the feeling of the lively atmosphere.

Hospitality Club Meeting on 25th
There is a spring-meeting at Beyerhaus 8pm in the evening. It is a bit difficult to find, so here the adress: Ernst - Schneller Str . 6. Better look it up on a map or at the internet. cu there. For more information please ask WaltraudN :-)

For more informaton on Leipzg go here:
- http:/ (monthly magazin with information on activities, cinema, music, theatre, exhibitions..)

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Völkerschlachtdenkmal, Nikolai church (fundementalrole in peaceful revolution of '89),museums, old university, opera, concert hall, etc.

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big choice of culture/music/theatre/galeries ...

kimberly wrote:

Studentenclubs-the Moritzbastei,Germanys oldest student club

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