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Aktif üyeler: Göttingen, Niedersachsen, Germany
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Göttingen is a small university city with a vivid cultural life, old half-timbered houses (Fachwerkhäuser) and many, many clubs and pubs! Göttingen is situated right in the middle of Germany, beetween the Harz-moutains and Solling-hills, between Kassel and Hannover. You can make nice day-trips to the surrounding of Göttingen with a lot of seas, trees and so on! People are mostly open minded, very friendly and used to foreigners. We have a lot of exchange student here. So come, explore our City and have some fun ;o)

Top Things to See and Do
The old part of town - right in the center with a lot of nice half-timbered houses, the old town house, the "Gaenseliesel"-fountain, the Botanical Garden, the Sheltenham-Park, the Schiller-Wiesen, the river Leine, the lake Kiessee. Pubs: Irish Pub, GroMo, Salamanca, T-Keller, Kabale. Clubs with alternative music: Exil, Tangente.

Nearby cities/suburbs: Alles ca. Angaben: Northeim - 15km; Duderstadt - 15km; Hann.Münden - 15km; Kassel - 40km; Hannover - 100km

Who is coming? Just add your user name and basic info (date and places you will visit) about your trip here, maybe other members will invite you or meet up with you on the road. Use your profile to tell more about your plans.

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Hospitality Club Meetings
Please sign in to the Yahoo-group mailinglist for regularly News about what's going on in Göttingen: Thank you for using this new platform actively! It's the best way of regular communication between local members, because mass-mails are only possible a few times a year. In the yahoo-group everybody is able to ask questions, exchage guests, announce activities and so on. Be creative!

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Last postings about Göttingen Niedersachsen Germany from other users
tangoha wrote:

winter sports,

lbruenj wrote:

Göttingen is not too big with a beautiful older part of town. There are about 100.000 inhabitants and 30.000 students. It has a nice international flair, quite colorful, and many bicycles. My tips if you want to go out: the JuzI (autonomous youth centre, Vokü on Tuesdays, very nice concerts), the T-Keller (bar, concerts and political events), Café Kabale (great breakfast on Sundays) ... and many more. As Göttingen is quite small, it is never far to the forest or fields. There is the Leine-river and some lakes where you can go swimming. My suggestion for a trip to the countryside: the Harz mountains near Clausthal-Zellerfeld, there are many beautiful small lakes hidden in the forest where you can swim, hang around, make a fire and eat a lot of blueberries!

katrink wrote:

Goettingen is a typical student city with a lot of nice pubs, the Harz Mountains close by and situated in the middle of Germany...

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