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HUE - 700-YEAR SAGA *1306: The Vietnamese King Tran Nhan Tong gave his daught Huyen Tran in marriage to the Champa King in exchange for the return of the two districts which are now Thua Thien Hue and Quang tri provices. * 1598: Nguyen Hoang was appointed to guard the Thuan Hoa areaof the country. He subsequently exploited the land and its natural resources and ruled the area in defiance of the reigning Le dynasty, thus establishing the Nguyen dynasty and dividing the country. * 1687: Nguyen PhucThai transferred his headquarters to Phu Xuan, mordenday Hue. * 1744: Nguyen Phuc Khoat ( eighth Nguyen ruler ) proclaim himself King and the Trinh Lords from the north invaded and occupied Phu Xuan. * 1768: Nguyen Hue, the famous King Quang Trung,seized Phu Xuan back from the Trinh Lords then went north to occupy Thang Long, morden-day Ha Noi. * 1788: Nguyen Hue proclaims himself King in Phu Xuan. * 1802: Nguyen Anh defeated Nguyen Hue, unifying the coutry and setting up the capital in Phu Xuan which was renamed Hue. * 1885: French soldiers invaded Hue and forced The Nguyen dynasty to surrender. After a failed counter attack by the Nguyen dynasty forces, the regent Ton That Thuyet helped the King Ham Nghi to escape but the capital had beeb lost. * 1895: The teacher Nguyen Sinh Sac came to Hue with his family, which included his five-year-old son Nguyen Tat Thanh, later to become Ho Chi Minh. * 1908: Farmers in Hue protested against the high taxes imposed by the Friench colonialists. Intellectuals cut their hair to show support for the struggle.Those who took part in the struggle, including Ho Chi Minh, were expelled from the Quoc Hoc Hue school. This was the begining of Ho Chi Minh's fight to liberate Viet Nam. * 1945: The nation-wide Thang Tam revolution took place leading VietNam seizing politic power from the colonial administration. In Hue, the Communist Party took power on August 23, and on August 30 Bao Dai, last king of the Nguyen Dynasty, gave up the throne. * 1946: French colonialists came back Viet Nam. The struggle against them was begun by the people in Hue on December 20. The French force was capture in the city, but reinforcements allowed them to break the blockade and Hue was recaptured.It then became the Frech base in center of Viet Nam. * 1954: The Geneva Agreement was signed dividing the country at the 17th paralled. Freedom flighters went north as the Diem administration carried out bloody repreesion in the south. * 1957: Hue university was established. * 1963: Reacting to the oppression,20000 citizens and 10000 buddhist monks and nuns in Hue marched against the Ngo DInh Diem administration, inspiring people in the south to also oppose it. * 1968: The people and revolutionary forces rose up against the invaders and their lackey administration,seizing the city of Hue from them for 25 days. * 1975: Hue was finally liberated and Viet Nam was reunified. * 1993: Hue was granted world cultural heritage status.

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