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Info about Aachen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
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Aachen is a medium sized city with a population of about 250 000. It it much influenced by its very big technical university; about 10% of the population are students.

The city has a nice, partially medieval looking city center and an early medieval dome. Among the several cultural offerings are: an opera house and a fairly big museum of contemporary art. Due to the large student population there is a vivid night life (especially pubs) but nothing especially wild and strange. ---A night life expert should skip in here and prove me wrong.---

Aachen is located direcly at the dutch and belgian borders. Some dutch villages are even defacto suburbs of Aachen! The surrounding of Aachen is fairly rural, especially in the south west with a landscape of woody hills and lakes (Eifel), and a big swamp (Hohes Venn), see also Roetgen.

Top Things to See and Do
Dom, Rathaus and marketplace, Elisenbrunnen, Dreiländereck. Try Printen.

Nearby cities/suburbs:,
Köln (Cologne) about 70km
Alsdorf about 10km
Maastricht (Netherlands) about 30km
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Who is coming? I am coming! Together with Claudiaab, Thorgal67 will move to Aachen. We found a nice flat and hope to receive a warm welcome in your lovely city. I know Aachen already a bit, but I just found out it is the city with the largest density it pubs...we'll have to check if that is true.

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Hospitality Club Meetings
HC CARNAVAL 2007 MAASTRICHT AACHEN LIMBURG (16-17) 18-20 (21) FEBRUARY 2007, REVELATION OF THE PRINCE CARNAVAL MAASTRICHT 21 JANUARY 2007 we expect 15-20 people from HC (and 200,000+ others) :) MORE LOCAL HOSTS WANTED!! (dead or alive!)

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Last postings about Aachen Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany from other users
wanderer wrote:

too much to tell - different in interests; look at

diver wrote:

Kölner Dom, Aachener Dom

1982eve wrote:

Aachen is a nice city with a lot of students, offering a rich environment where everybody surely will find something of interest for him or herself.

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