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Info about Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
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Münster is a city of 280 000 inhabitants. 50 000 students are studying at the university or one of the other colleges - the average inhabitant is quite young. It is called the bike capital of Germany and you´ll probably meet more bikes than cars. The center is a shopping paradise, especially if you have a properly filled wallet; many cafes to sit down are sprankled in between. There a plenty of churches, and every single one is worth a visit; the cathedral right in the center is a must. The main building of the university is an old palace, a short walk from the center. Next to it is a botanic garden - an intensive experience for all senses, especially in the warm season. Another nice spot is the lake Aasee, where you can find a black swan, that fell in love with a boat! Pub Next to the lake is a all-weather -zoo. crawling is very easy here, the pub scene is well developed. One pub center is in the northern half of the center, another one is at the port. Lots of other single ones you can find wherever you go.

Top Things to See and Do
lake Aasee, university, botanic garden, cycle speedway, cathedral and other churches, pub scene (port!), shopping streets + cafes, parks, all-weather-zoo...

Nearby cities/suburbs: suburbs: Telgte, Nottuln, Lüdinghausen, Steinfurt, Greven, Havixbeck, Drensteinfurt, cities: Osnabrück, Bielefeld, Enschede(NL), Dortmund, Recklinghausen, Essen

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Last postings about Münster Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany from other users
aruna wrote:

What you should see and do here ? - Visit the Harbour with the excellent restaurants :) - Visit the zoo - is also possible on bad weather days as it is a All-Weather-Zoo - Take a bike ride around the town on the bike highway - Visit the town with the churches and the town hall

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