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Last postings about Gosen-Neu Zittau Brandenburg Germany from other users
korulo wrote:

Kesselberg is situated in the middle of pinewoods, like 2 km from the next little village. Its an area of 48 has of wood, with two large buldings and several small ones, workshops, seminar house etc. In the moment we are between 40 and 50 people, the majority are german or polish, but some are from Cuba, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, France, Pais Vasco, Israel, Italy. The majority lives in the buidlings, but several live in caravans. We are trying to live an alternative, to search for a local way out of the dilemma of competition, injustice, exploitation and destruction. “Everything changes if you change it”, is the slogan of the project. There are open workshops, where everybody can work with metal, wood, bicycles, glass, can sew or develop photos in the dark room. Also there is a sound studio, a seminar house, where groups can meet (and sleep), an internet pool, a library, a free shop, and a sauna. Everything works without money, or at least without prices, everybody who lives here or who does not live here can use everything, and can give whatever S/He can or wants to, be it money, work, knowledge or nothing. Including the people living here, nobody has to pay any rent, nor is it obligatory to participate in the common work. In the beginning the site was squatted, but later we had to buy, in order to not be evicted. This was done without accepting any bank credit, just with money given or lend by people in solidarity. Nevertheless, the place is open for all people, we don´t believe in selling and buying the earth people walk and work upon. Nearly all the materials, tools and machines are conceived without money, because they are produced abundantly and so much good stuff is thrown away. Likewise the food we take what supermarkets throw away, or what is given in the end of the vegetable markets, and so on. For power we have two windmills, we have our own water, we cook and heat with wood from our own woods, so that in these things too we try to be autonomous, and try to not collaborate with war on gas or oil, nor in the destruction of the environment (by the use of nuclear energy, carbon, gas, petrol). It´s an attempt to live without money, but of course still some things need to be paid for (internet, telephone, sometimes tools and food, and some debts for buying the terrain), but it´s not a lot, all of us work only occasionally outside the place or produce some things they can sell outside. It´s a very open place, that means that nobody is rejected to live, work or do whatever S/He wants here. There is no institution (bosses, councils, plenaries – nothing of this), that could take decisions, everything is done in free cooperation between those who do have an interest and those who are affected by it. That means if you think, something should be done – do it! If you don´t like what somebody did, tell him or her directly and look for a solution together. It´s a chaos, but most of the times it works. Neither have all of us the same idea o vision of this project, for example one might hate everything that´s got to do with civilisation and want to live with no electric light nor machines, and others, in contrary, are computer specialists. Other are specialists in alternative energies, and look for solutions this way. Other work politcally, and participate in organising direct actions. Others believe, we just have to change our way of life and be the change we want to see. Some are very interested in indigenous philosophy and their ways to live together, other will not even know what the expression “indigenous” stands for. And for many the Kesselberg is nothing but a cheap (or cost free) place to live. Of course, that being open for everybody also brings problems with it, especially with alcohol and drugs, with not cleaning up, with not caring for not using chemicals in order to save our drinking water, etc. – and always there are conflicts about these issues. We are all children of the same injust society, that is full of competition, which hasn´t shown us how to live in a community, we all have to learn that step for step.

ponykicker wrote:

Everything in Berlin is wonderful! Come to visit it!

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