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Ioannina or Yianena is the largest city of Ipiros built on the bank of Lake Pamvotis, the only lake in Greece that has a populated island. It is a lively city of 100000 inhabitants, with a long history.It is a city that offers excellent nightlife, delicious traditional cuisine, historical sights and beautiful walks in the nature.
The mountains are excellent for hiking and you can visit the ancient theatre of Dodoni, the villages of Zagori and Metsovo.
For more information, lookup Ioannina in Wikipedia.

Top Things to See and Do
Pavlos Vrellis museum of wax effigies, lake Pamvotis and the island of Ioannina, the castle of Ioannina and the Old city within the castle, Its Kale (Turkish acropolis within the castle), Frontzos hill to get good view of city and lake, Perama cave, various museums, the City art gallery and mosques.

Nearby cities/suburbs: Cities
Arta--> 70km, more than 1hr by bus
Preveza--> 100km, 1hr45min by bus
Igumentitsa--> 100km, 2hrs by bus
Suburbs Pedini, Katsikas, Anatoli, Neohoropulo, Stavraki etc. Not much to see but you can get there by public bus.

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Cheap, fast internet!
In the City library (ask for Dimotiki Vivliothiki, it's very close to the post office and the police station). You need to provide some form of id like passport or identity card and then you can use the internet for FREE.
Opening hours can prove inconvenient. Approximate opening time at 9 in the morning and it shuts at 14:30. It might be open in the afternoon too (especially during winter) but don't bet on it.

Cheap or even free food!
You can go to the University Campus (various buses from the city centre, ticket price ~1 Euro), get of at the last stop (Leshi) and follow everyone else. The price is around 1.5 euro but you can just walk past like everyone else and, if asked, say you are a student(if you don't look like one, you'll get asked for student id). Lunch 12:00-15:00, Dinner 18:00-20:00 (?)
Not paying is your own decision- so don't blame me for anything!

HikingCheap, fast internet!
There are a lot of opportunities and many places to visit. For an organised tour you can go with the Ioannina Mountaineering Club. They depart every Sunday by coach at around 07:00. The cost is 5-10 Euros depending on the distance travelled by bus.
Prepare for a whole day trip. If you're lucky, after the hike and before the return coach, everyone will go to the village's kafenio, some members may play music, and then you'll get to test your traditional Greek dancing skills!!!
Information and bookings (+30) 2651022138 every day 19:00-21:00 or anytime if you're lucky.
Web (in Greek only) There is some general info in English-- bottom left of the page 'On trail'.

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Last postings about Ioannina Ípiros Greece from other users
chico wrote:

historical monuments,night life of a big city, greek culture and me!!

neuromancer wrote:

Dodoni ancient theatre, Cave o Perama, Island in the lake, Castle of Ioannina, Museums and a lot more

tsekmeres wrote:

Alpine scenery, lake, castle, cave

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