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About Giżycko Region

The Great Masurian Lakes Region is one of the most attractive destinations in Poland. Local nature displays the whole splendour of its wealth. Its clear air and crystal lakes tempt visitors to return here again and again.

Gizycko District lies in the very center of this land with over 110 lakes, including the best-known Water Complexes of Mamry and Niegocin Lakes. The district’s capital is the town of Gizycko, connected by ship routes with Wegorzewo, Mikolajki and Ruciane-Nida.

Great Masurian Lakes region is the home for many species of animals and birds, an ideal place for rest and entertainment. A special charm to the attractiveness of the lands add forests. The largest is Borecka Forest. The most valuable fragment of it is 250 km² stretch of wildness, comprising 4 nature reservations. The forest’s greatest attraction is the European Bison Breeding Station in Wolisko, the present bison herd numbers about 70 animals.

The splendid natural surroundings are the basis for development of all forms of tourism. There are numerous hiking and cycling routes, encouraging tourists for walks, excursions and jogging. A network of equestrian sports facilities offer the amateurs of horse riding their services. Canoe fans will admire the picturesque banks of the local rivers. Tent fields in fabulous forests will be dream shelters to people who prefer tranquility and proximity of nature. The Great Mazurian Lakes region is a paradise not only in spring and summer time. Autumn is the best season for angling and a great challenge for mushroom picking, various edible mushrooms are abundant. For many people autumn brings out a new, unmatched beauty, with a stunning array of colors and the soothing rustle of leaves. In winter the lakes become the scene of numerous ice-sailing events and the best time for the fans of under water angling. Winter is also a chance to take part in skiing and sleigh rides with unforgettable bonfires and festivals. White, fantastic andscape is a source of inspiration for everyone who can see the Beauty. Cycling is particularly noteworthy on the list of various forms of active tourism. There are many traditional cycling routes but the most famous is the Loop around Mamry and Niegocin lakes, the Borecka Forest route and the ancient Prussian Strongholds track. Cycling routes offer wonderful views of the landscape, which you can admire - that’s why we would highly recommend you to take a camera with you in order to make live pictures of flora and fauna.

Sailors will have here excellent conditions for leisure as well as sports. Lakes Mamry and Niegocin are the center of annual most important sailing events:

Polish Sailing Yachts Championship;

Polish Catamaran Championship;

Prime Minister’s Cup;

Polish Sailing Yacht Cup Final.

Gizycko District is not only the land with magnificent forests, crystal lakes and marvelous landscape - this district has a long, very complicated and sometimes unknown history. These lands for more then 600 years were the borderland of German, Polish and Lithuanian culture, of Protestantism and Catholicism, a home to different ethnical groups. These lands have a rich heritage, reflected by monuments of material and spiritual culture. The remains of Prussian burial grounds and fortified settlements testify to the past. They include "Watchtower Hill" in Orlo, "Holly Hill" in Staswiny, "Castle Hill" in Jeziorko and an iron Cross erected in 1910 on the hill over the Niegocin lake, in the legendary place of the death of martyr Saint Brunon from Querfurt in 1009. The most conspicuous signs of the Teutonic Rule are the medieval castles in Ryn and Gizycko. A characteristic trait of Masurian architecture are small village churches. The church in Milki is the oldest one, built at the end of the XV-th century with the altar and organ gallery dating back to the end of the XVII-th century. It is also worth seeing the church in Rydzewo(built in 1580 of breakstone and brick) and neo-classical Protestant church in Gizycko, built in 1827 according to a design of Karl Fridrich Schinkel. For over 20 years now the church has been hosting an annual summer events known as "Organ & Chamber Music Concerts". Century-old tenement houses in Gizycko, historical layout of traditional small Mazurian towns presented in Ryn and Wydminy, small manor houses in nearby villages are of great interest for tourists. Being a borderland area Gizycko district has many military fortifications. The Boyen Fortress in Gizycko is an attraction gaining a European recognition; the strongholds of the Great Lakes Field Position were built in 1914 and developed at the end of 1930’s into Gizycko Reinforced Zone.

Numerous and diversified cultural events add to the attractiveness of Masurian area. Folk festivals, organized by local cultural centers, offer a combination of activity and family entertainment, remind the national traditions and are a source of unforgettable experiences. It is worth participating in Family Running Race around Boyen Fortress or spending "Ivan & Kupala Night" with the natives. The most conspicuous feature of cultural proposal is the variety of musical feasts, which are accompanied by numerous open-air events. "Szanty in Gizycko" feast of sailors’ songs, historical feasts organized by local center of culture in Ryn and many others.

The natural, historical and cultural possibilities of Gizycko district are as diverse as your imagination. It is the land where you can build sand castles, ride horses, serve some aces and create memories.

Monuments in Giżycko

- Neoclassical church from 1827 - evangelical temple in the form of rectangle, with western tower, brick, plastered, covered roof tile, square tower. Probably Karol Frederic Schinkel, one of the most famous German architects of the first half of XIX-th century designed altar and pulpit. (Sq. Grunwaldzki).

- XIX-th and XX-th century buildings at Street Pioneer and Dabrowskiego

- Fortress Boyen - fortification object from 1844 - 48. Barrage - artillery fort on plan of a star with six fronts. Modernized at the end of the XIX-th century. Played important role in restraint of Russian offensive 1914. In years 1941-1944 on the territory of fortress functioned military hospital.

- Swing bridge over Channel Luczanski - built in half of the XIX-th century. One of two of this type functional bridge in Europe.

- Cross of Brunon - memorial cross on hill at Lake Niegocin, built in 1910. Place of martyrdoms death St Brunon from Kwerfurt 1009.

- Water Tower - was build In 1900. It is entirely made of red brick. The main water tank is a leveling device, made of zinc plate. It has become a unique tourist attraction.

-Bakery of Regelski Str. Warszawska - one of the oldest brick buildings in Gizycko, at present - Association Mazurska Commonwealth and Mazurski Archive.

Official Tourist Website of Gizycko District

Edited by: angella on 13.12.2007
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if you are coming to visit Masuria region just for couple days all time in a year is interesting. You can do lots of stuff mostly connected with nature.

leszekfajfer wrote:

Twierdza Boyen, jeziora, lasy, żubry, grzyby, RELAKS

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