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Welcome to Inowrocław Inowrocław is a city with rich history and tradition. The city is well- known for providing spa services. The Solankowy Park is a place for both tourists and visitors for spa treatments as well as rest in healthy quiet environment. The Solankowy Park is large and beautiful area ( about 75 hectares) which includes all kinds of spa and medical treatments, sanatoria and many other attractions. There's also tenis court, mini golf course. For adventurers we have outdoor gym or rope park. During the year there are many concerts and plays in the concert bowl or in an outdoor theatre. However, the biggest attraction of the Solankowy Park is brine water graduation tower. It is in shape of two polygons combined with each other. it has about 9-10 metres high and about 300 metres long. From above, thanks to the observation deck, you can admire the beautiful panorama of the Solanki.The tower has also medical values for people with high blood pressure,respiratory system diseases, general exhaustion state disease and vegetative neurosis because of its inhalator system.Besises, there's plenty of good and cheap restaurant, nice cozy pubs and bars, modern swimming pools and many other attractions.
What else is worth sight seeing The first place to visit is an Old Town in Toruń. You can admire the Gothic and medival buildings, the old market, orginal defence walls from 700 years ago. Toruń is also associated with great astronomer N. Copernicus.
Biskupin is also worth your time. It is the rebuild old village of people from thousands of years ago. You can see and watch the art of pottery making, antique decorations, and glass beads. You can easily get to know the history of money as well as the oldest writing.Additionally, you can observe the fights of ancient warriors or even take part in such event.
There is also plenty of places to see which are of culture and historical value such as Ciechocinek, Bydgoszcz, Solec Kujawski and many more.

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ulciak wrote:

There's plenty of it. Sight seeing beautiful Toruń for example.

serdzio wrote:

moje miasto to uzdrowisko.

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