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Leuven is a living city, every travellers won't be deceive after having discovered that magnificient town which is off the beaten belgian touristical path. Being a university town, Leuven is particularly alive during the academic year and café's are then commonly packed on week day. Several HC members are students and would gladly welcome you on their week day (most of them return to their parents on week-end) ; simply note that January, May and June are the exams period!!

Top Things to See and Do

-Market Place and its architectural Townhall
-Old Market Bar's place
-Arenberg Castle and University Campus
- Beleuvenissen every friday of july -Markt Rock August Music Festival (
more info in the Travel Guide.

Nearby cities/suburbs:
Leuven includes the boroughs of Kessel-lo, Heverlee, Wilsele and Winksele.

All the neighbouring towns are easily accessible by bus these are generally located within 5 or 10km distance from Leuven and include : Lubbeek, Holsbeek, Rotselaar, Haacht, Herent, Veltem-Beisem, Bertem, Oud-Heverlee, Jodoigne (Brabant Wallon), Korbeek-lo, Bierbeek, Tremelo, Kortenberg.

Other major cities are also easily accessible either by trains or buses and within a distance of 10 to 25 km : Mechelen, Brussels, Aarschot, Diest, Tienen, Tervuren.

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February 28 2007 at 19h - Cafe De Weerelt, Oudemarkt Leuven (maplefanta)

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Last postings about Leuven Vlaams-Brabant Belgium from other users
djsirmatthew wrote:

A lot of historical buildings, the largest bar-counter in Europe, nice clubs, nice atmosphere because of student-life

aventis wrote:

my town

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