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The Hospitality Club is the world's largest hospitality exchange organization. We are thousands of friendly members world wide who offer each other free accommodation when traveling. Membership is free and joining just takes a minute - we would love to have you onboard!

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Forum Rules
To make the Forum a fun and friendly place for members to hang out and exchange info, tips and plans, we ask every member to respect a few simple rules. A friendly team of moderators keeps an eye on things and removes or edits posts that do not follow these rules. To read an explanation of the rules, please also check out the Forum Introduction.

1. Be friendly and courteous towards your fellow members and HC volunteers. The Forum is not the place to vent anger or aggression.

2. Do not post personal data (name, address, phone number etc.) of other people on the Forum. It is spidered by Google and can be read freely on the net.

3. Feel free to share your HC experiences, but please do not discuss abuse cases or really negative experiences with guests or hosts in the Forum - the comments and our Abuse Team ( are better options. In the past a few such discussions have turned into really nasty threads - the Forum is definitely not the place to solve such issues.

4. To discuss new features, to discuss an aspect of HC strategy, or to report a problem with your personal account use the Feedback Form and tell us directly. The club is run by volunteer teams who specialize in different tasks and many of us spend hours and hours every day working for you. We often simply don't have time to read or even discuss issues in the Forum. But we listen carefully to all feedback and opinions and try to make our members happy :-)

5. Choose the correct category for your posts and do not post the same message twice (do not cross post to other categories). Do not spam - if there is a category for your subject matter, post only there (especially website links, job seeking, apartment hunting, visa inquiry issues...) Please Note: There is no category for Religion or business/product promotion and so please leave these kind of posts out of this forum.

6. Moderation issues are not discussed in the Forum - if you have complaints or questions, use the Feedback Form, or a query directly to the moderator in question. Please note that sending verbally abusive messages are never an acceptable way to discuss or respond to an issue and doing so will earn an immediate temporary forum ban - we have our lives too and aren't interested in spending them dealing with hostility.

7. In cases of repeated breaking of these rules a member will be set on pre-moderated status (moderators will have to review every post before it appears in the Forum). If he or she continues to abuse the Forum rules he or she will be banned from Forum posting and in serious cases loose the HC membership (the moderators have their lives as well and dont want to spend them moderating the same members again and again).

Have fun on the Forum, we are happy about all the buzz and friendly members hanging out here!

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