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Forum > Visa Issues > SCHENGEN VISA--strictly enforces FIRST COUNTRY? >
SCHENGEN VISA--strictly enforces FIRST COUNTRY?Wed 12 Apr 06 4:07
United Kingdom
As far as I know, there's no rule about the port of entry. Plainly put; it makes
sense that if you're arriving in Frankfurt, you'd go to the German Embassy for a
Schengen visa. Having said that, and when you've got a visa: plans could change
and you could decide to arrive in Greece, for example. They dont punish you for
doing that! 

Once you enter the schengen zone and get your entry stamp; you can go about
freely to other schengen areas without passport control. I was initially very
paranoid when I was travelling from Austria to Germany.I had earlier arrived in
Germany, got my entry stamp and my trip to Austria was through the Czech
republic. So on my way back to Germany, I was actually looking for the border
control chaps to give me an entry stamp to get back into Germany. There were
none!!! Then, on a railway station called Hof in Germany, I was waiting for a
train (after 2 good biers at 8.00 am) when a smiling cop came up to me and asked
passport please so I showed him mine, he looked at it, smiled and gave it back
to me. With a firm nod which said  you're ok Then, I asked him this question
whether there is a need to get an entry stamp before entering into a new
schengen state and he said very nicely but firmly nein nein, no passport
control. It was like saying to me  fly baby eagle; you're doing OK. So, I opened
another bier and drank it before I took my train.

Moral of the story: when you get your entry stamp once, you're good for any
number of re-entries and you can travel as you please. Provided you have a
multiple entry visa, of course.

Have fun in Europe

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