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last posted category Čeština a Slovenčina
Forum > Čeština a Slovenčina > Proč nemám odpovědi na mé žádosti? >
RE:Proč nemám odpovědi na mé žádosti?
Proč nemám odpovědi na mé žádosti?Wed 03 May 17 22:00
Doporučuji podívat se na profil pro e-mailovou adresu nebo telefon nebo
mobilní číslo.
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Forum > Čeština a Slovenčina > Proč nemám odpovědi na mé žádosti?
Proč nemám odpovědi na mé žádosti?Wed 03 May 17 21:59
Mám nápad. Poslala jsem hodně žádostí, ale nedostala jsem odpovědi.

Někteří členové pracují ve svém profilu s "preferencemi" tam
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Forum > Čeština a Slovenčina > ideas for Bratislava? >
RE:ideas for Bratislava?
ideas for Bratislava?Sat 26 Nov 16 16:07
Thank you for your tipps, vito!
We already did our trip to Bratislave - but I definitely will keep your ideas in
mind next time we go there. I'm sure there will be a "next time", as we really
enjoyed our stay there.
Forum > Čeština a Slovenčina > ideas for Bratislava? >
RE:ideas for Bratislava?
ideas for Bratislava?Tue 25 Oct 16 1:24
Hi!:-) If you reach in the morning, Slavin (hill with the monument, not very far
from the main station) is a perfect place to observe the sunrise:-) I would also
recommend a trip to Devín (by city bus) with romantic castle, Sandberg (sand
cliff with a cave) and nice views towards  Austrian bank of Morava. It's nice to
visit the old town during some jarmok (traditional fair, good opportunity to
find exceptional souvenirs). Warm greetings!:-)
Forum > Čeština a Slovenčina > ideas for Bratislava?
ideas for Bratislava?Sun 03 Jul 16 21:09
Hi everybody, especially members from Bratislava:
My husband and I will be spending a couple of days in your city. We've booked a
hotel and bought a guide book - but would love to get any kind of recommendation
as to places that are nice to see, even though they might not be on the usual
tourist list. Also recommendations for nice restaurants or cafés are very
welcome ;-)
Thank you for your help!
Forum > Čeština a Slovenčina > welcome to the land of beauties of IRAN
welcome to the land of beauties of IRANSun 23 Aug 15 23:18
hello everybody, its me mohamed ghavami from kashan/IRAN
here i'm so beginner but i have a huge profile on
anyway, i just wanted to say i will be glad if i have this chance to meet you
here  in our historical city of kashan in IRAN. 
 thank you.
Forum > Čeština a Slovenčina > Jak přežít HC
Jak přežít HCThu 01 Jan 15 19:06
Ahoj lidi,

Přečetl jsem si téma "neplač, pokud se objeví HC". Byl bych smutný.

Ale co můžeme dělat?

Začal jsem nové téma "Jak přežít HC".

Co můžete dělat?

Prosím, přečtěte si tam a mluvit veřejnosti a přímo o nápady, problémy
a způsoby, jak přežít.

Chcete-li přeložit můžete použít tuto stránku:
nebo oranother stránky.

S pozdravem Sebastian
Forum > Čeština a Slovenčina > reccomended bicycle routes in eastern Slovakia
reccomended bicycle routes in eastern SlovakiaSat 18 Jan 14 21:08
Since I lost my job last month and don't see any interesting new one on the
horizon I started to think that maybe the time came I eventually have enough
time to put into practise my dream from the past - bicycle journey. So, I think
it can take place in spring or summer 2014, start in Rzeszow, Pl, to Slovakia
and back. It can be long up to 1000 km. I'd be grateful for any reccomendations
about interesting bicycle routes in eastern part of Slovakia. I'm especially
interested in roads with low car traffic, not very steep (I know they can be
difficult to find in Slovakia :) , which lead through interesting places, mainly
less known, not very obvious tourist attarctions described in every tourist
guide. Any marked bicycle trails? Thanks for suggestions.       
Forum > Čeština a Slovenčina > visiting prague
visiting pragueTue 20 Aug 13 11:39
istanbul -kadikoy
 My dear friends in Prague, i am from turkey. i will visit aand stay your
beautiful city  (12.09-17.09) It's my first time there and fortunately i already
got a place to stay. All i am searching for some nice guys who'd like to hang
around with me, show me some beautiful places there, drink beer or coffe, eat
local foods and just have a nice time together. So, whoever you are, i'd love to
get to know you. Hope to see you soon, love, murat
Forum > Čeština a Slovenčina > Praha 24-26 Srpen
Praha 24-26 SrpenSun 28 Jul 13 22:44

I'm visiting Prague for the second time now and this time I was thinking of not
focusing on all the sightseeing (I think I got most of it the first time I was
there), but to have more of a "real-Prague" experience.

I'm inviting all of you HC/couchsurfing/whoeverwhatever to meet up any evening
between the dates in the title of the post, that is 24-26.08.

Either contact me directly or just respond to this post. If you can't meet up
maybe there are places you can recommend? Places I haven't seen (read:
everything that's not the most popular tourists attraction :P )

I'm secretly dreaming of moving to Prague for an unreasonable time like a year,
so any tip, any help, even "thumbs up" would be nice :)

Na schledanou! ;)

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