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last posted category Meeting Place
Forum > Meeting Place > Alojamiento en Mallorca >
RE:Alojamiento en Mallorca
Alojamiento en MallorcaTue 20 Jun 17 17:53
He encontrado en Valldemosa sólo un host. Palma de Mallorca no es el momento,
no son muy numerosos visitantes. También puede pedir allí directamente desde
el perfil
Escribo 100 preguntas, obtener respuestas 10, encuentro uno Gasstgeber.
También puede escribir en el foro "español Sprahce" un poste.
Te y me deseo buena suerte en la búsqueda   diversión en la celebración.
J'ai trouvé dans Valldemosa un seul hôte. Palma de Majorque est pas loin, il y
a de très nombreux visiteurs. Vous pouvez également y demander directement du
Je vous écris 100 questions, obtenir 10 réponses, trouver un Gasstgeber.
Vous pouvez également écrire dans le forum « espagnol Sprahce » un poste.
Je vous souhaite bonne chance et moi dans la recherche   plaisir dans la
Forum > Meeting Place > Alojamiento en Mallorca >
RE:Alojamiento en Mallorca
Alojamiento en MallorcaTue 20 Jun 17 17:33
Hola, yo no hablo español. Yo uso el traductor automático.
Me empfehele preguntar a los anfitriones en Valldemose dirket en su perfil. El
foro es visitado poco. Si encuentra un correo electrónico o teléfono o www,
también hacerla.
Salut, je ne parle pas espagnol. J'utilise le traducteur automatique.
J'empfehele de demander aux hôtes de Valldemose dirket sur leur profil. Le
forum est peu visité. Si vous trouvez un e-mail ou par téléphone ou www,
demandez aussi.
Forum > Meeting Place > Alojamiento en Mallorca
Alojamiento en MallorcaTue 20 Jun 17 16:17
Tengo que ir a una boda en Valldemosa (Mallorca) el sábado 15 de julio
próximo. Necesito alojarme dos o tres días por el entorno. Viajo solo, conozco
la isla, no tengo necesidades especiales. Tengo casa en Gijón (Asturias) con
dos camas sobrantes, por si alguien quiere hacer intercambio (no simultáneo con
mi estancia en Mallorca) Un saludo a todos
Forum > Meeting Place > Fertility treatment abroad in Athens, via Rome >
RE:Fertility treatment abroad in Athens, via Rome
Fertility treatment abroad in Athens, via RomeTue 13 Jun 17 23:09
Hello Stephany?
You seem to be a versatile traveller?
But - what means Fertility treatment?
CU, Christian  
Forum > Meeting Place > Fertility treatment abroad in Athens, via Rome
Fertility treatment abroad in Athens, via RomeTue 13 Jun 17 22:01
Hi everyone!  I am reaching out to the good people of the world.  I have been on
a fertility journey for the past 2 years and I am travelling to Athens, Greece
shortly.  I thought I would put it out there, as I have had mostly positive
support.  I am looking for a place to stay in Rome for a couple of nights, June
28th and June 29th before I head to Athens, where I may also need accomadation
for a couple of days July 2nd and 3rd, before I explore the countryside and
hopefully get to the Kalamata region to explore the beaches.  If you are in this
region I would gladly like to connect if accessable by bus or train. After my
IVF in Athens around the 7th or 8th, I hope to chillax on a local island for a
couple of days.  Just soaking up the hospitality, nature and happiness around
me.  I can offer my culinary skills, diagnostics to get your car running,
conversation on sustainability, environment, physics, auto painting,
recycling/reusing/repurposing, I can pull weeds, give plants and animals love,
and explore our common interests while respecting eachothers beliefs and choice
of lifestyle.  I invite you to join me on my βλαστάρι's  journey.  If
there is anything I could add to this message please feel free to help me out
and let me know how I could better express myself.  Thanks  Stephany  

p.s i would upload a pic yet I'm not very computer litterate and I converted one
to a thumbnail but this interface didn't like it and i don't know how to make a
jpeg smaller than 30kb.
Forum > Meeting Place > USA travel >
RE:USA travel
USA travelFri 02 Jun 17 11:36

nice to meet You here. Welcome in the club.
I would recommend You contacting people directly by their profile. If You find a
phone number or email, skype or facebook page, try it , too.
I recommend to make in "my preferences" there "spam filter" choose "no". If You
send a message, mark "send my a copy" and "include my email address".
Send Your request in topic "North america".

Tell my, how it works.

Regards Sebastian
Forum > Meeting Place > help to find place in Russia >
RE:help to find place in Russia
help to find place in RussiaFri 02 Jun 17 11:08
Hi Hamed,
nice to meet You here. Welcome in Club.
I want to help You to use the page.
I recommend asking people directly by their profile link in the top "send a
message to ..." - If You find a phone number, You can send a sms or call. But
some profiles are no more active or out of date. 
I sent 100 requests, got 10 answers, found 1 host.
You can activate in Your profile link "my preferences" the field "Important
setting: Check the messages sent to me for spam:" please select: "No"
If You send a request, I recommend to activate the link under the message: 
"Include my email-address" and "send me a copy"
Let me know, how it worked.
Regards Sebastian
Forum > Meeting Place > USA travel
USA travelWed 17 May 17 5:46
New Zealand
My wife and I (age 65, 63) travelling across USA by car from LA starting 02 Aug,
route planned is Vegas 04- 06, then each day after in Phoniex, Tucson, El Paso,
San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans 12 to 14 Aug, Mobile, Talahase, Tampa, Miami,
flying out to Russia on 18 Aug.
Any contacts in each to show us about or point us where to visit would be
Forum > Meeting Place > help to find place in Russia
help to find place in RussiaWed 10 May 17 20:07
hello everybody
my friends and I (3 persons) have plan to go to Russia. is that possible to help
us about how can we find a free place for stay in Moscow and Sant-Petersburg?
can you help us about visit around and find free place?
Forum > Meeting Place > Luzern
Luzern Mon 17 Apr 17 21:51
Touristinnen die sich in meine Heimatstadt Luzern, am schönen
Vierwaldstättersee gelegen verirren, können sich bei mir melden.
Tagsüber habe ich nahezu immer genügend Zeit, die Stadt zu zeigen, behilflich
zu sein, kurzfristig eine Unterkunft zu bieten. Vielleicht bei mir etwas
essen/trinken. Soweit es möglich ist, werde ich eure wünsche erfüllen. Dies
setzt voraus, dass ihr wie ich, völlig unkompliziert seit.
Selbstverständlich können sich auch Schweizer Partygängerinnen melden, wenn
sie vom Ausgang nicht mehr nach Hause gehen wollen.

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