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Forum > Meeting Place > Have a stroll in the night Kaliningrad! >
RE:Have a stroll in the night Kaliningrad!
Have a stroll in the night Kaliningrad!Sat 28 Dec 19 14:24
Hi Valentina and Добрый день,
good to hear something from You. Maybe You can change Your phone number in
Regards Sebastian
Forum > Meeting Place > Have a stroll in the night Kaliningrad!
Have a stroll in the night Kaliningrad!Fri 01 Nov 19 20:16
Russian Federation
Hi, if you can show the city of Kaliningrad, to have a chat and share some hours
of walking plz feel free to call or write via whatsapp 89243377365 
Forum > Meeting Place > Hello from Vienna, Austria! >
RE:Hello from Vienna, Austria!
Hello from Vienna, Austria!Thu 17 Oct 19 4:48
United States of America
Good to hear from you and glad you are a member , you city is a very beautiful
city with lots of history.
Forum > Meeting Place > Which are the best Restaurants in Davanagere?
Which are the best Restaurants in Davanagere?Mon 29 Jul 19 11:29
I am looking for best Restaurants in Davanagere. So I am Checking for Restaurant
where you can dine right next to the pool and taste some scrumptious delicacies.
If anyone knows, please let me know.
Forum > Meeting Place > Radtour Juni
Radtour JuniMon 20 May 19 10:21
Ich bin 58 J alt und möchte eine Fahrradtour durch Hessen machen. Ich komme am
4.6. in FFM Hbf an und ca am 30.6. zurück. Ich würde gern eine oder 2 Nacht
bleiben. Ich habe Zelt und Schlafsack dabei. Ich mache gern FolkTanz und
Können Sie mir Tipps zum Radfahren oder FolkTanz geben?
Kann ich 1 oder 2 Nächte bei Ihnen schlafen?
MfG Sebastian
I am 58 y old and want to cycle ride around Hessen. I will arrive at 4.6. at
afternoon at Frankfurt main station and at arout 30.6. back again. I would like
to stay 1 or 2 nights at Yours. I have a tent and sleeping bag. I like hiking
and folk dancing.
Can You tell me about cycle riding or folkdancing?
Can I stay 1 or 2 nights at Yours?
Thanks Sebastian 
Forum > Meeting Place > A Little Humour >
RE:A Little Humour
A Little HumourSat 30 Mar 19 0:59
Emigrant Gap
United States of America
True, everyone knows he was born in Connecticut.
Right? Because that is where he Social security number is from.
I only hope that when the hoax is finally proven, the people who were so
in love with Barry, don't have a really bad case of cognitive dissonance:}
Forum > Meeting Place > A Little Humour >
RE:A Little Humour
A Little HumourSat 02 Feb 19 16:16
United States of America
I hope that toniwalia's forward is NOT a joke! But why is Veit's name
Forum > Meeting Place > A Little Humour >
RE:A Little Humour
A Little HumourSat 02 Feb 19 10:09
Message from Viet. (Jan 2019)

 "Hospitality Club Relaunch - it's coming!

I have some exciting news - there will be a reborn Hospitality Club. Soon.

From now on, I'll make HC the main project in my life again and push forward to
a new app, new site, and then revive the community.

I need your help - HC has always, and will always be a volunteer project. And
one that lives from the enthusiasm of it's members.

The steps are clear:
- first: develop an app. The World has changed, and while our platform/website
was revolutionary in the early 2000s, now we need to get on phones. If you are
an app developer (or have friends who are), please get in touch with me
- second: develop a new site. It will be barebones at first, with basic
functionality (profiles, message sending, city/region/country pages, comments).
If you want to help with that, get in touch, too.

Both will be open source, of course! I've wanted HC to be open source since
years and years - can't wait to have the code out there, so it can be improved
constantly by enthusiastic programmers with new ideas from the community.

I *really* want HC to be the best hospitality exchange platform this planet has
ever seen. Again. With smart and innovative tools to solve the inherent
challenges of hospitality exchange. And of course, no message limitations or
verification schemes to drive profits ;)

Third step: after the technical side is done, a lot of help will be needed to
revive the community. Test the new app site, use it when you travel, update your
profiles, help the members around you get used to the new HC, organize meetings,
rebuild volunteer teams. This will be in some months, so I'll post again and
again til then, here and in HC.

So here we go. I know that many of you have been waiting for this for a long
time. Yes, it was painful to see HC lose activity, other, more profit-oriented
platforms take over. On the other hand, they have done a good job spreading
our/my idea around the planet, and I always knew HC would be back one day.

We live in times of rapid technological advances, huge ecological and social
challenges to our planet. But also times where more and more hatred between
cultures is being sown, powerful people play on the fear of the "'other".

Our idea of bringing people together is more relevant and needed than ever. It's
time to step back into the game and make hospitality exchange again what it
always was - a generous, fun, intercultural and ecological activity that
broadens people's minds and helps them understand each other better.

Are you in?


Hospitality Club Founder
P.S.: Feel free to share this post!
Forum > Meeting Place > A Little Humour >
RE:A Little Humour
A Little HumourFri 01 Feb 19 13:37
Emigrant Gap
United States of America
It probably was his education in a madrassa.
But speaking of jokes:)
Here's another:
The Clinton Foundation,
Oh wait, they folded the day after the election.
Well I guess there is something funny in that:)
Forum > Meeting Place > A Little Humour >
RE:A Little Humour
A Little HumourThu 31 Jan 19 17:01
United States of America
Obama would have said "With who*m*?" The guy does speak English like a native...

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