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RE:A Little Humour
A Little HumourSat 23 Jun 18 10:45
United Kingdom
Lucky Arthur who was the local odd job man in the village, who was sarcastically
named "Lucky" because he was always having accidents & injuring himself

One day he approached the local timber merchant to see if he would give him any
work. The merchant replied that the only work he could offer was in the saw

Arthur pleaded to be given a job saying that he was much more alert & careful
these days & hadn't been involved in any accidents for quite some while.
Reluctantly the boss agreed & Arthur started right away feeding timber into the
giant saw blades

Poor Arthur hadn't been on his own for longer than a couple of minutes when he
stumbled forward & the giant blades cut off all his fingers & thumbs on both

In a state of shock poor Lucky ran back & forth around the mill like a headless
chicken before running overland to the local hospital. When he arrived there he
promptly fainted

Coming round a few hours later Lucky looked up & there was Mr Foster, the
hospital surgeon,

"I would have brought them with me" cried Lucky "but..... but.... I couldn't
pick them up"

Forum > Meeting Place > A Little Humour
A Little HumourFri 22 Jun 18 16:26
United Kingdom
Sadly Hospitality Forum is like a dying swan

So let's cheer ourselves up with some jokes

Here goes:

Englishman: "That your dog?"

Welshman: "Yep."

Englishman: "Mind if I speak to him?"

Welshman: "Dog don't talk But."

Englishman: "Hey dog, how's it going?"

Dog: "Doin' all right."

Welshman: (Look of shock!)

Englishman: "Is this Welshman your owner?" (Pointing at the Welshman)

Dog: "Yep."

Englishman: "How's he treating you?"

Dog: "Real good. He walks me twice a day, feeds me great food and takes me to
the lake once a week to play."

Welshman: (Look of total disbelief)

Englishman: "Mind if I talk to your horse?"

Welshman: "Horse don't talk but."

Englishman: "Hey horse, how's it going?"

Horse: "Cool."

Welshman: (Extreme look of shock!)

Englishman: "Is this your owner?" (Pointing to the Welshman)

Horse: "Yep."

Englishman: "How's he treating you?"

Horse: "Pretty good, thanks for asking, he rides me, brushes me down often and
keeps me in a lean-to to protect me from the weather."

Welshman: (Look of total amazement)

Englishman: "Mind if I talk to your sheep?"

Welshman: "That sheep's a bloody liar bud!!"
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RE:Hosting in İzmir - Turkey
Hosting in İzmir - TurkeyTue 01 May 18 20:11
Hi. My name is Nsairun Emmanuel from Cameroon. Can have your WhatsApp number
please. I need a host in Turkey but I'm not sure if your location is convenient
for me as far as the distance to my seminar venue is concerned. Please contact
me at  237673788407 on WhatsApp if possible. Thanks
Forum > Meeting Place > Hosting in İzmir - Turkey
Hosting in İzmir - TurkeyThu 08 Mar 18 16:36
İzmir - Torbalı
Hey! I am a 28 year old English teacher who works for state in Turkey. I live in
a small town which is between İzmir and Selcuk(where Ephesus is). Both
accessible with trains and they are frequent. Adnan Menderes Airport is 60kms
away. Also, Kusadasi takes an hour with car.

I live alone so I am actually looking for companions for summertime. I can
provide a double bed in a private room, hot water and transportation. I can show
my guests around. Izmir city - Ephesus - Kusadasi or maybe Cesme.

Contact me if you are looking for a host in Izmir.
Forum > Meeting Place > Looking for a host in Seville, Spain >
RE:Looking for a host in Seville, Spain
Looking for a host in Seville, SpainMon 19 Feb 18 17:22
Thank you for the reply!

I will be thinking of Barcelona when I land a job, in the meantime, I want to
visit Seville and am asking about suggestions and perhaps a place to spend the
night. If that's even possible.
Forum > Meeting Place > Looking for a host in Seville, Spain >
RE:Looking for a host in Seville, Spain
Looking for a host in Seville, SpainMon 19 Feb 18 15:46
Hi Toms,

Welcome in the Club.

I recommend You to ask people in Bercelona directly by their profile. And use
also .. other ways of contacting , for example email, phone numbers, www or FB,
if You can find it in profiles. 

For more questions You can ask me.

Regards Sebastian
Forum > Meeting Place > Looking for a host in Seville, Spain
Looking for a host in Seville, SpainMon 19 Feb 18 15:28
Hola lovely people!
I moved to Spain from Latvia to live and work. My temporary home is in Puente
Genil but I wish to move to Barcelona in the next month or so.

In the meantime, I'd like to explore South of Spain and I've been told that
Seville is very beautiful place. I will be visiting Seville from the 24th of
February to 3rd of March and would be happy if someone would be interested in
showing me around and maybe help with a couch to sleep on for a night or two.

I promise that I'm a humble guest and lovely company!
Forum > Meeting Place > Looking for host >
RE:Looking for host
Looking for hostFri 16 Feb 18 9:10
Hi Steph,

I can not share Your idea. I like this page
Forum > Meeting Place > Looking for host >
RE:Looking for host
Looking for hostFri 16 Feb 18 0:56
I've seen all kinds of profiles and pictures here on this site, older men trying
to lure travelers into their places for God knows what.

I doibt whether this site is still secure. HC has joined with airBnB a few years
ago, I think that's what must have killed it..
Forum > Meeting Place > Looking for host >
RE:Looking for host
Looking for hostThu 15 Feb 18 17:03
Montréal - Verdun
Good luck with that. Contacting people directly through this website does not
seem to work these past few years. (I'd say 5 or 10 years now). People have
forgotten they signed up for HC, have lost their email address they used to
register, or ignore the emails that HC sends when someone requests hospitality
(I know, I"m on too and they tell me that, too, what few
people do respond to my enquiries tell me they forgot they signed up or haven't
checked "that" email in ages.) 

Then again, that's not true for everybody. Maybe I should try copying the
profile of someone who DOES get hosted and take my picture off and put out
requests then? Problem then would be that I'd show up on their doorstep and
they'd see me and refuse to open the door (I've had that happen.)

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