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last posted category Hitchhiking
Forum > Hitchhiking > 250,000 km party >
RE:250,000 km party
250,000 km partyThu 03 Oct 19 20:49
Or maybe make it a two light-seconds party, less than 2,000 km to go for that
Forum > Hitchhiking > Hitch Hiking >
RE:Hitch Hiking
Hitch HikingThu 24 May 18 12:49
Not looking hard enough, although for Brexitania it might be true. Still more
than a few on the continent.
Forum > Hitchhiking > Hitch Hiking
Hitch HikingThu 24 May 18 12:38
United Kingdom
70' & 80's you would see a line of hitch-hikers on motorway on ramps. Nowadays
hitch-hikers are far & between. The only hitch-hikers I see now are guys
carrying trade plates from delivering vehicles to dealerships
Forum > Hitchhiking > Around the world on a bicycle - cool people from 50 countries needed!
Around the world on a bicycle - cool people from 50 countries needed!Sun 05 Mar 17 17:02
Hi, I'm Maciej and I am from Poland. On the 1st of May I am going on a journey
of my life - 5 continents, 50 countries, 50000 kilometers around the world on a
bicycle and I am riding alone. I am looking for cool people around the globe who
are on the route and can help me a little during this journey, who would like to
show me their cities or let me stay for the night at their places.

Everything is a 100% safe from my side - I have such partners for this trip as
Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or G-Shock - this is my own but very serious
project. If you think that you may and would like to help me with it - it would
be awesome.

The route of my journey is enlisted here (incl.
map, dates and all social media links). It's a preview version (due to some
ongoing partners agreements) but the plan is acurate. I cannot say when exactly
I am in your city due to the fact that I am riding a bicycle, but you have date
ranges in every coutry, so please drop a line to (as a title
of the message please write COUNTRY/CITY) if you can host me for 1-2 nights.
I'll be in touch when I get there.

Greeting from Poland!
Forum > Hitchhiking > 250,000 km party >
RE:250,000 km party
250,000 km partyThu 11 Aug 16 13:38
The 500,000 km party will take place later this year. Location has still to be
decided, could be Oostende, could be Vilnius. 9,076.5 km to go...
Forum > Hitchhiking > Looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam.
Looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam.Sun 03 Apr 16 22:06
Kibbutz Nachshon
Hello everyone.
I'm Izaak from Israel and I'm very new to hospitality club. 
A friend and I are flying over to Amsterdam at the end of April and I'm trying
my luck here. we are looking for a host. I hope you can host is for just a few
days and then we want to hitchhike all the way to Berlin. 
I hope someone can help us.
Forum > Hitchhiking > hitch hiking from Malaysia to Germany >
RE:hitch hiking from Malaysia to Germany
hitch hiking from Malaysia to GermanyWed 12 Aug 15 6:36
 From Myanmar to Bangladesh how will you move? By road/ no possible.

 From India to Pakistan, how will you move? by road? for foreigner not

 But in any case if you are in Bangladesh, you can contact with me and if
possible I can be also your travel partner by HH till the destinations.

Forum > Hitchhiking > UK to Europe on the road
UK to Europe on the roadSat 11 Jul 15 12:02
United Kingdom
Hello Happy People,

I would like to hitch hike beginning Brighton into somewhere in Europe. I want
to get to Spain and then start walking the Camino de Santiago. Anyone going and
would like to join up? Send me a post

Thank you,
Forum > Hitchhiking > Traveling and rasing money for charity
Traveling and rasing money for charityWed 27 May 15 15:33
United Kingdom
I am going to be leaving the UK on the 1st of July and traveling through France
and Switzerland and Italy ending up I hope in Croatia for around the 28th of

I want to see how far I can trek around Europe whilst raising money for one of
the homeless charity's by being homeless myslef for a few weeks and jumping out
of a plane. any small amount that can go to the charity along the way will make
the whole trip worthwhile I hope.

 The Sky dive itself is in Interlaken in Switzerland.;


I am going to start in the Dover and  travel to Croatia I shall be blogging and
updating my posts especially  when I complete the sky dive in Interlaken. 

This is where people can donate anything. 

 All money from this page will be given to St Petcocks: please see website they will be giving me a tin and
official t-shirt and documentation.

If idea of me getting thrown out of a plane and sleeping in various foreign
hedges along the way amuses you then please support the charity as I will be
doing it regardless so any money from this will be a nice reason if I get cold I

I want to ensure whoever donates this is not about drinking or partying this is
a good incentive for me when I am freezing and wet probably whilst raising money
for a good cause.
Forum > Hitchhiking > Hi ! trip to Turkey !! >
RE:Hi ! trip to Turkey !!
Hi ! trip to Turkey !!Sat 19 Apr 14 13:29
Do not hitchhike in Turkey.It is not safe somewhere.If you want to travel
cheaper,go to bus companies and say you dont have money,they take you free of

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