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last posted category Geographic Adjustments
Forum > Geographic Adjustments > Address change not effecttive
Address change not effecttiveThu 18 Apr 13 3:11
Palma Sola
After having changed my address from Sri Lanka to Argentina long ago, I keep
receiving hosting requests for Sri Lanka and none for Argentina. What to do?
Forum > Geographic Adjustments > Looking for help asap..please read >
RE:Looking for help asap..please read
Looking for help asap..please readWed 27 Feb 13 2:48
thanks will try that 
Forum > Geographic Adjustments > Thailand - CLOSED >
RE:Thailand - CLOSED
Thailand - CLOSEDThu 21 Feb 13 18:19
Thanks so much dude! 
Forum > Geographic Adjustments > Thailand - CLOSED
Thailand - CLOSEDSat 22 Oct 11 14:48
Seri Kembangan
All Regions in Thailand are now officially closed, it is divided into 76

If you don't see the changes in HCWorld then you have to wait until the server
refresh the cached page. 

If it shows incorrect Region or City in your profile, please update/change your
address at:

Please contact me if there is any error. khob kun krab!

Peace & Love!
Forum > Geographic Adjustments > alone in bruxelles
alone in bruxellesSat 30 Jul 11 22:09
hey guys im in bruxelles for about 1 month and it's getting pretty lonely here,
if anyone wants to meet up for some beers, a walk in the park or whatever it
would be much apreciated. i work pretty much so mainly weekends im free. cheers
and thanks
Forum > Geographic Adjustments > Looking for help asap..please read >
RE:Looking for help asap..please read
Looking for help asap..please readSun 11 Jul 10 2:11
try or gumtree . com 
Forum > Geographic Adjustments > Looking for help asap..please read
Looking for help asap..please readMon 07 Jun 10 20:30
United States of America
I am in a very bad situation in WA, and am trying to get to NC. I have tried all
churches here and they will only do in state greyhound tickets, that doesn't do
me any good. I am looking for somebody that can  get me a bus ticket, I have a
job waiting for me in NC and would gladly pay the money back asap. Is there
anybody out there that can/will help me get out of this mess that I am in? Thank
you veyr much!
Forum > Geographic Adjustments > Chile regions >
RE:Chile regions
Chile regionsTue 20 Apr 10 6:18
It was an administrative modification, we havent conquered anything new :)
So yeah, this needs to be modified
Forum > Geographic Adjustments > Taiwan - CLOSED >
RE:Taiwan - CLOSED
Taiwan - CLOSEDTue 06 Apr 10 6:06
Dongshih Township 東勢鎮
Dear Sirs, you need to clean out the Tongyong Pinyin from the local
level of Taiwan names. Please see
and . Make it match Wikipedia.
Forum > Geographic Adjustments > Trivandrum / Thiruvananthapuram - Kerala - India >
RE:Trivandrum / Thiruvananthapuram - Kerala - India
Trivandrum / Thiruvananthapuram - Kerala - IndiaFri 29 Jan 10 11:02
thanks a lot for the info. very appreciated.  next May, i'm planning to visit
india and wishing to visit Trivandrum too. I find that there is direct budget
flight from Kuala Lumpur to Trivandrum. seems so good to me. But, i also want to
visit Kolkata for some reasons. I need your advice for this plan. is it too far
to go overland from Trivandrum to Kolkata? i really want to "feel" india as
local people feel by using public transportation like train or bus. looking
forward to hearing from you.

thank a lot. 

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