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Forum > North America > why do I get no answers to my requests? >
RE:why do I get no answers to my requests?
why do I get no answers to my requests?Wed 03 May 17 21:55
I recommend to look in profile for email address or phone or mobile number.
for request a sms or email to this address!
Members should write in their profile a mobile number. Better would be to
"no spam filter"
Forum > North America > why do I get no answers to my requests?
why do I get no answers to my requests?Wed 03 May 17 21:53
I have an idea. I sent a lot of requests but didn't get answers. 

Some members are working in their profile with "preferences" there "Important
setting: Check the messages sent to me for spam:" and "Yes; voluteer check".
only some volunteers are longer working on this page. A lot of messages can NOT
go to their address.
Please:active "no.automatic filter only".
Forum > North America > Around the world on a bicycle - cool people from 50 countries needed!
Around the world on a bicycle - cool people from 50 countries needed!Sun 05 Mar 17 17:00
Hi, I'm Maciej and I am from Poland. On the 1st of May I am going on a journey
of my life - 5 continents, 50 countries, 50000 kilometers around the world on a
bicycle and I am riding alone. I am looking for cool people around the globe who
are on the route and can help me a little during this journey, who would like to
show me their cities or let me stay for the night at their places.

Everything is a 100% safe from my side - I have such partners for this trip as
Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or G-Shock - this is my own but very serious
project. If you think that you may and would like to help me with it - it would
be awesome.

The route of my journey is enlisted here (incl.
map, dates and all social media links). It's a preview version (due to some
ongoing partners agreements) but the plan is acurate. I cannot say when exactly
I am in your city due to the fact that I am riding a bicycle, but you have date
ranges in every coutry, so please drop a line to (as a title
of the message please write COUNTRY/CITY) if you can host me for 1-2 nights.
I'll be in touch when I get there.

Greeting from Poland!
Forum > North America > HELP! WANT TO SHARE A ROOM IN ST. THOMAS!!
New York City - Brooklyn
United States of America
I loudly bragged that I could do a better job at staying under $50 a day in St.
Thomas after my hero, the famous Nomadic Matt, said he'd failed and that it
wasn't possible in the US Virgin Islands, but my trip is 2 weeks away and I


If you're willing to share an AirBnB, hotel room, boat, couch, floor, tent, etc
in St. Thomas/ St. John, please contact me asap!

Forum > North America > New York from Santiago (Spain)Home exchange or renting a room for 2 months
New York from Santiago (Spain)Home exchange or renting a room for 2 monthsThu 31 Dec 15 18:15
Santiago de Compostela

I am an English teacher in a Spanish public school located in Santiago of
Compostela, a beautiful city in Northem Spain.

I will be attending an English language course on a school situated in the UWS
of Manhattan during 10 weeks. from January23rd to April 1st.

I will be hosted at a friend house one week, and then, from February to the end
of March, I will look for accomodattion.

I am studying all options as NY is pretty expensive. Moreover, on weekends I
will be away, travelling through the States from Thursday to Sunday. That is to
say: I will be only four nights per week in the City.

 So it´s difficult for me to find some place to adjust to for a fair price,
taking into account the rent and bills.

Of course it is a difficult task to find something like this but I would like to
have a try before renting an expensive room.

I could exchange my beautiful duplex in Santiago (not necessary simultaneous 
exchanging in time)
 I can offer it during summertime, Easter holidays, as I´m away, at my family
house in Death coast.

I can offer my car too.

If you would like to visit Northem Spain or just earn some extra money having
privacy on weekends, please, let me know about it and we can exchange more info
withouth any compromise.

Kind regards from Santiago De Compostela!

Patricia Mosqueira
Forum > North America > Sept 2016:Host me 3 weeks in New York city,I'll host you in Paris
Sept 2016:Host me 3 weeks in New York city,I'll host you in ParisWed 02 Dec 15 18:27
Hi New-Yorkers,
                                   It's all in the title....

                       I need to find someone to host me in the Big Apple in

september of 2016,for approximately 3 weeks ...Preferably in Manhattan,but 

any borough will be fine...

                         In return I'll accommodate you in my appartment in

close suburbs(10mn by subway to the heart of Paris) in a very residential

 area,and you'll have your private room...I'm a single person,non smoker and

 expect the same for the exchange....
                                                        There's plenty of time
remaining till next

 september,but don't hesitate to contact me if you wish more info...

                                         Hope to hear from you soon


PS: Currently I'm in Bordeaux till next spring.

Forum > North America > New York on October 18-24th
New York on October 18-24thWed 14 Oct 15 19:08
Hello New Yorkers! I'll stay in your city for a few days - from 18th to 24th of
October. I'm traveling by myself and will not bother you much or take a lot of
your space. Please let me know if you csnhost me. Thank you in advance!))
Forum > North America > Visiting Miami mid September >
RE:Visiting Miami mid September
Visiting Miami mid September Wed 09 Sep 15 7:44
November December its possible still in Europe sept....if you have a change of
dates let us know regards ml
Forum > North America > Los Angeles, Arizona (Tucson) in September
Los Angeles, Arizona (Tucson) in SeptemberWed 02 Sep 15 10:50
Hi. Me and my husband will go to USA from 09/11 to 09/25. 
We are planing to be in Los Angeles from 11 to 14 ( 3 nights) and 24 to 25 (one
night). Also, we will be in Arizona, Tucson 19 to 24 (we will to have the
christian conferention). Anybody want to offer hospitality? Perhaps not all the
dates, but any of these. Thanks for answer.
Forum > North America > Visiting Miami mid September
Visiting Miami mid September Sat 15 Aug 15 19:18
United States of America
Hi guys,
I am visiting Miami from step 17th. I was wondering if anyone could host me? 32
year old British guy -US permanent resident with a diluted accent lol. Would be
cool to meet up with some of you too

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