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Forum > Europe > Need a host in Rome from December 1 to 3
Need a host in Rome from December 1 to 3Mon 12 Nov 18 21:58
Hello! My name is Sergey. I am a teacher from Ukraine. In December, I will
travel to Italy for the first time. From December 1 to 3 I will be in Rome.
Looking for a host for housing. Thank! Have a nice day!
Forum > Europe > Biggest Classified ads Wordpress Theme! >
RE:Biggest Classified ads Wordpress Theme!
Biggest Classified ads Wordpress Theme!Mon 12 Nov 18 18:03
United States of America
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Forum > Europe > Biggest Classified ads Wordpress Theme!
Biggest Classified ads Wordpress Theme!Mon 12 Nov 18 13:00
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Forum > Europe > looking for host -------
looking for host -------Fri 26 Oct 18 22:04
Hi everyone,

How are u doing, actually I'm a member in this great website. I'm looking
for a hospitality in  united kingdom and Poland  . From January 24th to February
Thank you . 

best wishes 
Forum > Europe > Online Classified Ads Wordpress Theme >
RE:Online Classified Ads Wordpress Theme
Online Classified Ads Wordpress ThemeFri 26 Oct 18 16:43
United States of America
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Forum > Europe > Online Classified Ads Wordpress Theme
Online Classified Ads Wordpress ThemeFri 26 Oct 18 15:30
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Forum > Europe > Buy Classified ads Wordpress Theme!
Buy Classified ads Wordpress Theme!Mon 15 Oct 18 12:16
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Forum > Europe > any visitor to JORDAN
any visitor to JORDANSun 07 Oct 18 22:38
 hi  my friends 

I love travelling   and meeting with the  people , working in humanitarian
organization  -united nations . The nice thing about this is that you can live
in countries you normally don´t live at least not for such a long time... I
like meeting people and it´s always fun!!! Well hope to meet lots of people
from the HC . 
 please if you want to visit Jordan     i say welcome and i will help   and do
my best . 


my mobile number  with watsup 
Forum > Europe > Travelling in Sweden summer 2019 >
RE:Travelling in Sweden summer 2019
Travelling in Sweden summer 2019Tue 11 Sep 18 16:58
New Zealand
(Note: Made an error: summer *2019*, not 2018.)
Forum > Europe > Travelling in Sweden summer 2019
Travelling in Sweden summer 2019Tue 11 Sep 18 1:45
New Zealand
Hi. I'm looking to travel in Sweden in the summer 2018, and am in search of
accommodation/work for the time I'll be there. I'm interested in spending a
longer period of time in one place--possibly a couple weeks, or maybe more
(details can be sorted out/discussed). 

Since this is a longer period to stay than is typically offered on this forum,
I'm interested in having an exchange of work for accommodation. Naturally, I can
help around the house, but I'm also a keen teacher, and would be willing if
staying with a family to exchange tutelage, as well as babysitting/nannying when
appropriate. Subjects I can teach include: 
 - mathematics (including secondary school level)
 - language (English)
 - music

I'm a young adult. My native language is English, and I've been learning Swedish
independently for a few years now. I also speak German. 

I grew up coastally, and would love to experience a coastal location in Sweden;
however, my primary interest in travelling is learning and experiencing new
things, and anywhere in Sweden would be new and fun, and certainly something to
learn--so I am not particular. I'm pretty quiet and self-sufficient, and am able
to stay as out or in people's ways as they need. The loudest thing I own is an
acoustic guitar--and I don't play heavy metal or anything too raucous! I am
allergic to cats and some dogs, but apart from that am very flexible.

If anyone is interested, please get in touch with me, and we can discuss
dates/details/et cetera.

Contact details:
 - Skype: lola.v.elvy
 - Email:

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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