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last posted category Europe
Forum > Europe > Looking for a place in Nice, France
Looking for a place in Nice, FranceWed 12 Apr 17 13:23
Russian Federation
My name is Ekaterina. I'm a Graphic Designer, artist from St-Petersburg, Russia.

 I will be in Nice, France, from 31 Julay to 14 August this summer. with 2
children (teenagers) 15 and 16 years old.
I'm looking for a place to stay in Nice or place near it.
 I can invite you to my place in Russia any time you want. We live in the nice
house near St-Petersburg (30 min to the city center). I can show you our city,
if you want. 
Forum > Europe > Slovenia, shared ride: Piran - Bled/Ljubljana
Slovenia, shared ride: Piran - Bled/LjubljanaTue 04 Apr 17 17:20
Hello out there

Anybody driving from Piran to Bled or until Ljubljana on 24.04.2017 with space
for two people?
My wife and me would like to join and also share the cost for the petrol.


p.s. I know bit so far there is no offered ride on that date and
this direction.
Forum > Europe > We look for place in Ferrara (Italy)
We look for place in Ferrara (Italy)Wed 22 Mar 17 13:12
Severo-Zapadnyj - Chorošëvo-Mnëvniki
Russian Federation
Dear friends,

    We will com in Ferrara from 19 to 26 August 2017 at Ferrara festival. We
will be with music russian group as fringe musicians. We look for place for
sleeping for 2 persons on 7 night.  
    We would be happy to have offers from friends from Ferrara. We will arrive
by our own car. We have blankets, pillows, a tent .... other. We are ready to
consider different options. We would be happy show you russian music tradition -
folk sogs, music, instruments..., russian food - red soup borcsh...  other...
   We are sociable, law-abiding and democratic. We do not have bad habits.
   Greetings from Russia!
Forum > Europe > Киев! 19 июля. Ищу месть переночевать.
Киев! 19 июля. Ищу месть переночевать.Mon 13 Mar 17 16:29

В июле хочу поехать на концерт Depeche Mode в
Киеве, 19-го числа в Олимпийском. 
Киевляне, примите на ночь одессита,
возможно двух!? 

Аккуратность и порядочность обещаю!
Forum > Europe > Around the world on a bicycle - cool people from 50 countries needed!
Around the world on a bicycle - cool people from 50 countries needed!Sun 05 Mar 17 16:58
Hi, I'm Maciej and I am from Poland. On the 1st of May I am going on a journey
of my life - 5 continents, 50 countries, 50000 kilometers around the world on a
bicycle and I am riding alone. I am looking for cool people around the globe who
are on the route and can help me a little during this journey, who would like to
show me their cities or let me stay for the night at their places.

Everything is a 100% safe from my side - I have such partners for this trip as
Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or G-Shock - this is my own but very serious
project. If you think that you may and would like to help me with it - it would
be awesome.

The route of my journey is enlisted here (incl.
map, dates and all social media links). It's a preview version (due to some
ongoing partners agreements) but the plan is acurate. I cannot say when exactly
I am in your city due to the fact that I am riding a bicycle, but you have date
ranges in every coutry, so please drop a line to (as a title
of the message please write COUNTRY/CITY) if you can host me for 1-2 nights.
I'll be in touch when I get there.

Greeting from Poland!
Forum > Europe > We will be visiting Barcelona & southern Spain July 2017!
We will be visiting Barcelona & southern Spain July 2017!Sat 04 Mar 17 15:19
Colorado Springs
United States of America
Hi my husband (54) and I (43) are visiting Spain this July 12 - Aug 4.   We are
interested in local food, tango dancing, history, gardens, and general

We plan to spend sometime in Barcelona, then travel across southern Spain, to
Granada possibly visiting Cuenca, Merida, Toledo, Teruel, Ubega, ..... we are
still working out which cities will be on our route.   

We would LOVE to meet new people, who hopefully knows places to go dancing, eat
good food, and the sights to see along our route.  

Forum > Europe > Myself and Partner and a young cat looking to house sit in Sicily
Myself and Partner and a young cat looking to house sit in SicilySat 25 Feb 17 19:05
United Kingdom
Hi, we have just spent a month in Oliveri and would love to travel around in
Sicily. This is our second time round in Sicily and this time we would love to
write our explorations on our blog. We love Sicily and we would love to venture
more. Please, consider us, we are hard workers, we know how to tend to cats and
dogs and even donkeys. We are also venture to work online but we will consider
paid work. We will even consider travel mates who would contribute towards
apartment costs.
Forum > Europe > ZURICH TOUR IN FEBRUARY-2017
ZURICH TOUR IN FEBRUARY-2017Tue 27 Dec 16 20:59
Hello Everyone,

I have got Schengen Visa For 30 Days From 12 Feb 2017 Onwards, I Will Visit As
Below Mention Dates & Countries With My Wife For Tourism Purpose, We want to
Know And Enjoy Each And Every Place To Europe And their Culture, If You Are
Providing Any suggestion For Sightseen, Free Accommodation For Culture Sharing,
Any Good Things To Do Please Inform us, I am Always Online in Whatsapp
Application, Facebook (NIKET ACHARYA) And Even In Hospitality Club Website So
please Update me as soon as possible.

 Out Visiting Places & Dates :- 

FRANCE (PARIS) - 13/02/2017 TO 16/02/2017

GERMANY (FRANKFURT) - 16/02/2017 TO 19/02/2017

SWITZERLAND (ZURICH) - 19/02/2017 TO 23/02/2017 & 

SPAIN (BARCELONA) - 23/02/2017 TO 26/02/2017

(MADRID)-27/02/2017 TO 02/03/2017 - Back To Home (India)

Thanks & Regards,
EMail :-
Facebook Page :-
(M) :-  91 9913197991,  91 9510365010 (Both Whatsapp Number)
Forum > Europe > I'm looking for a good place to stay in Roma
I'm looking for a good place to stay in Roma Tue 29 Nov 16 16:35
Bielsk Podlaski
Hi everybody
If you know where to stay in Roma, please tell me. I'm visiting Roma in Januaryl
Forum > Europe > Need a Place to Stay in or Near Frankfurt or Stuttgart 20/10-22/10/2016 >
RE:Need a Place to Stay in or Near Frankfurt or Stuttgart 20/10-22/10/2016
Need a Place to Stay in or Near Frankfurt or Stuttgart 20/10-22/10/2016Fri 21 Oct 16 16:41
United States of America
although I positively HATE that outfit, CS has a last minute function...

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