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Forum > Experiences, Anecdotes and Funny Misunderstandings > HC is NOT a dating service!!!
#0 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 17 Mar 06 4:28:09
Russian Federation
It seems that spring is in the air and hospitality club is not an exception. 

Unceasing stream of "flirting" messages each day fills my mailbox (the smartest
ones write me directly to my e-mail or add in MSN). I already established my
personal nomination "the letter of the day" - for the most horny, unlogical and
weird letter. I'm not against intercultural friendship and communication, but
these guys definitely not looking for a friendship!!! They dont have any common
intellectual interests with me and usually start conversation with "Do u have a
webcam?", "I want to know u more/better!" or "can i see more photos of u?" (3
most popular beginnings of conversation). Cool, eh? 
Even after i wrote down in my profile "pls, no flirting spam - hc is not a
dating service!" i continue to receive all this crappy messages from the males
all other the world. Btw, it was more or less understandable when i was "spamed"
by males from eastern and asian countries, but now Europe almost outrun both
Asia and East. 
What the hell is wrong?! Can u see naked photos of me in my profile? No! And u
know, why? There are no naked photos of me in my profile!!!  Why then all this
males continue to spam me EVERY day?! And they even dont consider it as a spam.
"I just wanted to talk with u!". Awesome.

Sorry for such angry post, but it's really not funny anymore. All this crap
really distorts the idea of hospitality club for me. It's not what i expected
when had signed this community.

Btw, i wonder if moderators will delete this post according to Forum Rules
paragraph #3. But i'm not talking about particular case - it's general
situation. And if we want to make HC better place, we should discuss negative
aspects also.

So, lets state the question this way (actually it's question to females
hc-members): how you deal with this situation?
#91 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 28 Jul 06 8:50:56
Hello Maria!

Just one question: Did you receive that spam through the HC message option?
(Must be, as you have no mail address on your profile?) 
Unless somebody feels sorry for you because he is afraid you are stuck under a
train?? ;-)
#92 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 28 Jul 06 9:24:40
Hi Christian, I think you have already answered your question ;-))) Right,
that's why there is no mail adress on my profile... but I think you already have
it, though;-)
Hey, don't you like my photo??? *lol*
#93 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 28 Jul 06 9:39:41
United Kingdom
I've just looked at prima = Maria's profile for the first time! I think the
picture is nice. The train looks good but wow Maria looks ON TOP OF THE WORLD
:-) (no pun intended).

Have fun, u two
#94 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 28 Jul 06 10:14:56
well... HC is not a dating site... is it a flirting one? ;-))))
#95 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 28 Jul 06 10:25:28
United Kingdom
Nice question Maria; but then.. is there a big difference between the two? :-))
#96 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 28 Jul 06 10:41:21
wherever there are lots of people there will always be this
love-hate-date-flirt-etc stuff ;)
#97 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 28 Jul 06 10:49:25
Czech Republic
Absolutely agree with @luska...

Generally said HC is not a dating site, but also not celibacy club;-D
#98 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 05 Aug 06 10:34:00
!!!! I LOVE THIS THREAD !!!! :-))))))))))




JUST USING STRATEGICAL NUMBERS (and I don't mean zip code ) - I have tryied
toooooooo many times without success ;-)))   

#99 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 05 Aug 06 23:39:05
London - City of Westminster
United Kingdom
i love it as well.....

how i like attending to hc meetings.....ohhh
#100 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sun 06 Aug 06 16:52:42
what I don't understand is why some profiles that have nothing to do with Hc
aren't deleted or that member is not asked by the voluteers to change some
things on his profile....
Just look at this profiles: contattosrl and bimbolena......, mmm, they have
really understood the philosophy of Hc....:-)
I wrote to abuse about one of them, but nothing happened, and this was the year

about the date-non date-sex matters I agree with the what most people in this
thread have said...
Sex should not be a clear objective of a member, that has nothing to do with Hc,
I see so many profiles of men that host only female...., and I don't think that
most of them do it just because they love it so much to just communicate with
girls:-)))) rather than with a man...:-))
And there are also lots of men that are looking only for female hosts (maybe
some girls will do the same thing...).....
I think a Hc member should not make any difference betwees the two sexes when
meeting and hosting (even if I can understand some girls hosting only girls),
then surely, when people meet there can always be more than just communication,
friedship, some time together...., men are allowed to flirt, but not to harrass
girls and just try to use the position as host....
#101 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Mon 07 Aug 06 20:21:47
Dear Cat flower , 
 u ´re a so beautiful young woman , it is what we can  see first when we´re
opening yr profile ...

change yr pic and download the one of yr grand-mother , or whatever u like ...

people will " judge " only about what u say...

but i agree , this sort of harcelment should stop ...

i´m suffering myself....ah ah ah 

#102 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Mon 07 Aug 06 21:46:56
London - City of London
United Kingdom
you aint alone Philippe:PPPP
#103 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Thu 10 Aug 06 19:29:00
this thread is an advertisement for Cat flower :)
#104 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Mon 14 Aug 06 0:33:04
New York City - Brooklyn
United States of America
this works both ways unfortunately :(

i am a turkish boy, and i am not interested in dating any girls at all.

however, because of the bad fame of other turkish members, i never get any
responses through this website.. never... and even if i do, the women members
have an angry tone... it's not hospitable at all.

it feels kind of bad. but i can understand what they are thinking :(
#105 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Mon 14 Aug 06 1:22:21
stereotypes are nooooooooooooo good, especially on the internet! And i dont
think in a high-quality medium like HC people may accuse each other because of
their nationality. 

If that is the situation i can say english are hooligans, americans are stupid
and israelis are murderer which is not true!
#106 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Thu 17 Aug 06 1:34:16
New Delhi
K this is getting funny I guess.A gal from Russia is so angry because she is
spammed by guys(thank god she also included European guys or else its always
eastern and middle-east guys being blamed)

Why did no one mentioned the famous spams of russian gals who will send you some
pics and reason that they want to change their country and looking for partner ?
I get these kinda spams sometime.Did this girl ever try to think this fact ? Did
she think that many gals go to other countries to have 'fun' ?

But since we are guys we are not supposed to blame if we get spams by gals.

Is it a new thing that a gal is annoyed by guys wanting to be friend or
something more ,be it in real or on internet ? This is a common thing.Why make
such a hue and cry ? lol I guess there are many gals here who get spammed like

World is not a small place now in age of internet.There would be people who
might contact you.Its upto you who do you want to be friend,GROW UP.It doesnt
matter if you go to HC or any other site but if you are a girl then you are
supposed to get these kinda spams.

And I think Vikingbeard and Purplegease has a good point when they says that
there could be many here who went ahead of just friendship from HC.

What do you say people ?
#107 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 18 Aug 06 5:26:03
United States of America
Boy, I would have been here for days if I had to read through this entire topic.
 I was glad to see someone post it because having only been on here as a member
for a few short weeks I ended up removing my MSN logon name from my profile
because I was getting solicitations from some different members. 

What struck me as funny was that they didn't even read any part of my profile
because if they had they would have seen my traveling companion is my husband.
So, I just posted on my profile in the very first line that I was not here for
ROMANCE...LOL...and I removed my hotmail address.

So, I'm just glad that this service is available for those of us who are here
for the right reasons...but I guess there's always going to be those few who
create other benefits for themselves by using it for a totally different each his own.
#108 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 18 Aug 06 7:59:26
@Graceful and others

Believe me, mentioning that you are married and not looking for a romance
doesn't stop these internet wankers contacting you in a purpose of looking
"friendship" even if you wrote it with all caps and with hundred exclamation
marks. My wife has done it in both HC profile and in her MSN message. No help.
These guys from countries I am not going to mention here are contacting her
every day. I am really sorry women start to behave differently because of this
disgusting phenomena. I am also sorry that my wife now feels disgusted right
away when she saws a name which looks like a name from certain countries and
right from the beginning she talks them with angry tone (if she decides to
accept the MSN contact). She would like to meet some day some NORMAL guy from
those countries. So far all have been guys with a following approach:

*Guy sends a request to add him to Vera's MSN*
*Vera denies*
*Guy sends a request to add him to Vera's MSN*
*Vera denies*
*Guy sends a request to add him to Vera's MSN*
*Vera denies*
*After 20 attempts Vera gets tired and accepts*
*Guy: Hello*
*Vera: Hi*
*Guy: Hi my friend*
*Vera: I am not your friend, who are you?*
*Guy: HC member*
*Vera: OK*
*Guy: Do you have cam?*
*Vera: Yes*
*Guy sends a request to turn it on*
*Vera denies it*
*Guy: Accept!*
*Vera: No*
*Guy: Accept*
*Vera: No*
*Guy: Why? Accept*
*Guy: Why?*
*Vera: It is only for my friends*
*Guy: We can be friends*
*Vera: Do you know, hospitality club is not for dating and if you didn't see, I
am not looking for romance and I am married, I have no interest to spend my days
chatting people like you who can't understand I am not interested*
*Guy: You are rude!*
*Vera: Yes, I am if needed*
*Connection closed, guy blocked*

This is just something I remembered from those conversations and sometimes it is
much worse than this. And this happens almost every day. GUYS, whats the F****
wrong with you? Do these wankers really think that by sitting all days long in
the internet coffees and hunting for open webcams they will eventually get laid?
Get a life... I don't want to be rude against any nationality but it begins to
be a LITTLE tiring that there is just a loads of shit coming from there through
the net all the time. Next time when they ask to see Vera in cam I will sit
there with my unshaven chin, without shirt, messy hair and a bottle of vodka
with me and we will see if they still want to be friends.

I know this is not only HC site problem. If you put info of yourself in any
internet page there will be the same thing happening.

I guess we here in "West" should be more tolerant and try to understand this,
but cultural understanding must be two ways: It is not appropriate to contact
women in "west" like that, it will have no results and it will cause nothing but
irritation. I don't care about race, religion, sexual orientation or anything
else, I have gay friends, muslims, jews, all sorts but they are my FRIENDS
because they have earned my friendship and I have earned theirs. But this method
of spamming will not lead to friendship. Unfortunately those wankers most likely
don't read this so this is waste of time.

#109 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 18 Aug 06 8:18:14

I guess this reflects your attitude.

"Is it a new thing that a gal is annoyed by guys wanting to be friend or
something more ,be it in real or on internet ?"

Raping is neither a new thing but people still get shocked by it.

"This is a common thing. Why make such a hue and cry? lol"

Yes, think about it? If something is common should we always accept it or try to
change it?

"I guess there are many gals here who get spammed like that."

Unfortunately. What have you done to stop it?

"World is not a small place now in age of internet. There would be people who
might contact you. Its upto you who do you want to be friend"

Yes, but as we have noticed, friendship is considered to be a different thing in
different cultures. If your first sentence is: "hey friend" it irritates people
here in north. In Finland generally people call friends those people who they
have known for years and with whom they have shared a lot of sorrow and
happiness, who have been there when needed and supported in hard times. Those
people are friends that you can count on without asking. We never call anyone
with a term FRIEND in finnish if you have changed just few words. Never. And if
someone calls you as friend it even can offend, it's like a cheap offer.

"GROW UP.It doesnt matter if you go to HC or any other site but if you are a
girl then you are supposed to get these kinda spams."

Who would need to grow up? Those childish wankers I think. And supposed to get
spam? Really?

Vittu ku vituttaa

#110 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 18 Aug 06 11:12:23
Kichijoji (Musashino-shi)
And all of this happenes also to the males in HC. Not only to women.

Women are spammed, generally about dating and contacting by men.
Men are spammed, generally about helping disfavoured people.

And another thing that I experienced, when women spam men about dating they are
much more dissembled. And when men spam women they are directly and offensive.

Spaming hugs for all of you!
#111 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 18 Aug 06 11:40:10
Hello tenetsi,

I just read your comment at the "HC is not a dating site" thread and looked at
your profile. And immediately after i looked at it, i regreted i did. Because
TO HC CAMP HELSINKI" which means you think it is a "shame" to look at profiles
without an aim.

Could you tell me what is wrong with looking at a profile? Are you get offended
by it? You think i am a gay since i looked at your profile? Or as a guy if i
look at a woman's profile does this mean i hit on her??? Is this "western"
thought you mentioned in your message??? I dont think so...

And as for the thread, I think "some countries" indication is not nice at all.
Anyone knows my country also in that BLACK LIST. Look, I don't approve this kind
of behaviour in any way and believe me I am the one who wants to get rid of this
hornism from my country more than anyone. And I admit how weird freaks live in
my country and i never defend them. But be cool please, take it easy, don't
blame anyone from anything they didnt do.
#112 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 18 Aug 06 12:04:13
United Kingdom
@Gabriel and others,
Man....... guys ARE spammed, guyz are hit on........ who said NO?????? OMG@ But
I guess we handle that..... hmmm differently ;)

Sertac; I'm as curious as anyone to know which ones those some countries are.

#113 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 18 Aug 06 12:35:47

Of course I am not the one to answer this question.
But I suppose those who mentioned "some countries" would joyfully answer...

I am sorry if I am being harsh but I cant stand stereotypes,sorry. Especially if
someone come and talk about "names which look like names from certain

And again, I don't approve this kind of behaviour and i am not a nationalist or
smt like that at all...
#114 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 18 Aug 06 21:23:12
Well, I didn't really want to rise the problem of spamming here, because it
seems useless and hopeless to me, but Tomi seems to get tired of my complaints
and took them to the forum for me:)

I'll try now to answer for him:)
@ Sertaco- you made an absolutely wrong conclusion about Tomi's note, most
likely you think so yourself - visiting others profiles without purpose is bad,
don't you? Tomi wants just to inform all the people who are going to visit Hki
about our camp. First he was sending personal message to every one, but then he
figured out that this way will save time. And there is nothing wrong looking
into others profiles, believe me we do it very often. So do not try to turn the
point of the topic the whole way round.

The point was that girls (and boys) get pissed and tired of getting absolutely
senseless and even abusive messages from complite strangers, which found HC
site. These messages come only from certain contries and you, guys, know them.
No one told here that ALL adult male population of those contries is doing this,
but as u mentioned yourself there is such a problem. So why we cannot speak up?
Or just because it is not PoliticlyCorrect subject we should shut up? And
listen, I am russian, and all those accusations of russian girls spamming do not
disturb me, because I am not doing this and have never done. So why are you so
overreacting about some wankers spamming from "certain countries"? Well, that
one who wants to get offended, will be offended in any case. So take it easy!

What interests me the most  now is how HC is going to solve this problem,
because warning is not enough.  Will they ignore the complaints and keep
profiles of spammers on site because it keeps the number of members up and this
way lose normal active members (because I am thinking about deleting my profile
already and be just part of tenetsi's profile) or they will start to act? And
again I still think the whole discussion is useless, so I'll just "be cruel"
when next wanker wants to see me on cam.
#115 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 19 Aug 06 0:30:30
Dear Vera,
Just after you said you are russian I remembered Nazim Hikmet's wife's name was
also Vera. If he was here, think how sad he would be to read all these...

well the problem is to be behaved as though you are a potential pervert! Let me
remind you what your husband wrote, then tell me whether i am right to react or

1-"I am also sorry that my wife now feels disgusted right
away when she saws a name which looks like a name from certain countries and
right from the beginning she talks them with angry tone (if she decides to
accept the MSN contact)."

Seeing my name disgusts you??? So where is the "some of them"???

2-"She would like to meet some day some NORMAL guy from
those countries. So far all have been guys with a following approach:"

no,there is no NORMAL,  kill 'em alll!!! :)))

and reading all these you say dont react??? And you say "i am russian i am not
reacting, why are you?" (implying something?). Let me tell you why: as your
husband said you are even disgusted by my name (Oh Lord should I change my name
:)) ) and I wouldnt know you are russian if you didnt tell me!!  You see the
difference? You get the idea??? I hope!!!

And also do you really think that it is wrong to read someone else's profile???
No way! Sometimes I just get bored and read peoples notes on their profile to
see whether they share something with me, to see if they have same travel plans
like mine (even if I dont have a plan I may want to join them), to see whether
coming close to me or to see whether they can show me around and tell me the ins
and outs of my new city, what  is wrong with this??? Are the profiles private???
Is it obligatory to go to a camp or invite someone to a camp to visit a
profile??? If you really think so be carefull, never misclick a name of a
stranger! (Oh god, what if it is a guy from the BLACK LIST???) Or else you
should face with the consequences. :)))

My suggestion for you, dont use msn. I am famous in an online game and there was
my msn on mypage on that game site. When I became famous tons of people added me
and then i removed it. It is all simple, ok? Give them your msn after they
contact you from HC messaging system if you are sattisfied.  This way you wont
be obliged to talk with "people from certain countries in an angry tone right
from the beginning."  :))) You would see the difference, believe me. 

By the way did I say "shut up"? No way! I never do that. If you think so then I
advice to reread what I wrote. And I didnt even understand your "politically
correct" remark. I dont even see something political here. :) Maybe Im writing
to wrong thread :)))
#116 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 19 Aug 06 6:37:43
Vera, I did not go all through this thread. But reading your post, I was
thinking if it may make sense, to have a number for "personal messages sent" on
the side (like the one for total forum posts)? That way (maybe) somebody can be
detected or be visible, as "youngman" from xxx has only few forum posts, but
more than 200 PM's by spamming...? 
(Provided, such an option could be programmed  in the first place??)

Christian :)
#117 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sun 20 Aug 06 18:07:16
@sertaco You know, you are right - you are writing to wrong thread. Because I
didn't get your point at all. Except your advice not to use MY msn messenger,
but I will decide myself what to do in this situation, if you don't mind. Do you
want to write about your life online? Here is my piece of advice for you - open
a new thread then. This topic is senseless, just because spammers don't read it
or don't care about others opinions, it makes just honest and innocent people
from"certain countries" angry. Otherwise we all agree here that spamming is bad.
Full stop.
I don't know why I am still writing here, although I can understand the author
of the thread. But anyways,  let's be patient towards each other.

#118 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sun 20 Aug 06 18:21:38
United Kingdom
Seriously considering Vera for President
Excellent thought Vera!!!
#119 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Mon 21 Aug 06 9:28:15
@ guys from "certain countries" Meaning all countries or just some, who knows.

Hmmm... what could possible this sentence in my profile mean:
HELSINKI, 25-27.8. Check forum &"

1. I don't accept people visiting others profiles without reason and I think it
is harrasment.

2. I visited your profile and then you visit my profile because you have seen I
visited your profile and then you see a kind invitation to the camp. This is one
method of spreading the word not sending private messages which the volunteers
have to filter, hyge work.

What do you think? Think about it?

Why I have feeling that if I write here "I like a blue jackets" someone gets
angry and writes "I can't accept you don't like birds". I guess it is a problem
of forums and especially with people speaking bad english like me and with those
who's english is even worse.

So, welcome to the camp, even those who are from "certain countries". What ever
they are, because I don't know and I am not going to collect a list unless you
insist. I think it is better not to mention the names anyway, you can make your
own judgements. I never mentioned Turkey but for some reason two turkish guys
got offended. Is there something to hide?

Once upon a time and this time is still continuing there were loads of finnish
men, who were ugly drunk while crossing the bay to Estonia, to Tallinn to buy
more alcohol and to drink brainlessly there. They were calling all women whores
and were usually muggled by locals and beatened by police for a reason. And
these guys often called "Pekka" or "Jussi" were the ugly finns. They gave a name
for a bad behaviour. It was called "Jussi from Finland". In 60's these guys with
same name were causing problms in Sweden by knife fighting and still they say in
Sweden "En finne igen!" if something bad happens.

So, if some estonian sometimes block me in any forum for her bad experiences
about finns I fully understand it but all I know is that I was not one of those
ugly finns so I don't care. I am promoting good behaviour in Estonia for Finns
when ever I can by telling people what else you can do in Estonia except getting
wasted, filling tank with cheap gasoline and calling women with bad names. So I
agree this problem exist and I never get offended if someone tells me about her
/ his bad experiences about my countrymen, all I can say is that "Yes, this is
true, I am sorry for it".

I don't say "do as I do" but you could think why you get offended if someone
complains about 50th horny message from your country and starting to already
loose hope for a good behaviour from that direction. You could also maybe try to
think how to reduce this kind of "fame". Or maybe you could make some deep
analyze about the resons why this kind of behaviour occurs to explain us who
don't understand. You should understand the mechanism why this kind of thoughts
we have start and realize it is not about stereotypes, it is about disliking
those individual wankers and fearing the worst when new guy appears because of
previous bad experiences. This is very bad if the 20th guy is a guy who wants to
ask information about the Helsinki Zoo for his doughter and he can't add you for
his messenger to ask it, because you have removed your MSN in your profile
because of those wankers, or you block him thinking "Again those wankers..."
without asking what he wants.

The name or natinality doesn't spoil the man, but the acts he does. Period.

Most likely this didn't clear anything since most of people wants to read it
like "Devil reads the Bibble".

#120 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Mon 21 Aug 06 11:48:32
Tomi, thanks for your last message as you showed some objectivity. As I
mentioned in my first posting "Yes there is such a problem". I do not deny it.
Don't really know the actual reason. Maybe because people's feelings as well as
opinions and acts are suppressed, maybe because sex is still a taboo  in
Turkey... Don't really know and honestly I don't feel any responsibility as my
only fault is to be born here!

And it is true that I was also mistreatened in some forums since I was born and
am living in this country (Luckily this has not been happened on HC, thanks to
all who I ever got in touch :)) Since you had the same experience, surely you
are the one who can understand me best. I am trying to tell you that "not all of
us are like that" by reacting here! At least no one around me, my friends,
school mates... No, they can't be so silly!!! Yet, it is true that there are so
many kind of people here, perhaps not like any other European country!

As for the removing MSN contact issue, I only gave an advice. Your wife is
talking about removing the whole profile! I am sure it is more convenient to
remove only msn contact and instead write a note "for msn contact please use
tenetsi 's profile". Just an advice, I never push someone to doing something. An
advice for your specific situation, not a solution for everyone of course.

And another advice as I can see advices are more appreciated than comments :)
(just a joke, no offence)  :

Instead of saying "welcome to the camp, even those who are from "certain
countries".", you had better say "especially those from "certain countries"."
because I suppose it is more convenient to communicate with people from these
countries rather than whining here and there about them. (Again no offence, just
an advice, again I donot push anyone to smt)

I don't know whether I could express myself or just talked about my life again
this time :)) And if my english sucks, sorry, I am doing my best.

As Vera said lets be patient to each other...


#121 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Mon 21 Aug 06 17:55:46
London - City of Westminster
United Kingdom
i keep my msn in my profile but it seems i dont get much joy....
girls where are you??
#122 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Tue 29 Aug 06 18:34:12
London - City of London
United Kingdom

try this 1:

good luck, bro  :PPP

#123 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Tue 29 Aug 06 23:10:15
I would love to know why do you exactly talk about morocco whats wrong with it
#124 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 02 Sep 06 18:04:27
London - City of London
United Kingdom
Marroco, Italy, Spain, Turkey   Brazil :-P

u aint alone :-P
#125 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Wed 13 Sep 06 13:49:05
Beograd - Novi Beograd
Hmh...this all reminds me of adolescence period...I mean, c'm on, o' course we
all know very well that HC is NOT a dating "service" - there r million of
various dating sites, and U don't need really high intelligence to figure out
that HC is not among 'em, but that it's for totally different purpose. But like
in any other place, it's not forbiden too. School is not a dating service, work
also, but it happens many times that ppl who share common interests & spend some
quality time together do hook up, so I dunno what's the fuss if it's mutual. HC
is not different. 

The other thing is that everyone should repect that no means no. I never had
problem in that area - if U r not interested in someone - easy - just either
start talking about yr ex-b-friend or how much U like other guy, or emphasise
the meaning of FRIENDSHIP & not dating between U, or just simply say no - body
language helps a lot to in showing if yr interested or not.

Not a big deal, really...we know better than that, right...?

#126 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Wed 13 Sep 06 15:54:33
Hi there,

Very well said Veckey, i agree completly to what you said and have nothing to

Have a nice day all.

#127 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Wed 13 Sep 06 18:55:50
United Kingdom
Nice one.

Body language definitely talks... doesn't talk:  it SCREAMS. Any blind
person would know a banana or an orange in the dark: its that simple.
#128 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Thu 14 Sep 06 20:21:05
ehi, why do you add even Italy? isnt' Italy the country of angels? :D
We never flirt, come on , it's a stereotype :D
Greetings from Suzymuzy :)
#129 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Thu 14 Sep 06 20:36:10
people talk about morocco, as even though you try not to have stereotypes, they
might come after seeing that from about 5 hc people adding me to msn, at least 3
are from morocco wanting to know how am i and if i have a boyfriend and the
other 2 are most likely form turkey and have the same questions... and really
once in a while there is someone actually asking for accommodation...
not that i have any stereotypes against people from morocco who dont spend their
life trying to hook up with girls on msn... but i see the reason why morocco and
turkey are mentioned pretty often in this thread ;)
#130 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Thu 14 Sep 06 22:48:15
Hey, being new at HC I read this thread with much interest… 

Been on the chat too. Ignored ‘circumcised guy’, tried
‘Morocco-something’ who immediately ran away from my thirty-something age…
(Or maybe I said something wrong???? ;-)) 

Not much more to add to this thread, except maybe that it is refreshing to read
that the world is still filled with gentle people, healthy testosterone and
estrogen levels, and sensible thinking… I’d like to host you all!!!

I never get it when being hit on, unless it’s so blunt that it even would
scare a professional masseuse away, so maybe I’ll put my msn up for grabs and
finally enjoy recognizing a compliment or two… :-D
#131 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Thu 14 Sep 06 23:14:04
London - City of London
United Kingdom

my grandad's italian. Iknow him VERY WELLLLLLLLLL.... wohohohoho...

thankx 4 the greetings, mate
btw, hosting a italian right now :-P

ciaoooooooo, bello

#132 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 15 Sep 06 2:44:30

I am really surprised and somehow disappointed, because i see it has become a
problem not only for me, but for other women in HC too... (even contries on my
"list" are the same!) All these stupid messages, silly flirting, sometimes even
rough actions on your non reply to such people. It is truth, the only way is
just ignore them. I always check what is HC profile of a person, who is trying
to make a contact with me, that really helped coupple of times, when i wrote to
spam team of HC volonteres. After that those spammers never again appeard :-)
Thank you
#133 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 16 Sep 06 9:47:57


....there is no way 2 cope with it, I just ignore them....everyday I turn my MSN
on, I block some F**** „sexy-eyes&67Bhambar“spammers N thats it:)))))))
N I use: HC OFFER Excellent-free spam-checking mail-service.
I never talk 2 is 2o short 2 waste time on* meaningless*
things,isnt it???

I am not gonna 2 remove my MSN ads(Bcos of man I wont block

#134 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 16 Sep 06 19:56:10
London - Kensington and Chelsea
United Kingdom
Of course HC is not- a dating site; 
The main prupose is meeting travellers iand international open minded people. 

Then some times it happen that 2 members become friends and have a relation (
whatever teh level of the relation) . 

Did these 2 people used HC to make a relation so tehy should have a bad
consciens.. or the shouldn't have bad coinciens as their 1st mean was only to
meet other HC travellers?? 

If a guy goes to the supermarket to buy a botle of milk and meets a nice person
and has a relation, would u consider the guy considers the supermarket as a
dating place.. hehe 

#135 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 16 Sep 06 20:30:17
.........hey ...I ve just milk in my fridge

so lets go dating!!!!!!!!!!.....sorry I mean buying milk:))))))))))))))))))))


....hmmm if U MEET(in real life,host/guest,meetings,camps...) some1 U like sooo
much N he/she likes U,U wont do anything 2 stop it.We usually meet ppl with same
 interests/lifestyles,so it happens.(I have heard some stories,its definitely
around us) N if both say YES(they must say yes,no pushy ways!!!),it doesnt mean
that HC is a dating site….ITS LIFE!!!!

#136 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 16 Sep 06 23:39:18

the typical finnish reaction to the word "friend" just reminded me of some ollld
old old relationship of mine with a finnish boy(stayed in my place for weeks and
weeks and several times, ate and drank at my own expense, got entertained but
still not called me a friend). sertac dont get offended this is their national
characteristic. i think Finland is the only country where you are nice with
someone and get a reaction like: i'm disturbed that you are so nice with me.
so.. easy.
i got spammed several times but most of it was not by those "some countries"dear
Tenetsi but mostly from US, Canada and some western european countries. is it
some sort of orientalism or do people just get impressed when they see people
from "the other half of the world"? hummm?
one fine advice. remove ur msn from your profile. the ones who are bona fide
willing to contact you will contact you anyway. get spam filter to your private
messages. or just ignore them. sometimes i get several messages full of things
like "i like your picture you give me the verve to travel to Turkey" hehehehe.
it can be fun just to read them and ignore them too. of course, i can tolerate
being called "friend", "sis", "sweetheart"or things like that and i just did not
like the tone of the messages coming from the inhabitants "some" countries in
this thread. wanted to express it.
very spammy cheers to everyone.

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