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Forum > Experiences, Anecdotes and Funny Misunderstandings > HC is NOT a dating service!!!
#0 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Fri 17 Mar 06 4:28:09
Russian Federation
It seems that spring is in the air and hospitality club is not an exception. 

Unceasing stream of "flirting" messages each day fills my mailbox (the smartest
ones write me directly to my e-mail or add in MSN). I already established my
personal nomination "the letter of the day" - for the most horny, unlogical and
weird letter. I'm not against intercultural friendship and communication, but
these guys definitely not looking for a friendship!!! They dont have any common
intellectual interests with me and usually start conversation with "Do u have a
webcam?", "I want to know u more/better!" or "can i see more photos of u?" (3
most popular beginnings of conversation). Cool, eh? 
Even after i wrote down in my profile "pls, no flirting spam - hc is not a
dating service!" i continue to receive all this crappy messages from the males
all other the world. Btw, it was more or less understandable when i was "spamed"
by males from eastern and asian countries, but now Europe almost outrun both
Asia and East. 
What the hell is wrong?! Can u see naked photos of me in my profile? No! And u
know, why? There are no naked photos of me in my profile!!!  Why then all this
males continue to spam me EVERY day?! And they even dont consider it as a spam.
"I just wanted to talk with u!". Awesome.

Sorry for such angry post, but it's really not funny anymore. All this crap
really distorts the idea of hospitality club for me. It's not what i expected
when had signed this community.

Btw, i wonder if moderators will delete this post according to Forum Rules
paragraph #3. But i'm not talking about particular case - it's general
situation. And if we want to make HC better place, we should discuss negative
aspects also.

So, lets state the question this way (actually it's question to females
hc-members): how you deal with this situation?
#6 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 18 Mar 06 13:06:47
Position 70º 40’ 8’’ S / 8º 16’ 2’’ W
Yea, this situation is well known and its unpractical. a very good friend of
mine (member cachasa) got mails like that too. now she changes her photo, she
looks now a bit strange. 
I'm not surpriesed that u get a lot uf these fucking dating-mails, but please: u
look REALY very good on this picture! perhaps u should change it. Its ugly, that
in a such amazing club like HC things like that have to be done. For sure it's
not ok, that women have to change theire pictures cause there are some idiots on
HC, but as long as we don't have a reason for this problem it will be hard to
deal with that otherwise. 
I think if I would be a woman and get all these mails, I would post a comment on
theire profiles. just a short message like "memeber xxx is using HC as a dating
site". very unpractical to have someting like that :-)
#7 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 18 Mar 06 13:10:48
Position 70º 40’ 8’’ S / 8º 16’ 2’’ W
oh, one point more: let the picture as it it is, but write on ur profile that u
are living together with ur boyfriend/ husband. so u'll have guest wich are
interested in Moscow, culture n'stuff and no horny idiots.
#8 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 18 Mar 06 14:30:51
Well its not only women who get this type of mails here on HC. I got mail from
women in Africa and Eastern Europe who obviously was looking for a husband ! For
some strange reason it seems to be accepted that women send such messages while
the men are seen as some pigs if they do. However, it doesnt mean I support such
mail. I am against it !
#9 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 18 Mar 06 14:57:43
Narviking, if you don't like African women to contact you, you should do like me
: put an ugly picture in your profile. 

You are too good-looking, that's probably the reason :)

Only joking of course, but I rarely get real spam, the only time was a guy from
an African country who was talking to me like we had known each other for years
and who wanted me to find him some kind of work....but he had written it in such
a smart way that it passed the spam check.

Unfortunately there will always be people who try to take advantage of a
website, but we can all take at least some actions (see the previous posts) to
reduce the number.

#10 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 18 Mar 06 15:57:20
Oh, poor spammers! u know, actually it must be hard job to do coppy-paste all
day long ;) Oki, but one day i will go to Morroco (next one in list is Turkey)
and will kick some asses in person, as now im working on collecting adresses of
all those ppl who contacting me in msn every day with "hi", "how are you",
"sdhsuyfy" etc. :PPP so be afraid, daters! :PPP 
@Cat, need to pass some personal messages from u to them, too? ;)))))

da red bull

P.S. Sorry all those Morrocans and Turkish whos favourite hobby r not spamming
and dating!
#11 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 18 Mar 06 18:53:37
thorgal67, I know for sure that my picture has nothing to do with why those
women contacting me, its the naive immigration laws and average salary in Norway
that is the main reason ;-)

I love to be contacted by african women as well as women from everywere else in
the world UNLESS they ask for money or want me to marry them !  
#12 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 18 Mar 06 22:47:01
Ocean View
United States of America
Frank said: "So apart from the last ad, there is nothing that really strikes me
as 'offensive'."

That's because you're Frank... and I'm Barbara. I really do find offensive the
ads that say "Russian Women Want to Date You" or whatever. 
#13 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 18 Mar 06 22:52:57
catflower, start charging money for your photos :) maybe you will not consider
this as an option, but you may earn lot of cash :) 

seriously, just state how u live with ur boyfriend/housband, in ur profile, I
think that would be major turn down for them :) and inform us if there are any
significant results after, lets say, 5 days from now :)
#14 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sat 18 Mar 06 23:01:21
by the way, I would never contact female HC member who can't cook! :P
#15 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sun 19 Mar 06 1:17:02
Position 70º 40’ 8’’ S / 8º 16’ 2’’ W
Oh mpetrovic! how sexistic u are! terrible! ;-)
#16 HC is NOT a dating service!!! Sun 19 Mar 06 5:43:02
Alas! I don’t like cooking…. :)  I hope there are still some people that
will contact me :)) 

I’m so sorry about you, catflower.. 
As for me, men mostly want to add me to msn. If I have time, I go to see their
profiles and if they are empty or include females only, or are simply ones that
I dislike, I block those people from contacting me in future (there’s such
good option in msn). :)  If I don’t have time, sometimes I block men at once,
just seeing that they are from Turkey, Morocco or nearby countries (sorry those
who have nothing to do with spam)... 

However, I don’t think that all such messages are dating spam. Most of
messages that I get are stupid, but I think this happens because people don’t
know language well, don’t know how to start normal talk or are too lazy to
read profiles and contact just after seeing photo. I never got message asking to
marry, live together or date, so despite such clear spam messages I would be
more careful and think well before leaving bad comment about that person –
maybe it was just a problem of language or smth like that… Well, maybe I’m
too naive or too good about this :) 

By the way, I viewed your profile and also think that your photo is too nice :)
If you would have more simple one, it could help a lot. :) and I also went to
your homepage. maybe it was accident, but the picture of two kissing people
jumped right in front of my eyes. :)) well, for me it’s nice, but if you could
change this, number of spammers would decrease immediately... I hope… ;)  and
of course, follow all good advices given above.. :)

Wishing good mood and wonderful day without spam ;)

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